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"Use the Force, youngling." A deep baritone commanded. "Let it flow through you like a river through a forest." Eyes scrunched closed in concentration, she attempted to follow her Master's advice and was a rewarded moment later by the trickle of power that flowed from the top of her head and the tip of her toes and converged at her finger tips. A small smile played on her lips, as she felt, not saw, the table being lifted off the white clay floor. "That's it, let it dance off your fingertips. Do you feel the connection, my young apprentice?"

"I feel it, Master, I feel it!" The table began to wobble with her excitement.

"Serenity and patience, padawan." He chided and she immediately returned her full concentration to the task at hand and steadied the floating table before lowering it gently back to the floor. Only when its legs were planted firmly on the floor did she open her eyes and look up and into the laughing blue eyes of her Master.

"Can a make the hover float now, Master?"

"Not quite yet." He placed a firm, but comforting hand on her shoulder. "The path of the force is meant to be traveled at a walk, not a run. You still have much to learn." He could see the poorly masked disappointment in her eyes. "Now now, youngling, none of that." He chided as he bent down to be level with the young girl. "What am I always telling you?"

"Serenity and patience, Master."

"That's right, Valora. Serenity and patience."

Val sat bolt upright in her bed, an image of a pair of wise blue eyes dancing through her mind. She hadn't had that dream about her old master in years, yet it was as vivid as the actual event itself. Val pushed a wayward strand of ebony hair off her face before staring at the chrono on her bedside table. 03:00 hours. She frowned. She usually slept like the dead when in the safety of her own home. Something must have woken her up. Just as she was about to shrug it of and go back to sleep, a deep rumbling echoed in the distance. Brows furrowed, Val moved from her bed and toward the window, checking the sky for any sign of a storm. Seeing none, she made to turn away from the window when a bright orange glow filled the sky. Suddenly, a dark ship sailed over the roof of her house before making impact in the forest about a quarter mile from her house. Fire lit the sky as the burning wreckage set the surrounding forest ablaze. Horrified, Val grabbed her thick black cloak from the hook by her door before running out of the house and towards the inferno. As she went, she used the Force the best she could to extinguish some of the smaller fires and clear the smoke from her vision.

She had just made it over a small rise in the terrain when she caught sight of the burning ship in the middle of a small clearing. She was immediately filled with a sense of dread. No, not dread. A disturbance in the Force. One of such magnitude, that it forced her to her knees. Val put her hand over her heart and scrunched her eyes closed before lifting her gaze once more to the burning wreckage. Whatever, or whoever was in there, was strong with the Force. And it terrified her. Val was strongly tempted to turn tail and run, but for some reason, she was also compelled to move closer. There was something both frightening and alluring about the energy radiating through the Force and emanating from the ship. She moved closer. With each step, Val grew more and more intoxicated. The heat of the crash did little to deter her and when she finally reached the wreckage, she removed the warped metal door with a wave of her hand.

What she saw next, made her blood run cold despite the licking heat of the flames that surround her. The ship was full of Stormtroopers, their melted plastoid armor sizzling in the heat. She cleared some of the smoke away to get a better view inside when all of the sudden she went flying through the air. She landed about twenty feet away with a disgruntled huff and immediately sprang to her feet and took a defensive stance. Moments later, a dark figure emerged from the wreckage. Dressed all in black, his silhouette set against the wall of fire behind him and an odd black and chrome mask reflecting the bright orange and red of the flames, was a truly terrifying sight to behold. At least it was until seconds later, said figure began to list slightly before collapsing onto the ground, unmoving.

With out a second thought, Val ran towards the fallen man, a slight limp in her gait. She kneeled next to him and immediately placed her finger against his neck to find a pulse. Feeling none through the thick fabric of his collar, she closed her eyes and felt for any sign of life through the force, nearly gasping out loud when she was assailed with one of the strongest force presences she had ever felt. But it was not the light and serene presence of a Jedi like her old Master. No. It was dark and heady in its power. It radiated through her, filling her with both fear and excitement. This man was of the Dark Side. Realizing the truth, Val immediately severed the connection, pulling herself away from the tendrils of darkness that threatened to ensnare her. She looked down at the unconscious man in confusion.

"Who in the Sith Hells are you." She muttered to herself. She hesitated for a moment before reaching towards the clasps of the dark helm the stranger wore. The clasps released with a small hiss and Val removed the helm slowly, so as not to disturb the dark stranger. Whatever she was expecting to see under the black and chrome helm, was not what she was faced with now: A man with a head of dark curls and a sharp but not unappealing face, who looked to be not much younger than her. Val could do nothing but stare at him for what seemed like ages, inexplicably drawn to his dark features and the almost child like expression on his unconscious face. It wasn't until she felt a slight warmth against her leg, that she removed her eyes from his face and looked down. A pool of blood was rapidly soaking into both her sleep pants and the earth beneath the dark stranger. Of course he was injured. Why else would he have fallen unconscious, leaving himself undefended. Val immediately sprang into action. For some unexplainable reason, she felt compelled to save this man, despite the darkness that was rolling off him in waves and obviously clouding her judgement.

"Well it looks like I'm playing nurse droid." She muttered as she ripped strips off her cloak with the intention of applying them to the worst of his wounds, yet the first brush of contact caused the darkness to tingle through her fingertips and up her arms. She took a deep breath and forced it away.

"Serenity and patience." She whispered before setting to work.

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