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General Brendol Hux, commander of the First order, was angry. Livid actually. And although the passing analyst or underling wouldn't have noticed a deviation from his usual, stoic countenance, a more observant individual would have noted the slight flush to his angular face and the infinitesimal twitch of his left eye. Instead of routing out rebels and reeking havoc on the loathsome Republic, General Hux was attempting to locate a lone ship in the far reaches of the outer rim. Like searching for lice on a Wookie. Yet, the Supreme Leader had ordered that his prized Knight of Ren be located and brought to him as soon as possible. And Hux was as ever the Supreme Leader's most loyal servant, even if he was required to act as a glorified babysitter from time to time.

"Caslon, any news from the current patrol?" He questioned a nearby officer in a clipped tone.

"Not as of yet, sir. They have yet to complete their survey of sector 15."

"Tell them to double their efforts, that's an order."

"Yes, s-sir." The officer stammered, as he fumbled for his comm link. "Right away, sir"

The General tightened the clasped hands behind his back, the leather squeaking with the pressure. Kylo Ren had been a thorn in his side ever since Snoke had stationed him on the Finalizer, and the Knight's latest disappearance was doing nothing to sway Hux's already adverse opinion of him. Ren had left with a squadron of soldiers to follow a lead pertaining to the location of the map to Luke Skywalker, yet it had been radio silence from Ren and his men for several days now. Hux, ever the pessimist, immediately assumed something had gone wrong after not receiving a scheduled report from Ren's ship, but refused to act on his suspicions due to other pressing matters pertaining to the First Order, as well as the fact that he honestly could care less whether Ren was being held prisoner or floating frozen through the vacuum of space. Actually, the last image rather brought a microscopic smile to the General's face. Thorn in his side, indeed. After five days of silence, Hux finally conceded to set a course for Ren's last known location. After arriving at the coordinates in some remote corner of the outer rim and finding no signs of wreckage or frozen, masked corpses, Hux immediately sent out patrols in all directions to search for the Supreme Leader's wayward apprentice. It had been three days since Hux organized the search party, and yet Ren and his missing crew had not been located.

Hux pursed his lips at the thought of having to spend one more day in this backwater corner of space. Perhaps he should just contact the Supreme Leader and tell him the the search was futile—

"Sir!" Caslon chirped. "We have something!"

Kylo Ren awoke to a slight whirring noise to his right. He immediately sat bolt upright and glared at the astro mech droid. Said droid began to shake under Kylo's glare before eliciting a terrified beep and retreating out of the room at top speed. Kylo took in his surroundings, recognizing the narrow bed and broken furniture that was strewn over the floor. His blood boiled with rage.

It seemed he had survived his run in with that beast in the cave, but now he was right back where he started-

With that damnable woman.

He ripped off the thin blanket he was covered in before rising unsteadily to his feet, only then did he notice he was dressed only in his trousers. A slight twinge of pain in his side reminded him of his injuries. Yet when he stared down at his side, the only evidence of his wounds were two silver scars bisecting his abdomen and chest. His brows furrowed in confusion. Last thing he remembered was bleeding out on the floor of that dank cave and now all he had to show for it were two completely healed scars?

That wretch of a woman was not all that she seemed.

Kylo's thoughts darkened as he made his way out of the bedroom and towards the kitchen, knowing instinctively that that was where she would be. He found her sitting at the rickety kitchen table, boots propped on the surface, data pad in her hand. The droid who had awakened him earlier was hiding behind her, shuddering slightly. He opened his mouth to speak, but she beat him to it.

"I would appreciate if you would refrain from antagonizing my droid in the future." She stated offhandedly, her eyes still glued to the data pad.

"I didn't touch it." He stated defensively. She scoffed.

"I could feel you glaring at him all the way out here." She remarked. "That's antagonizing enough."

He clenched his fists, his ire rising, but he remained silent as he took the last few steps that separated him from the table where she sat. He placed his clenched fists on the wooden surface before leaning forward, his dark, unkempt locks falling artlessly over his forehead.

"Why am I here?"

The woman had the audacity to scoff, yet she still refused to look at him.

"This again?" She muttered.

