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Happy New Year, alligators! I'm starting off my new year pretty well. So, I was feeling angsty due to reading the TV Tropes character page for Tartaros. I decided that I would try things from the demons' point of view after Minerva managed to kill Kyouka and Mirajane absorbed Seilah. This mentions the backstory that I haven't typed up for Erza and Mirajane yet, but I do have it written, so expect it. Anyway, enjoy some semi-angst.

Kyouka groaned as she awoke, one taloned hand going to her head as a strange ringing sounded in her ears. Where am I? she wondered, opening tired purple eyes and glancing around. There's wreckage everywhere… Am I… still at the Cube? Looking around once more, the greenette found her limbs not fully functional and took a moment to stand.

Turning in all directions, Kyouka couldn't find any sign of… anything, nothing to indicate the time or place. The former chairman's body was still nearby, as was Seilah's. However, the Wizards and the flying cats were all nowhere to be found. The same could be said for Acnologia and the other dragon. Where is everyone? she wondered.

A soft sound from nearby drew the tall demon's attention and she spun to find Seilah stirring nearby. "Seilah!" she breathed in relief, happy that nothing had happened to her love. As she walked closer, a sudden thought made her pause. Wait… I absorbed her soul… She should still be inside of my body… A sudden shiver slid down the bird-like demoness' back as she slowly looked back.

Her body lay motionless on the ground. Her Etherious form was still present, but blood spattered her, her chest not rising with breath. Her limbs were splayed in all directions and that same smile was still on her lips from the knowledge of Face's activation. I'm dead…? Spinning her head about, Kyouka wondered how this could be. Zeref, he should have resurrected me! What happened with Face's activation?

"Kyouka… sama…" The hoarse voice of her love reclaimed the greenette's attention and Kyouka strode to the downed woman's side, kneeling and lifting one pale hand with her own. Even though I'm a ghost of myself, I can still touch her? Red eyes looked up to her and Kyouka smiled down at Seilah. "Kyouka-sama, what happened?" Seilah asked quietly, eyes slightly unfocused.

"I'm not sure." Kyouka sighed, glancing about once again. "No one is around and I don't know what happened after I died."

"Died?" Seilah's eyes widened, the brunette struggling to sit up. Kyouka stopped her easily and Seilah spotted the lifeless form a ways away. "They… they killed you?"

"If they hadn't, the activation of Face would have." her love explained. "Mard Geer-sama, he told me to form a Living Link with the main lacrima to speed up the process. Upon the activation of Face, I would have died." Purple eyes narrowed in confusion as they cast upon the area. "But the humans weren't quick enough to kill me before the activation, so what is happening?"

Neither said anything for a bit, Seilah attempting to regain her strength as Kyouka tried to sense someone, anyone from their number. Footsteps coming in their direction drew the attention of the pair and Kyouka's lip curled at the white-haired mage that had done this to her love. She wanted nothing more than to sink her claws deep into the woman's body and heighten her pain from the inside.

Mirajane smiled down at Seilah and knelt in front of her, blue eyes checking over the form expertly. "You're close to death." she stated, her expression displaying complete serenity. "You will die if I simply left you here."

Seilah stared at the Wizard in fury, turning her head away. "I need not the pity of a human." she coughed, one shaky hand lifting to her chest. "If I must die because of defeat, then I choose to do so."

Mirajane hummed in thought, settling beside the downed woman as Seilah's breathing grew sporadic. Red eyes began to droop as the threat of sleep overtook her. Slowly, the spirit of the demoness began to sit up, glancing to Kyouka with a shy smile. Kyouka gave her signature smirk, holding out a hand to her love. Seilah took it happily and the pair began walking away, wondering what had happened if the Wizards still lived.

"I don't think I want you to die."

The voice made them both stop, chilling them to the core. Turning back, Kyouka gasped to find that Mirajane had reached out to touch Seilah's forehead, a purple aura surrounding both of them. "No!" the greenette screamed as Seilah's body began to disappear. The hand in her own started to tug away and purple eyes widened as Seilah drifted from her, back toward Mirajane.

"Kyouka-sama!" Seilah screamed, reaching out desperately for her love, the slightest widen of her eyes the only indication of her panic.

"Seilah!" Kyouka rushed after the other demoness, wary of extending her claws in case her power no longer worked in the realm they had found themselves in. Working her feet quickly, the greenette extended a hand, gritting her teeth as she was almost there, just about to-.

