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I saw you walking down the street, so I try to look cool.
I put my headphones down on with my head down and I walked into a pole.
Its ok, I've been trying to impress you, it works from time to time.
Until I fell down the staircase, and flashed you.
…that was definitely not one of those times.

Maybe I'm a bit of a stalker, but it's only like a little bit creepy.
But hey! You should be flattered may be you'll eventually notice me.

Oh, please don't call the cops on me.

[Bella Hemming - The stalker song]


2. A good ass, is a great ass.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Tetsuya sat at his desk, looking around the class with a bored gaze. There wasn't really anything interesting going on. His teacher was talking, his classmates where whispering… and Seiko was tapping her desk with her finger, her and her friends gazes burning against his back.

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap.

Indeed, this was just a normal day through the rest. First Tetsuya had thought Seiko had something to say to him, because he kinda left her with her friends and just went home. But she hadn't approached him at school at all. He didn't want to approach her, because she already had enough of 'dogs' following her. No, what disturbed him was that she was walking behind him a few steps back. His low presence didn't seem to fool her at all. Though her friends, who stuck next to her from time to time; seemed to lose him quite quickly.

A few months earlier; A week after prom.

Kuroko Tetsuya had a bad feeling.
Often when he had this kind of feeling, it was usually that the cold was soon catching up. But, this 'bad feeling' felt a little bit different. Usually he wakes up with a headache. But this time, he woke up with a feeling in the pit of his stomach. It wasn't a bad-bad throw up feeling. No, it was something else. He couldn't put his finger on it.

No, deep within his mind, he knew something, or someone was coming. He sat up on his bed and looked at his clock which was on a small table next to his bed. 06:20am. As he got up, he watched his window, which was covered by thick curtains. He doubted if he really wanted to put the curtains to the side, just the mind of placing them to the side of the window made his stomach turn. Not that anyone would have seen anything interesting other than him in a pair of normal black boxers. And who would see him anyway? He lived on the fifth floor, if someone was to see him, they would have to go to the rooftop on the house across the street and look through binoculars. And who in the name of - , would do that?

So he gave himself a little push, and walked to the window, and pushed the thick curtains to the side. He turned around to walk to the kitchen, ignoring the feeling in his stomach which turned worse.

He bent down to grab some breakfast from the lower shelves in his kitchen. Something felt really out of place.

Same time: Seiko was smacking her lips with a small popping sound.

Tetsuya turned his bored gaze as if he looked behind him, glaring at the crimson haired girl who sat a few seats behind him.

'I know you're stalking me, Akashi Seiko' Tetsuya thought still glaring 'But why?'

Aomine Daiki, was by no means lazy, if he was, he sure hell wouldn't be in Teiko High. Aomine would describe himself as a person, who pushed his work to the last minute, but his projects and homework always ended up with great grades.

He was by no means lazy, he may have been a little slow, but not on this. Seiko had ended up stalking the poor guy who was in luck to get a dance with Seiko. What made Aomine, and probably the rest of his friends interested, was that the poor guy hasn't come up to speak with Seiko.

But right now, Aomine wanted to push his thoughts of school, and focus on the phone call he was having.

"Seiko, you know, I kinda feel bad for the poor guy, can't you just leave him alone?" he said.

Seiko, on the other line, was humming with a tilt of irritation, Aomine just gulped and mentally told himself that whatever he said, she couldn't beat him through a call. But you never know with Seiko.

"Just-, Just listen to my advice for once. Go and talk to the poor guy"

"He has a name you know."

"I know he has a name! But I'm not the one who 'stalked' it up!" Aomine almost shouted, but shushed himself as he walked through the park, a couple walking past him looking at him with an odd expression.

"I-I don't know. I just can't speak with him!"

"Of course you can! You're THE Seiko, he will listen to you" Aomine sighed, it had been a long time from when Seiko last talked to him about her…problems.

"No, it's-. Em… Of course I could talk to him, but 'I' just can't" she actually gave off a small sigh.

Aomine chuckled and just smirked while asking "What? Did you gain the ability to become shy? Do you have feelings for him?"

Seiko cussed loudly, cursing Aomine, saying something that he was soon one step near his grave.

But soon "He has a great ass…" she kinda admitted muttering.

If Aomine would have had a drink, and drank it while listening, he would have spitted it out and start coughing.

"Wait what?" he shouted to his phone, looking rather embarrassed that Seiko actually said something like this. Seiko wasn't blunt, that's for sure, but this? "How the hell do you know he has a 'great' ass if you haven't touched it?"

But soon the phone line turned into small whispers, mutters and something that sounded similar to Satanist curses. But Aomine picked up a few words through the line she was muttering. Something about binoculars and boxers.

Aomine continued walking, as he walked past the basketball ground, he soon stopped hearing a sound similar to a basketball bouncing.

"Hey, Seiko. I gotta go. Call you later." he ended the call, and walked towards the sound.

But it seemed like no one was there, until the 'poor guy' appeared out of nowhere.
Teal hair, and ice blue eyes seemed to stare right through him.

"You know it's kinda late, what are you doing out this late?" he asked Aomine.

Aomine seemd bluffed, it was 11PM yes, but what was HE doing outside?

"I was walking home. What are you doing out this late? Won't your parents be worried?"

The teal haired gave off a small expression of irritation. "It's not like anyone waits for me at home anyway."

'Oh' Aomine thought. He looked like the guy who was the teacher's pet and was a honest 'good boy'.

Aomine snapped away from his thoughts when the teal haired asked if he wanted to play a match.

"So what's your name? Didn't know you played basketball"

"Kuroko Tetsuya. I played basketball since first year in middle school." the now named Kuroko answered.

"Aomine Daiki." Aomine answered

"I know, you're in Seikos friend group." Kuroko answered.

Aomine smirked, he kinda liked this guy already. They played a couple of rounds. Aomine smirked even more learning Tetsuyas unique playing technique. Kuroko was fooling around more than scoring. He vanished and tried to not let Aomine take the ball out of his hands. Which proved to be a difficult thing for Aomine. The ball bounced away from the court and Kuroko ran after it to pick it up. Leaning down to take the basketball to his hands and turning around to run back to Aomine.

'Yup, he does have a great lookin' ass.'

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