"Answer the question." He growled as he reached out with the Force and attempted to probe her thoughts. When he was met with nothing but empty blackness, he recoiled in confusion. He could feel his newly invigorated powers surging through him, though they seemed to have no affect on the woman in front of him. Yet she had no Force signature, no powers with which to block him. How was this possible? Anger and confusion caused him to lash out by ripping the data pad from her hands and flinging it against a nearby wall. She sighed before finally lifting her gaze to meet his. Only then did he truly notice her appearance. She looked exhausted. Dark circles rimmed her bloodshot eyes and her impishly curved lips were chapped and chewed bloody.

"Why am I here?" He asked once more, his voice rising barely above a whisper.

"Because I came gallantly to your rescue, yet again." She countered as she rested a soothing hand on the head of the quivering astro mech at her side before motioning for the droid to leave, which he did with a beep that was somewhere between indignant and relieved. "You're welcome."

"How long?" He questioned

"I found you in that cave three days ago and brought you back here. The storm was at its worst and it took me a few hours to track you down. After I woke up from your suffocation induced nap, that is."

"Why not leave me to die?" He demanded, suddenly desperate for her answer.

"I don't like waste." She stated as she waved a hand absently. "I went to all that trouble to save you the first time, it would have been a waste to just let you die."

He lifted his hand and ran a finger along one of his scars absentmindedly, another question coming to mind.

"If it's only been three days, how am I healed?"

"Bacta does wonders." She stated dryly.

He didn't buy it.

He was on her a moment later, hands wrapped around her upper arms like vices as he leaned forward, their noses practically touching.

"You're lying."

Her shoulders slumped as she lowered her gaze.

"To be honest, when I found you, you were already mostly healed." She murmured. "I think you were using that voodoo of yours to heal yourself."

"How is that possible?" He muttered, more to himself than to her.

"Don't ask me!" She countered. "You're the wizard."

He glared at her comment before reluctantly releasing her arms and straightening his posture once more.

"I should kill you." He stated tersely.

"So you've said." She scoffed. "I'm beginning to think you must say that to all the girls. So much for being that special lady in your life."

Kylo's jaw clenched in indignation.

"Are you always so maddening?" He growled.

"Usually." She responded casually.

"You still haven't told me how my wounds were healed so quickly."

"Actually, Your Darkness, I believe I did." She stated tiredly as she leaned forward and rested her elbows on her knees.

"What you told me was a lie." He growled. "I want the truth."

She took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"Kriff, I wish this storm would end so you could go back to whatever black hole you came from." She muttered, more to herself than to him.

"Be careful what you wish for." He smiled darkly. "When my ship arrives, you're coming with me and I'm going to figure out what it is you're hiding from me—by whatever means necessary."

Her eyes shot open before she lifted her head slowly to stare at him, the tiredness that had dominated her features before replaced by fury.

"At the risk of sounding like a broken holo, I saved your life twice now, and yet you still wish me harm?" She questions, her voice soft, yet laced with anger. "Unbelievable." Kylo opened his mouth to speak, but stopped when she shot to her feet. "No more threats. I'm sick to death of you stomping around and whining like some infantile moof milker." She stalked towards him, around the table, until they were toe to toe. "The minute this blasted storm ends and your First Order cronies come to pick you up, you will leave this planet and leave me to my once peaceful life. If you so much as even think about taking me prisoner again, I'll make that Nexu that attacked you look like a kriffing house cat." She seethed, stabbing a finger into his bare chest to emphasize her point. He stared down at her. Her dark hair was a wild mane around her head and her eyes, though rimmed with dark circles, were sparkling with her ferocity. Unbeknownst to her, the air crackled with her darkness. The same darkness which thrived inside of him. It was intoxicating. And for the first time in his life, Kylo Ren felt a jolt of pure, unadulterated desire. A desire that violence would not satisfy.

"And another thing—" But her words were silenced when he wrapped his fingers around her throat and lifted her until their noses brushed to together, her feet practically dangling over the floor.

"Be silent." He growled before he lowered his lips to hers in a fierce and violent kiss, her chapped and bloodied lips clashing against his. In her exhausted state, it took a moment for the shock to wear off before she realized what was happening. Once her bearings were restored, her hand immediately attempted to pry his grip from her throat, while the other pushed against his chest with surprising strength. She jerked her knee up, just missing his rapidly hardening length. He bit down hard on her bottom lip as punishment for her failed attempt to disable him, eliciting a sharp gasp and a smarting kick to his shin. He grunted in discomfort, lifting his mouth briefly from hers. She took the opportunity to punch him squarely in the jaw, his head turning to the side for moment before he turned to stare her down, his cheek red and his nose bloody.