Kyouka grunted as she slammed into a barrier, preventing her from reaching Seilah as the brunette disappeared into Mirajane's body. Purple eyes glared up at the human as Mirajane stood, Kyouka lifting onto her hands and knees as she snarled at the whitette. Mirajane seemed none-the-wiser, turning on her heel and beginning to walk away.

"Have you gathered all you wished?"

Kyouka's ears twitched and she snarled as a flash of red strode closer. You…! Mirajane giggled and nodded. "Yeah. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if I could absorb Kyouka's body with how long she's been dead, but I was in time to save Seilah."

"You call that saving her?" Kyouka roared, lashing out instinctively. Her claws met that same barrier, igniting a small bit of pain in the greenette. Reduced to growling furiously, Kyouka watched as the Fairy Tail Wizards spoke, her ears picking up the faintest of screams from inside of Mirajane's body. Seilah's still in there… suffering because of my failure.

The pair had begun to walk and Kyouka had no choice but to follow, even if it was to be close to her love. "It really is lucky that the dragons destroyed all of the Faces." Erza murmured, looking to the sky. Kyouka's heart stopped at that. All of the dragons… destroyed them…?

"Kind of sad that they had to disappear right after, though." Mirajane sighed.

"indeed." her companion seemed lost in thought and this did not escape either of the people with her.

"Something on your mind?" Mirajane asked softly.

Erza shifted her weight, avoiding the whitette's eyes. "Kyouka and Seilah… did you sense anything about them?" Kyouka cocked her head, wondering what the Armored Wizard could be on about.

"I did sense something deeper than just… coworkers." Mirajane said slowly, also casting a sidelong glance to her friend.

"Do you think they… could have been… involved?" the warrior avoided her friend's gaze as she waited.

"I certainly think they were." Mirajane responded.

Erza was quiet for several minutes as they continued the walk to Magnolia. Kyouka eyed the redhead suspiciously, wondering why she would ask such questions and then fall silent. Humans are such odd creatures. she huffed, turning her attention to the softest of voices resonating from within Mirajane. Tch, stealing souls to parade as their own…

"We tore them apart."

Both Kyouka and Mirajane stopped in their tracks and fully faced the other woman, who had turned away from them and was looking up at the sky sadly. "Erza, what do you mean?"

"After… us…" Both women visibly cringed, recalling a terrible memory, the events of which Kyouka was unaware. "I've been keeping away from romance in general. I'm… not yet ready to… let myself open fully yet."

"It's a reflex, just like your armor." Mirajane nodded.

"But… I can still tell." the redhead sighed. "I can still tell when others feel something. If they were as involved as we think they were, then… we tore them apart."

Mirajane's usual smile dropped completely, only allowing herself to show this side to Erza. "You think so?" she sighed tiredly.

"Minerva killed Kyouka and you absorbed Seilah's soul." her friend pointed out. "They can… no longer be together."

"Even though I have Seilah's soul, that doesn't stop her from being resurrected." Mirajane murmured.

"As a truly emotionless puppet with only one goal in mind." Erza told her. "I want… I know it's foolish…"

"But you want them to be together in the future when some idiot decides to resurrect them?" Mirajane chuckled wryly, understanding the warrior's motives.

"It's stupid, but even demons deserve to be happy." Erza chuckled, continuing to walk again. "They find their happiness wherever they can. I mean, they were just trying to see their creator again. It just so happened that their ultimate happiness interfered with the greater population and therefore couldn't happen."

"But how do we make certain they're resurrected at the same time?" Mirajane mused, following after her friend.

"The only way would be to find their books, but I'm not certain what happens after that." Erza shrugged. "Better not to think about it just yet. Master has something important to tell us tomorrow."

Kyouka stared at the pair in abject shock, moving as a mechanical response to Seilah's fading voice. Are they seriously talking about us this way? she thought, glancing between the two Wizards, astonished. How could they think of our happiness in such a way when we attempted to kill them? Shaking her head, Kyouka conceded to her inability to understand the human species. Such odd creatures… Lowering her head sadly, Kyouka shook her head. Odd creatures I will now be forced to follow. I suppose the human notion of karma truly does exist.

Resigning herself to her fate, Kyouka lifted her head and rushed to catch up with the Wizards that had gotten further ahead. If this was the torture she had to endure to simply be beside her love, then she could endure it. It was nothing compared to what would happen if she moved on.

And there's the beginning, everyone. I quite enjoy this pairing, so expect to see more from it. When I say "this pairing", note I'm saying KyoSei. Because hell yes, sexy powerful lesbian demons. Drop me a review, alright? And also, again, Happy New Year!