"Well that's me done for the day! I'll see you tomorrow, Harvey" Mike said as he stood up fastening his suit jacket and walked towards the door

"See you tomorrow" he replied "could you tell Donna to come down to my office when she gets a chance"

Mike didn't know what Harvey was up to, he hadn't been focussed on work at all today and now he wanted to see Donna. Evidently, they were on speaking terms for Mike's conviction but that's as far as it went as far as Rachel was concerned. Mike nodded at his boss and left the office.

"Harvey wants to see you in his office when you you're free" he announced to Donna

"Did he say what it was about?" she whispered

Mike shuck his head side to side "but he has been acting weird all day… I have to go, speak to you tomorrow" he added as he ran towards the elevator.

Louis had finished work half day to go and buy himself a new cat, he insisted Donna came with him to chose the perfect replacement for Bruno but Donna hated cats and managed to get out of it easily. Donna enjoyed working for her friend but some days Louis talking about a new cat was as exciting as it got! She shut down her computer and grabbed all her belongings, she decided to stop at the ladies bathroom to freshen herself up before proceeding to Harvey's office.

She casually strolled into his office "Mike said you wanted to see me?" she explained

Harvey looked up from his laptop once he noticed the redhead entering his office and smiled.

"Are you going to let me take you out tonight?" he questioned

"I told you I have plans tonight" Donna answered as she walked over to the window and looked out onto the New York skyline

Harvey stood up and joined her by the window "sitting in alone does not count as having plans… why are you being so difficult?"

"I need you to work late tonight" Jessica appeared in the office before Donna could answer his question

Harvey spun around to face his boss with an irritated look on his face "I have plans tonight, Jessica"

"No you don't" Donna contended

"Looks like you've been stood up" Jessica smiled and followed him towards his desk "I want you to find all the dirt you can on Anita Gibbs and every case she's ever worked on, she's going after our clients… I don't want to hear that woman's name floating around our clients by tomorrow morning"

"What sort of clients are we talking about?" he demanded

"She's going after one of yours for starters" Jessica explained

Harvey shuck his head in disapproval "McKernon Motors?" he barked

Jessica didn't answer she simply nodded her head. Everyone at the firm knew Harvey did not really care for much of his clients unless they were tripling his billable hours but McKernon was one of the first clients he captured and he grew to care about the company. Even when Jack Soloff took on Fletcher Engines, who brought much more to the firm than McKernon, Jessica ensured he dropped them as quickly as he signed them.

Harvey flung his suit jacket on the window sill and threw himself in his chair "fine, and that's all the files you have for me" he enquired

"Yeah… I'm sure Mike will help you get through them" she remarked placing the thick wedge of files in front of him

"Mike left about 20 minutes ago!" he contended, the tone of annoyance obvious in his voice

Jessica walked out his office "give Louis a call if you need any help" she shouted back

Harvey got up from the chair and poured himself a large Scotch before returning back to his desk and slammed the glass down. Half an hour ago he expected to be taking Donna out for dinner, now he has practically been stood up as well as being swamped with files. Realistically, one person working on all these files would take till around 1am, he knew him and Mike could get it done by 9pm.

"Who are you calling?" Donna quizzed as she realised he had taken his phone from the jacket that was in a lump on the window sill

"Mike" he stressed

Donna walked over and removed the phone from his hand "you know him and Rachel are going out tonight"

"Lucky them" he responded sarcastically trying to snatch the phone back from her grasp

Donna took a file from the pile and strolled over to the bottle of Scotch, she poured herself a glass and sat down on the sofa

"What are you doing?" Harvey murmured

Donna shot him a smile "we have plans tonight, remember?"

Harvey grinned at her and took a seat next to the redhead on the sofa

"So you're going to help me get through all these?" he laughed and Donna just nodded back at him "I'd rather look at you for the next few hours than Louis" he added


It was just past 10pm, of course he and Mike would have been on their way home by now but he didn't mind being stuck in work for an extra hour or 2 while she was helping. Surprisingly, they had gotten through most of the files and only had a couple left to check over. Harvey went to pour Donna another glass of Scotch when she waved her hand to shoo the bottle away.

