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Mira meditated in the backyard, focusing her energy inward. She needed to understand Seilah's form more if she was ever going to use it. Seilah's form was more difficult to use than the rest of them, most likely because she was an Etherious. There were plenty of other demons for her to know the difference. If she put more energy into it, maybe she'd be able to control Seilah better.

Taking a deep breath, Mira closed her eyes and evened her breaths. She could hear all of the souls inside her crying out with vengeance and anger, but she was listening for the quietest of them, the one shouting with sadness. Seilah must have known that Kyouka was following them around. It would make sense for that to be the reason Mira felt Kyouka's presence and could hear her. Seilah was helping her communicate with Kyouka, no doubt for the brunette's own benefit.

Mira listened intently to the voice and managed to distinguish some of the words. "…get out. I have… some way… back to Kyou-…" Seilah was trying to find a way out. She wanted to escape like the others, but Mira didn't feel the same destructive intent from her as she did from the rest. She didn't feel it from Alegria, either, interestingly enough, but Alegria wasn't one for talking. Maybe, if Mira tried to listen harder, she would be able to hear more from Seilah. Then she could try communicating with her to find out how to properly control her form.

As she heightened her senses, Mira heard footsteps coming closer and looked around. Though she couldn't see her, Mira knew Kyouka was nearby. "What's up?" she called.

"The sky," the greenette retorted. Kyouka sat down and grunted, "What are you doing?"

"Meditating," Mira shrugged. "Figured I'd try and focus myself for when I turn into Seilah."

Kyouka said nothing, staring off into the trees. Mira looked in her general direction and decided now was as good a time as any to try figuring out what was going on. Hopefully, Kyouka didn't walk away like she was prone to doing whenever things got too emotional for her to handle.

"So, yesterday, you mentioned humans treating you different because you were a demon-."

"I will stop you right there," Kyouka said calmly. "We are evil incarnate, born of the greatest dark Wizard to ever walk Fiore. Humans are bound to treat us differently and we are duty-bound to treat them as they are, like insects."

Mira gave a quiet sigh. "Yes, but why would you think of them like that? I mean humans think of actual insects as insects, so why not have a different classification for us? It could be like a game."

"Don't treat me like a child," Kyouka grumbled. "We were taught that we were better than the humans. So we acted like it. Simple as that."

"And it had nothing to do with how the humans treated you?" Mira pressed. "I mean, considering I'm human, if I didn't have this power and saw a demon, I'd be pretty freaked out."

There it was. A small twitch, Kyouka's eyes narrowed just a little and her lips tugged further down. It definitely had to do with the way humans saw them, even if just a little.

"Who cares what humans think?" the greenette huffed. "You've all got puny primitive brains. It's not like you can tell the difference between a demon and a monster."

"Aren't both evil?" Mira knew she was pushing her luck, but she wanted to understand. She wanted to try now where she hadn't back when they first met. "You said the Etherious were beings of absolute evil. If that's the case, then there shouldn't be a difference between demon and monster."

Kyouka sighed. She knew where the human was going with this. She wasn't stupid. But she just didn't know if she could tell that story, not right now. Still, if she couldn't tell it to this pathetic creature, who else was there? She was dead and Seilah was inaccessible.

"Fine," she groaned. "I'll tell you. Humans don't like us."

Mira blinked and Kyouka threw her arms in the air. "It's not that hard! We tried going out in the world! Tora, Jackal, Seilah, and I. We all tried going out. Seilah was maybe thirty years old at the time. We snuck off Cube and tried to interact with the humans. The four of us had split up to cover more ground, figuring the humans wouldn't like having an entire strange group come out of nowhere. But it made no difference. They all ran, the simple-minded cretins. They ran, they screamed, they cursed us and threatened us.

"Seilah was the best off, having only a tail and horns, but the rest of us weren't so lucky. Jackal has paws on his feet, explodes things, and has a tail and dog ears. So, while he was slightly harder to spot than Seilah, people still realized fairly quickly that he wasn't human. None of them would go near him, preferring to throw furniture to get him to leave. With me, all it took was me extending my hand to shake and it didn't matter how… distracted they'd been a moment before. They noticed my hands and feet and all of them wanted to tear me apart. Tora got it worst, though. Because he looks like a fish, they tried to burn him alive. He barely got out before his gills collapsed. When Seilah arrived to find out what was going on, the townsfolk tried to stop her from getting closer while they cornered the three of us. Seilah… well, you've seen her whenever it comes to me."

Mira shuddered. "So, because the humans treated you that way, you didn't come back down?"

Kyouka sniffed in contempt. "We came down every fifty years, you know. Humans don't change their reactions. And they cursed our creator's name, too. They hated him for creating us, believing us only for destruction. Tartaros was a guild, too. We took jobs that helped humans, but we could never show ourselves. We always had to remain cloaked, except for Seilah. Jackal could get away with shoes and a hat, but the rest of us have to cover ourselves when we're doing a job that doesn't involve killing or the like. Humans don't like demons. I would think you of all people would know this."

Her companion flinched. "I… I do, actually…" Kyouka glanced to her with a raised eyebrow. Mira correctly interpreted the silence and explained softly, "When I first absorbed a demon, it was to protect the town we lived in at the time. The townsfolk cheered for all of two seconds before turning on us. I couldn't control how I looked at the time, so they thought I was possessed and would turn on them. We were run out of town everywhere we went. It wasn't until we stopped at Fairy Tail that anyone looked at me like I was a person instead of a… monster."

"It hurts, doesn't it?" Kyouka grunted, turning back to the trees. "People assuming you're nothing more than a beast, out to destroy them. We were created by the 'Dark Wizard', so we were lumped into the same category as he without even a single chance to prove we were affable. When we returned to Cube, Mard Geer began on the rhetoric of us being better than humans and, after a while and continued failed attempts, we began to believe it. Humans are simple-minded, pathetic creatures. We are more controlled and powerful. You are bugs, and we are the rightful rulers of this world." She sighed. "Or so I thought. We are all bugs. All sheep. It's just that one of us has the power to make the other run and cower. You."

Mira leaned back. "I guess none of us considered that. Erza, Natsu, Gray, and Lucy all found amicable demons on Galuna Island, but even after that, we still believed demons to be evil. And when you attacked us, we figured you all were no different than Deliora or Halphas."

"Well, to be fair, you retaliated. We attacked first… that time." Kyouka turned her gaze to the sky. "It's only right you would attack us for something we did do. You didn't care who we were until your guildmates became collateral damage. I would thank you for that if not for my mate being trapped in your body."

"Thanks," Mira laughed. "Besides, I don't mind. It would feel weird getting a thank you from you."

Kyouka hummed. "If you ever tell anyone I opened up to you, I'll figure out how to kill you."

"Duly noted," Mira murmured, changing into Seilah's form to practice.

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