"What in the Sith Hells is wrong with you?" She gasped, the hand around her throat making it nearly impossible to speak. His response was to lift her higher and toss her none to gently on the kitchen table. The wooden legs shuddered under the onslaught, but the table remained standing. She immediately raised a hand to her throat and coughed, but before she could move, he was on her once more, continuing his assault. She squirmed beneath him, the table groaning with the strain of their combined weight. His lips moved from hers to journey down to her throat, where he placed sharp bites that he was sure would leave bruises. She was finally able to free her hands from between them and scratched at his face before he captured her wrists in one of his hands and pinned them above her head. His lips, unpracticed and desperate, moved up her throat to capture her mouth once more. He jabbed his tongue artlessly between her lips, but pulled his head away a moment later with a yell when she bit his tongue. She took the opportunity to voice her discomfort.

"You kriffing bastard!" She yelled hoarsely as she struggled to free her wrists. "I knew I should have just left you to die in that cave!" He laughed darkly, licking the blood from the corner of his lips.

"You can feel the darkness between us." He growled. "Admit it."

"All I can feel is your cock pressed against my leg!" She countered.

"I'm going to make you mine." He stated as he leaned down to nip at her neck once more.

"Like hell you will." She hissed into this ear. He chuckled darkly before snaking his free hand between them and cupping her between her legs. She gasped involuntarily at the contact. His finger traced the seam of her pants slowly as he worked his lips down her neck and over her collar bones, just barely exposed by her tunic.

"You'll be begging for it by the time I'm done with you." He murmured.

"I never beg."

He lifted his head momentarily, his eyes meeting hers.

"We'll see." He stated, eyes narrowing slightly. He slightly enhanced the pressure of the hand between her legs and reveled in the way her eyes fluttered shut momentarily and her breath turned ragged. She was fighting a losing battle, Kylo's lips curled in satisfaction at the thought. She was too exhausted to fight the physical responses inside of her. The dark energy that flowed between them, hot and heady. His hand moved to the buttons of her trousers, which he undid with a few quick movements of his deft fingers. He smirked into the crook of her neck as his fingers explored the waistband of her panties before moving slowly beneath the simple fabric, finding her slick with arousal, despite her ongoing, albeit weakening, resistance. When his fingers made contact with her center, her hips bucked as a breathy moan was ripped involuntarily from her lips. His smirk turned into a full blown grin as he felt her bucking beneath him, her wrists suddenly going limp in his tight grip.

She was his.

The thought flashed viciously through his mind as he slowly slipped a single finger inside of her, her wetness coating the palm of his hand. His cock grew impossibly harder at the sound of her moan. Although he was wholly unpracticed in this particular arena, Kylo could tell that whatever he was doing was having a positive effect.

He wanted more.

"Giving up so soon?" He breathed against her neck, a second finger joining the first inside of her. She turned her head slightly, placing her lips next to his ear and growled before clamping her teeth around his earlobe. Kylo grunted at the sharp pain and bucked his hips against her as his fingers increased their pace, the table creaking beneath them. After a moment of deliberation, he released her wrists and removed his hand from between her thighs before setting to work on removing her clothing. He had both hands clamped on the bottom of her tunic, ready to rip it over her head when he felt her hands press firmly against his chest. He lifted his gaze from her tunic to meet her eyes, silently daring her to stop him. She stared darkly at him for a moment before her hand met his cheek with a stinging slap that echoed in the small kitchen. They glared at each other for several seconds, her gaze boring into him as his eyes drank in the flush of arousal on her cheeks and her parted lips through the dark hair that had fallen over his eyes from the well placed slap.