"Are you trying to get me drunk?" she giggled still flicking through the files

Harvey placed the decanter back down "I think you're capable of that all by yourself" he grinned at her raising an eyebrow "looks like we're gonna have to order food to the office" he stated looking at his watch "that shitty Thai place?" he proposed

He secretly loved that shitty Thai place, he always remembered the first time she introduced him to it back in the DA's office. They were celebrating another win of his and after traipsing round several bars she dragged him to the Thai restaurant. Since then every time the pair worked late together it was another tradition of theirs to order from there.

Donna looked to the ceiling as if she was concentrating hard on something before shaking her head "let's go for pizza instead"

"And break tradition?" he quizzed her looking surprised by her answer

"Tradition's aren't that important" Donna protested

Harvey scoffed "you do know a tradition is like an unwritten rule right?"

"Rules are there to be broken" she shrugged smirking

Harvey threw his head back on the sofa grinning. This woman has had a rule separating the pair of them from any romantic relationship and sexual activity and has now informed him that rules are there to be broken. For the past 12 years he has respected her rule, even when she broke the rule for Stephen Huntley he still kept his distance from her.

"So you're saying all rules are put in place as some sort of test, to see who's brave enough to break them?" Harvey asserted tilting his head

"You're the lawyer… you figure it out" she implied reaching for another file off the glass table "now… can we please order pizza?"


By 11:30pm they had finished reading over all of cases taken by Anita Gibbs, they had strong evidence to show Dominic, CEO of McKernon, that Anita Gibbs was no good to represent his engineering firm. After Mike's case was settled she decided to let most of Pearson Specter Litt's clients know exactly who they had been dealing with. Donna also found possible evidence of Gibbs colluding with the opposing council on one case which, if proven, could be effective.

"You ready?" Harvey asked passing her his suit jacket "it looks bitter outside, put this on"

Donna took the jacket and positioned it around her shoulders "yeah, I'm ready" she yawned

Harvey placed his hand on the small of her back and guided her out the office towards the elevators.

"I know tonight didn't go as you planned" she giggled "but I enjoyed working with you… just like old times"

"You know you're welcome back to my desk anytime. I'm sure Gretchen wouldn't mind moving over to Louis, she could most definitely handle him" he hinted

Donna laughed as she waved her arm about trying to flag cabs rushing through the busy streets of New York City. After a couple of minutes a cab finally pulled up for them and they both climbed in.

"You coming back to my place for a drink?" Harvey suggested

Donna gave the taxi driver they'd be stopping at 2 different stops, her apartment and then his.

"Not tonight, Harvey. I'm tired… we both are" she drawled

"One drink" he pleaded "and then we'll go straight to bed"

Donna grinned at him narrowing her eyebrows.

"Okay, you can go straight to bed and I'll crash on the sofa" he practically begged

"What happened to taking things slow, Harvey?" she responded

He shot her a sincere smile and covered her hand with his. There are a lot of people who call him by his name but there is only her who can make it sound so special, even if she was turning down his invitation.

"I'll walk you up" he mumbled "2 minutes" he added to the taxi driver

The walk from the taxi to her apartment door was silent, he slid his hand under the suit jacket draped around her shoulders and again rested it on the small of her back. She shivered under his touch as it sent sparks through her body.

"This is me" she smiled as they reached her door

The door haunted him. It brought back bad memories. Well not so much bad memories but bad decisions he had made whilst inside her apartment. The first was 'the other time' when he left before she had awoken and the second was a few months previous when he told her he loved her then ran away. If only he had stayed that night and never ran away from his feelings then things could possibly be so much different now.

She opened her door and walked over the threshold before turning back around to face him, denying him any entry inside. He stared at her knowing with certainty that he was falling more and more in love with her. The woman he loved had been in front of him for over a decade and he had been too scared to admit his feelings towards her. He hauled her closer and attempted to kiss her however her mouth refused him full access. He pulled back with a questioning look on his face.

"The problem is" she leaned closer to his ear "if I kissed you now… I wouldn't be able to stop myself" she smirked "Goodnight, Harvey" and with that she closed the door leaving him with his own thoughts. He rested him head against her apartment door laughing to himself before walking back down the stairs towards the taxi.