I've had this idea for forever (and have been reading fanfiction forever…and have been watching the Sound of Music for forever) and finally gathered up the courage to write this story. Hope you guys like it!

About this story:

~After the Laendler, Elsa realized that Maria and Georg were meant to be and so she politely returned to Vienna and broke off her relationship with Georg

~This story takes place about a week after the Laendler (Maria never left for the abbey because the Baroness never confronted her)~

This chapter is mostly just intro + exposition, so I'm sorry if it's a little boring. The good stuff starts soon, don't worry (:


Maria was just about to leave Gretl and Marta's room after tucking them in and saying goodnight when Gretl spoke up through the darkness in almost a whisper, "Fraulein Maria?"

"Yes, Gretl?"

"Is Father ever coming back?"

Maria's heart sank. "Yes, darling! He should be back any day now. He didn't want to leave but the meeting he had in Berlin was extremely important. Don't worry, Gretl. All we can do is sleep through the night. The longer we sleep, the less time it will be until your father comes back home."

"Oh!" Gretl realized. "Thanks Fraulein Maria! Good night!"

"Good night, Gretl. Good night, Marta."

Maria quietly walked out into the hallway, slowly closing their bedroom door behind them. After all the other children were in bed, Maria went back to her bedroom, thinking about the Captain. Gretl was right. He had said he would only be gone for 5 days, and it had already been 8 days.

Maybe his train was delayed. For three days, though? Or, maybe the meeting went longer than expected. Maria's thoughts made a turn for the worst as she realized with a start that he could be seriously injured. Oh God, was he injured? Did he get in a car crash? Was he dead? Maria shook her head, trying to force the ominous thoughts out. She opened her bedroom door and closed it behind her, taking off her dress and looking through her closet for her nightgown.

While her thoughts were still on the Captain's whereabouts, Maria's mind wandered to the Captain himself, who she found herself increasingly thinking about each night. As naïve and innocent as she was, Maria couldn't help herself in finding the Captain extremely attractive. She couldn't help the light blush that spread over her cheeks every time he looked at her with those intense, deep bright blue eyes.

The Captain had left for his meeting in Berlin the day after the party, not giving the two of them much time to assess their feelings together. Not that they ever would, Maria realized bitterly. He probably never thought about her, and if he did, it was most likely about how she was doing her job with his children. The dance was clearly just a nice gesture to show his thanks for taking care of his children.

"Well, a girl can dream," Maria sighed to herself, and allowed herself for a second to think about how his lips would feel against hers if he had leaned forward just slightly during the Laendler. Nor could she stop thinking about his arms, and how she had felt in them, and maybe how she would feel in them in a situation involving less clothing. Maria scolded herself for thinking these thoughts, knowing the Reverend Mother would not approve, and reminding herself that she was going to be a nun.

Jolting herself back to the present, Maria looked through her closet, still not able to find her nightgown. She huffed in annoyance, and turned around. Her nightgown was sitting on the chair on the other side of the bed where she had put it the night before. Before she had time to walk over to put it on, her door slammed open.

Maria looked for something to cover herself with, but her dress was hanging in the closet, and her nightgown was on the other side of the room, so she was left, just standing there in shock, in only her slip.

In the doorframe, and quickly moving through it into her room, was none other than the Captain himself.

Maria yelled, "Captain!? What are you doing? You're home!" She didn't have time to say anything else because he was striding towards her, and grabbed her arm, pulling her out of her room.

"Maria, you have to get out of this room. Now." The Captain shouted. He dragged her out of her room, closing the door behind him with his foot.

"What?! No, I'm staying! You have no right to barge into my room and drag me out of it!"

The Captain stopped abruptly in the hallway, nearly causing her to run right into him, "Fraulein, do as I say. Do not make me pick you up and carry you to my study."

Maria's heart skipped a beat. "Your study?! Captain, are you alright? Are you drunk? Can I please go back to my room? Can I at least put on a dress?"

At Maria's last words, the Captain seemed to realize what he had done, and let go of Maria's hand. He leaned against the wall, breathing heavily, his chest heaving and forehead glistening. He took off his suit coat and handed it to Maria, desperately trying to keep his eyes on her face and not let them travel down her body. "Here, put this on. But I can't let you go back into your room just yet. And no, I have not had an ounce of alcohol tonight. I'll explain everything to you in my study."

Maria put on the Captain's black suit coat, restraining herself from crouching down and covering her entire body with it so she could get lost in his smell and feel safe forever. How a certain piece of clothing could make her feel so safe, she didn't know.

Instead, Maria just wrapped the coat around her body and put a hand on the Captain's shoulder, saying, "Okay. I want to hear your explanation of what warranted you coming into my room and pulling me out of it without telling me why or even knocking on the door first!" Maria's voice rose in pitch, frustrated with the Captain.

He stood up straight, looked her in the eye, and nodded, feeling a wave of possessiveness hit him, seeing Maria in his jacket. He looked away quickly and they continued walking towards his study.

They reached his study, and the Captain pushed open the wooden door. Maria walked in behind him, and he closed the door. Once the door was closed, and Maria was seated in a seat in front of the Captain's large wooden desk, he remained standing, and paced back and forth behind his desk.

He paced for a few seconds, and then absolutely erupted. There was no other word for it, Maria thought, as he shouted, "They've been in my house! They've been watching us! Good God, they've been in your room! They've been watching you!"

Maria's face turned from confused to stricken after the Captain's rant.

She stood up in front of him. "Captain, slow down." His eyes looked wild and he ran a hand through his already tousled hair. "Captain, look at me." He focused his eyes on Maria's, and returned his breathing back to normal. "Please, Captain, explain. What do you mean, who is 'they'?"

The Captain sat on top of his desk in front of Maria's chair, a few feet away from her.

"Okay. Please forgive me Fraulein. You're right, I had no right to come into your room and grab you like that, and I apologize."

"I forgive you, Captain. I know you were distraught."

The Captain scoffed. "Distraught is an understatement. I have always been one step ahead of the Nazis, and in Berlin, I found out that I'm the one who has been fooled, and they are the ones who are now steps ahead of me."

He continued, anger still underlying his tone, "The 'they' I was referring to is a particular sect of the Nazi party. They can do whatever they want to get whatever or whomever they want, and they are so secretive that no one knows about them except Hitler and some other selective Nazis. They call themselves the Bände."

The Captain took a deep breath, still tensely clenching his fists at his sides, and said, "The Bände has installed cameras in my house and they have been watching us for a little over a week now."