They were on each other a moment later, lips locked and tongues dueling for dominance. Kylo gripped her waist tightly, his broad hands nearly encircling it entirely, as her fingers weaved themselves into his hair and dug into his scalp painfully. His hands moved again to the bottom of her tunic, which he proceeded to rend up the middle, so as not to break contact with her mouth. He pushed the shredded remainder off her shoulders, his hands immediately moving to cup her breasts, covered only by a thin wrapping. He reached under the offending fabric to tweak a pert nipple, causing her head to fall back as a long moan was ripped from her lips. Kylo took advantage, his tongue leaving a wet trail up the slim column of her neck as he massaged the generous flesh of her breasts with his calloused hands. Suddenly, her small hands snaked between them as she jerkily worked the buttons free on his trousers. She quickly slipped a hand inside, taking his cock in hand. Kylo let out a deep growl at the contact. She began to move her hand over his length, fingers deft and efficient despite her obvious loss of control. Kylo claimed her mouth once more, teeth worrying her bottom lip as she stroked him. He bucked his hips sporadically, craving the friction.

Realizing it wasn't enough his hands moved from her breast and made their way to the waistband of her trousers once more. He removed them quickly, along with her boots, until she was left in nothing but her panties and slightly askew breast wrapping. Her hand had somehow found its way back in his trousers and she leaned back on one arm and stared up at him defiantly as she slowly stroked him. Kylo stared down at her, eyes heavy with lust, as he took in her nearly naked figure and the hand moving in his pants between them. As he stared down at her, he was suddenly struck again with the same thought that had been plaguing him ever sense he crashed onto this Force-forsaken planet:

Who was this woman?

He was ripped from his thoughts when a his cock was given a borderline painful squeeze. He seethed as he ripped her hand from his length and grabbed her roughly by the hips before slamming her into the nearest wall. His lips were on hers seconds later as he used his body to pin her against the wall before moving a hand between them to shove his trousers down and rip her panties from her body. He gave his cock a few quick strokes before entering her with a savage thrust. They both cried out at the sensation, heads thrown back, but they quickly found a rhythm as Kylo pounded into her while she bucked wantonly against him.

Her fingers moved once more to bury themselves into his hair as he reached up to rip the remaining fabric from her chest, baring her pert breasts to him. He immediately latched his mouth around a dusky pink nipple, teeth slightly worrying the puckered flesh. A ragged moan fell from her lips as she pulsed around him, her inner walls tightening around his painfully hard cock. At this rate he knew he wouldn't last much longer, but he intended to have her break in his arms, begging for him to give her release. With that thought in mind, he quickened his thrusts as he moved his lips to her other breast. He could feel her rapidly quickening breath next to his ear, along with the occasional moan. He lifted his mouth from her breast just long enough to growl,

"Beg for it."

Her fingers tightened in his hair.

"Not on your life." She stated breathlessly before her head feel back against the wall and her lips parted in ecstasy as she clenched around him and came apart in his arms. Anger rolled off him in waves as he continued to pound into her until he too came a moment later with a fierce moan. His thrusts slowed as he softened inside of her. He lifted his gaze to glare up at her. Her head was resting against the wall behind her, eyes closed and lips slightly parted. He refused to move and instead kept on glaring at her. Only when her breathing was once more controlled, did she open her eyes and move her head. He still had her firmly pinned against the wall, his softening length still partially inside of her.

They stared darkly at each other for a moment before she none to gently pushed against his shoulders. He refused to budge for a few moments, but finally conceded and removed his body from hers, pulling his trousers up as he did so. She slid down the wall and landed on wobbly legs, steadying herself momentarily on the wall behind her. She moved to fetch her clothes, or rather what remained of them, but found her path blocked by his overbearing figure. She lifted her gaze to meet his, silently challenging him to try something. When a few seconds passed without incident, she pushed past him and gathered her clothes from their various places around the kitchen. Kylo's gaze followed her every movement, like a predator stalking its pray. Only when she reached the doorway of the kitchen did she turn to face him, gathering her dignity around her naked body like a cloak as she did so.

"Try not to break anything else." She stated offhandedly, a single brow raised in an expression of mock boredom. She then turned on her heel and made her way down the rapidly darkening hallway toward her bedroom, the door shutting a moment later with a soft click.

Kylo stared after her, his breath growing rapidly uneven once more, but this time it wasn't from arousal. The kitchen table along with its mismatched chairs rose slowly from the ground, lifted by an unseen force. Kylo squeezed his hands into fists at his sides, sending the wooden furniture crashing into the wall with a resounding crash.

Cue Careless Whisper