"I wanted to apologize for yesterday…" Red Robin trails off, I raise one shaped eyebrow at him, urging him onwards, "My name is Timothy Drake and as of late I've been under a lot of stress lately, my girlfriend Cassie broke up with me on the same day that butler, Alfred, had a heart attack." I immediately notice the small things about Tim, the bags underneath his eyes, the slight shaking of his hands, he's sick with worry; of course the presence of a new girl who seemingly knows nothing would push him over the edge. God I feel like such as bitch for what I said to him yesterday…

"I'm sorry for being such a bitch when I got here," I run a hand through my messy brown hair, I probably look like complete shit right now, Tim looks at me with his blue eyes and I'm glad I'm sitting down because it makes me weak at the knees,

"And I'm sorry for being such a dick about it, after today…" The corner of his lips twitch into a knowing smirk, "I know damn well why you're joining this team." If it weren't for his girlfriend just breaking up with him...Oh dear with the look he's giving me I would kiss him right now. Oh shit. I jump up, startling Tim as I do, "What's wrong?" He asks as I rush over to where I left my jacket and purse last night,

"I have to go, my little sister will be home soon." I pull on my leather jacket, if Sophia got home before me I would hate myself, I bite my lip as I turn back around to see Tim watching me with extreme interest; damn he's hot. "I'll see you later, babe." I wink at him as I zeta out, when I appear in the alley behind my apartment building I am giggling like a little girl who just got a lollipop from a boy in the schoolyard. I just make it into the apartment and take off my jacket when Phia walks in humming some song as she does,

"Hey, Meli, what's for dinner?" I roll my eyes, mussing her hair,

"What do you think about Chinese food?"


The next morning I wake up to my phone beeping at me, today Phia and I start at the most prestigious schools in Gotham. I take a cool shower to wake up before going and raising Phia so she can do the same.

"I hate mornings," She grumbles, stomping off towards our shared bathroom,

"Hate is a strong word!" I call after her, chuckling under my breath before getting changed into the white button down, red tie, and navy skirt and blazer that are my new uniform. With my figure and my normal winged eyeliner paired with red lipstick I look like a naughty school girl, the skirt hugging my hips in all the right ways. My phone rings, it's Cissie,

"Hey, babe, I'm going to pick you and Phia up in twenty minutes." She rushes, "Love you, bye!" She hands up, not even allowing me to say a word, probably because she knew that I'd insist I didn't need her to pick Phia and I up.

"You've got ten minutes, Phi." I shout, going into the kitchen and making us both up a bowl of cereal.

A little while later, after Sophia and I finish our breakfast there's a knock on the door,

"I'll get it." Sophia runs over and yanks open the door to reveal Cissie in a uniform that matches mine, her eyes light up at the sight of my little sister,

"Hi, you must be Sophia," She bops her on the nose, "I'm Cissie, Mel's friend." Sophia squeals and begins having an excited conversation with Ciss about me, after a few minutes I roll my eyes and interrupt them,

"Uh, guys? We need to go." Cissie rolls her eyes and whispers something to Phia about me being "pushy." As we walk about the door I kick her in the but when Sophia's not looking, Cissie whispers into my ear with a husky voice,

"I don't think my boyfriend would like that…" She pauses, my breath hitches in my throat, "Without him of course." We look at each other and burst into a fit of laughter, Phia rolls her eyes at us, hopping into the Jeep that Cissie unlocks. The car isn't exactly spotless on the inside of course, there are empty Gatorade bottles and McDonald's bags litter the floor, hanging from the rearview mirror is a male class ring on a necklace.

We drop Phia off, she didn't want me to embarrass her by walking her to the doors so I settle for Cissie and I waiting in the car until she walks through the grand front doors of the school. "She'll be okay, Babe." Cissie says as we pull away, me looking in the side mirror to make sure Phia doesn't come running back out for me, "She'll be okay." Gritting my teeth I force myself to look forward and force my mind off of my little sister,

"So, who all goes to Gotham?" I ask Cissie, refocusing and compartmentalizing, "On the team, I mean." Cissie shrugs, giving me an askance with her brown eyes,

"Oh just you know...Garfield, me, you, and...Tim." Interesting. Cissie gives an excited squeal, jerking the car to the left a little,

"Cissie!" I yell as she shouts,

"Oh my god, you like him!" I grab the 'oh shit' handle as we swerve to the right,

"Eyes on the road, eyes ON THE ROAD." Cissie jerks us back into our lane, receiving honks from all of the cars around us, after a few seconds of dead silence in the car I hesitantly let go of the handle, "Cissie…" She doesn't look over at me,


"Please never do that again." She doesn't say anything else for a few minutes but her smile keeps growing in the silence,

"You totally like, Tim." I keep my mouth shut as we pull into Gotham Academy's student parking lot,

"Anything I need to know before we go in there?" I ask, butterflies seemingly using jackhammers in my stomach, Cissie grabs my hand, giving it a tight squeeze,

"Stick with me and you'll be fine, Garfield is green still so you should be able to recognize him," She says with a sarcastic grin, I roll my eyes, "And Tim?" Cissie gives me a wink as we unbuckle our seatbelts,

"Oh, he's in our first period." We climb out of the car and I stick to Cissie's side as we walk to the front of the school,

"How do you know my schedule?" Cissie rolls her eyes,

"It was in your jacket pocket, the one that you left at the Mountain," I hit her arm with the back of my hand,

"You went through my jacket?" We walk into the school,

"Of course I went through your jacket, now come on, your locker is over here." I don't even question her as we walk, I notice how the boys drool over her swinging hips as we do, but also how none of them even dare to approach her.

"Ciss, why do all of these guys look like they want nothing more than to hook up with you, but like they're going to get shot if they do?" We stop at locker 324, I stop to look at the combo I wrote on my wrist this morning 13-24-35, she waits until after I've put away all the unnecessary things away and closed it again before answering me.

"My boyfriend Roy was a senior last year, he made it clear that if any boy came near me my last year here, he would gut them like a pig." I look over at Cissie who is biting her lower lip, I bet she's imagining Roy right now…

"What he threaten to do to you if you weren't faithful?" Her eyebrows shoot up in shock before she registers that I'm joking, I almost choke on air at what she says next.

"Roy said he would tie me up and make me regret being a bad girl." I give her a saucy wink,

"Kinky." Cissie and I burst into a fit of giggles as we begin walking, I have no idea where my first period history class is so I just follow Cissie, eyes follow us as we go but my mind is on the hunk waiting for me in first.

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