The sun was setting that day, bathing everything in golden light. Every person was getting ready for the end of the day, and even the birds were flying back to their nests. Our scene is set with a hill, which a bubbly Italian named Feliciano Vargas is currently running upwards. He was happier than usual, eager to see his two best friends. "Ludwig! Kiku!" he called.

The mentioned were already waiting up for him at the top. Ludwig Beilschmidt called out, "Feli, you're late." It was 4:50 PM, ten minutes after their scheduled meeting. Though very young, Ludwig's father was a military man and was raised to become disciplined with his time. His two best friends adapted that feature from him, though Feliciano usually takes a siesta right before their scheduled time.

Feliciano chuckled, "Ahaha, I'm sorry Luddy. But I was taking a siesta and I had a really nice dream about pasta and Antonio chasing the tomatoes in my dream! When I woke up it was already 4:45, and I thought, oh no Luddy's gonna be mad and then Big Brother Lovino-"

Kiku Honda spoke up, "Calm down Feli-kun, we're not mad. In fact, why did you call us here today?"

"Yeah, you seemed really excited over the phone."

Feliciano seemed to remember something. His smile brightened even more as he reached into his pocket, taking out two small packets and reaching them out to Ludwig and Kiku. "I bought these for you guys, come on, come on, open them up!" the Italian was grinning. Ludwig and Kiku looked at each other and opened up their own packets. They smiled in amazement as they saw the contents:

Matching keychains of stars. "To help us remember our friendship, ve~!"

"Sugoi, ne! Arigato, Feli-kun." Kiku gave one of his rare wide smiles, holding it up.

"Danke, Feli. They're really good." Ludwig smiled at his bubbly friend as he held up his. Feliciano did the same, saying "Guys, guys, let's hold them up here! Kiku, you can take a picture if you'd like!"

Kiku brightened up at that idea. He immediately took his camera (which he keeps in his person on a daily basis) and got ready to take a picture of themselves. The three of them held up their respective keychains, Ludwig in the middle, Kiku to his left then Feliciano on his right. "Hai, now on the count of three..."

"One, two, three!"


"Ve~ So nice, Kiku!"

They were now currently admiring the picture. It was simple; just a simple picture of three best friends with their own tokens.

But this picture means the world to the three of them.

"I am going to have this copied back in home, and I'll give it to you at the nearest opportunity."

Ludwig nodded. "That's a good job, Kiku."

"A-Arigato, Ludwig-kun, Feli-kun." Kiku bowed to his two friends.

"There's no need for bowing, you know!"

"I-I'm sorry, it's just a custom..."

The three of them were walking under Ludwig's umbrella on their way back from school. Kiku was a bit more hesitant, blushing so hard that he resembled a tomato. "Why? It's just an umbrella. You'll get soaked if you don't get in here!" Ludwig gently scolded, getting a bit worried.

"O-okay then..."

Kiku found it safer to refrain from saying that sharing an umbrella was a romantic gesture in Japanese culture. They're my best friends, plus we're all boys! Ignore it, ignore it, ignore it...

It was just another beautiful day. This time the three boys were in the city, with the hustle and bustle of people, the honking of cars, and the never-ending noise. But for three young boys, each of them eating the gelato Feliciano generously made for them. "Look, look, I made it into your favourite flavours!"

And that he did. Feliciano had chocolate, Ludwig had mint, and Kiku as always had strawberry. They were walking down the sidewalk when Ludwig shared a funny story about his older brother. "Gilbert once planned to meet up with Vash in the park. When he got there, he thought he saw Vash standing with his back faced towards Big Bruder. Then, he tackled 'him' to the ground.

"To his surprise, it was Vash's little sister and that earned him a punch to the face."

Feliciano would have gasped, Kiku would have raised his eyebrows if it was a regular scenario. But this is Gilbert they're talking about, so the two of them laughed, Ludwig joining along with them. Kiku then gently elbowed Ludwig on the arm, remembering how his big brother told him to be more outgoing.

He immediately regretted the decision when he realized that his actions caused Ludwig to drop his gelato. His eyes widened, and he bowed to his displeased friend. "Oh, Ludwig! I'm sorry, I-I just-"

Ludwig pushed Kiku in retaliation. Kiku didn't even notice that his own gelato lay useless on the street, he just pushed Ludwig back. Soon the two were pushing at each other, fighting.

Feliciano was worried. It wasn't often that these two fought... "Guys, calm down!" he said. He noticed that Kiku's star keychain fell from his bag to the middle of the street.

A worried expression in his eyes, he went out to retrieve it. He delicately picked it up from the ground, thinking Kiku's going to want this when they both calm down...

It was then that he heard a loud honk. He was horrified to recall... I never checked for cars...