Harvey returned back to his apartment alone, he didn't mind taking things slow but this was practically baby steps. Why they had to do everything backwards he did not know. He changed into something a bit more comfortable and put on one of his vinyl's. His Miles Davis. It was a gift from Donna after she scratched the one at his office, even though still denies it to this day he knew it was her. Everywhere he looked in his apartment something reminded him of her. After one Scotch he was tucked up in beds wondering of ways he could try and win her over tomorrow.


Harvey strolled out from the elevator to start his day of work, he was quite pleased with the work he and Donna had gotten through last night and he was sure Jessica would have been satisfied also. He travelled passed Louis' office to notice the desk outside was empty, before he had time to dwell on her whereabouts Jessica called him into his office.

"I see you got through all the files" Jessica commented

Harvey bobbed his head up and down like a nodding dog with a grin on his face "all of them"

"Mike's help?" she questioned knowing Harvey wouldn't have had the patience's to sit alone and thoroughly check through the lump of files she had given him.

"Donna" he revealed

Jessica's expression said it all. She was sick and tired of watching her and Harvey together and nothing happening between them. They both wanted it, everybody knew that.

"What's that look for?" Harvey quizzed, knowing full well what she was implying

"You've been so blind, Harvey, she was right there. She's always been right there to deal with your shit and to pick you up when you were falling apart. She was always the one who stuck by your side through it all, even when you and Darby planned to take me down behind my back, now don't tell me you didn't let her in on that secret" it was more of a statement than a question

Harvey clenched his jaw thinking back to the arrangement him and Darby had made "Jessica"

But she cut him short before he could try and explain "now she's gone, you finally realize she was the one but you're scared in case you're too late. How you have been so blind for all these years?"

"I though I was coming in here for praise on what dirt we found on Anita Gibbs, not a lecture and definitely not relationship advice" he barked back before walking out of the managing partners office.

He wouldn't have been as angry if the speech Jessica gave him wasn't true. You don't know what you have until it's gone had never been a truer life quote. Of course he had always appreciated Donna, but he didn't realise how much he loved her until she left him to work for Louis.

He stormed from her office to his own before he noticed Donna walking towards him, shaking his hips in the process, probably making her way back from the file room. After his scolding off Jessica he felt awkward to see him as she played her words over and over in his head.

"Hey" she smiled shyly, slowing down to attempt to engage in conversation

"Morning" Harvey replied and carried on to his office

Donna looked back when Harvey basically stormed passed her with his one word response, maybe she was playing a bit too hard to get and now he's getting bored of her games. Then again, she knew Harvey more than anyone and if he really wanted someone or something he wouldn't stop until he got it.


Harvey's angry mood was persistent throughout the day. Rachel noticed it, Mike encountered it and just before he didn't think he could take anymore social interaction Jessica appeared in his office unexpectedly.

"I just wanted to thank you… and Donna. I assume you've spoken to-"

"Dominic?" he finished her sentence "Yeah he called, he's stickin' with me… the firm"

He was still upset from this morning and Jessica could see that. To avoid argument she smiled and left his office. Shortly followed by Harvey leaving the office for the day, he assumed Donna had already left as it was 7pm and her computer was shut down and not a designer bag or purse in sight. He left the building and got into Ray's car. 15 minutes later Ray had pulled up on the sidewalk and Harvey jumped out the car and walked towards the apartment block in front of him. He made his way to the second floor and banged on the wooden door in front of him. The redhead opened the door, wearing nothing but a towel, with a confused look on her face until it registered who was on the opposite side.

"How quickly can you be ready for dinner reservations?" he spoke as soon as she swung the door open

She shuck her head laughing gesturing towards the towel she was wearing "Harvey, I wouldn't be ready for at least another hour and a half"

"Good thing we've got a night in planned then isn't it?" he smiled as he nonchalantly walked past her and into her apartment.

He strolled straight into her kitchen and poured two glasses of wine and handed one over to her before taking a seat on her sofa. She followed his steps and sat the furthest point away from him.

"You've spoken one word to me all day, Harvey. Why are you here?" Donna observed with a hint of apprehension in her voice

"I… I've been busy… with work" he disclosed "so I thought I'd make it up to you with dinner but you obviously weren't ready"

Donna flicked through the TV looking for something entertaining to put on. She sensed there was something up with Harvey, especially after she had spoken to Rachel earlier on that day. Rachel explained how Harvey nearly bit Mike's head off when he had a different opinion on one of the defendants they were representing.

Donna offered to cook for them as they had ordered pizza last night and she didn't fancy another big meal. After all it was so close after Christmas and that's the time every woman vowed to go on a diet and avoid alcohol. After the meal Harvey helped her washed the dishes and they took a seat back on the sofa.

"You have definitely improved since that god awful dinner party" he revealed looking amused

Donna shot him a glare that warned him to quit while he thought he was ahead. He had tasted her cooking once before and maybe it wasn't up to standard that time but her mom did give her a list of every ingredient his new boyfriend was allergic.

"Can I ask you a question?" he insisted looking into her eyes

"Harvey Specter confiding in me, this must be serious" she teased

He placed his glass on the table before turning his body to her "have I… lost you? Jessica said something this morning and it's just… played on my mind"

"What did she say?" Donna murmured

Harvey flung his head in his hands "that I want you now I've realized I've lost you"

Donna squeezed his forearm to lighten his mood "so that's why you haven't spoken to me all day… but no, Harvey, you haven't lost me. You know I'd-"

"Follow me to the ends of the earth" he mocked her tone. Donna laughed pouring them another glass of wine.

"You know what I admire about you?" he added "the fact you've taken me how I am and learned to deal with all my bullshit. I know I'm a difficult person to deal with most of the time but yet you still seem to stick around"

Donna shrugged her shoulders quoting herself "it's what I do"

"It didn't hit me at first… you leaving. At first I felt fine, bitter and angry… but not sad. Next thing I know I was riding to work one morning, anxious to tell you how my poker game had gone the previous night and that's when I realised you were gone… maybe I loved you too much and showed too little" Harvey admitted

"You know, Harvey, you weren't ever supposed to mean so much to me either. That's why I imposed that stupid rule. I was never suppose to fall to god damn hard, but that's what keeps me holding on" she also confessed

Harvey lifted his head from his hands and looked at her once more "because it hurts like hell to let go?" he questioned

"Yep" she replied popping the P at the end

"I really want to sleep with you, Donna" he blurted out

She rolled her eyes and removed her arm from his "I thought we were having a moment here, Harvey, but its

"Yep" she replied popping the P at the end

"I really want to sleep with you, Donna" he blurted out

She rolled her eyes and removed her arm from his "I thought we were having a moment here, Harvey, but its standard you to turn almost everything into sex"

"No, Donna" he pleaded "I don't mean having sex. I mean sleep, together, in my bed. You know… like they do in the movies, your hand on my chest… my arm around you"

"You are such an idiot" she smiled turning away from him and bringing her wine glass to her lips. This was a big deal for him opening up. She was so glad Jessica had spoken to his this morning because it obviously had an impact on everything he had said to her tonight.

"What would you say if I told you I really wanted to kiss you right now?" he divulged

Donna raised her eyebrows and smirked but Harvey butted in before she got a chance to answer.

"Hypothetically, of course" he grinned

"I think" she crawled towards him, lightly cupping his face in her hands "it would go something like this" she gently kissed him, letting her tongue wander into his mouth once he granted her full access.

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