It was such a beautiful day. Birds were singing, flowers were blooming. Children were running around outside, as it was a holiday, enjoying the little breaks they gained from school.

But that image stopped when we get to this building. In contrast to the environment outside, there was simply sadness.. and loss. Everyone was wearing black. White chrysanthemums and lilies were all around the room. If one looks ahead, they will find a white casket and a portrait... a portrait of a young boy. A funeral, one would realize.

Many went to attend this sorrowful event. Friends, family, teachers, even the classmates that didn't know the young boy all that well. They only knew a name: Feliciano Vargas, with a sunny disposition and always brought smiles to their faces. All did adore the little Italian so. At the front seats were the family members. Big brother Lovino was crying onto his Uncle Antonio's shoulder, and Roma didn't have the usual cheery expression on his face.

Now, there was another young boy about Feliciano's age, as close to him as best friends could be. A Japanese boy named Kiku Honda. He wasn't frowning, but he definitely wasn't smiling either. He was just.. blank. Dear Kiku just couldn't bring himself to accept that Feliciano of all people, was dead.

Saying that was admitting that the world lost its color.

And everything is simply black and white from now on.

Now we're watching an electronic dream from a black and white stage.
Footsteps that prayed for rebirth.

Feliciano opened his eyes. "Eh?" he was in an unfamiliar room with a heavy atmosphere. He looked around, seeing people he knew. "Aunt Elizabeta... Uncle Roderich. Why do they look so sad?" He headed over to the nearest person. "Ve~ Miss, do you know where I am?" The woman gave no response. Maybe she's too sad and needs some alone time.

Seeing his Aunt Eliza, the child set out to talk to her instead. Though he didn't know why she was crying, he tried to tug on her dress. His movements stopped when he heard her next words. "H-He was so young, Roderich.. so young.. Feli didn't deserve this! He didn't!" Meanwhile her dear husband whispered words of comfort to her.

"E-eh? What are you talking about, Aunti-"

Memories flashed through his mind.




Then pain.

"No.. no, no! Th-this isn't possible!" He can't understand. Why? Why is this happening? Why can't he touch anything?! Why can't anyone hear him?! "Auntie! It's me, Feliciano!" His voice was shaking, but he can't grasp Aunt Eliza's hand or dress, no matter how he wants to. The child moved on to Uncle Roderich, swatting at his face, screaming, screaming, and screaming. Why is this happening, oh my gosh- dear God, why?

"Please! Anyone! Nonno-" Even as he turned his eyes to the front, his own Nonno couldn't hear him. He ran, almost tripping along the way, to the front. He tried to catch his family's attention to no avail. Even his twin, Lovino, showed no signs of hearing him.

Feliciano was scared. He turned to his friends, opening his mouth to say something, then-

"I said, this is all YOUR FAULT!" Feliciano stopped dead in his tracks. What?

Ludwig's Big Brother scolded him, "Ludwig!" Ludwig didn't listen, no, he has had enough, and Kiku needed to pay for what he did.

Rarely did Ludwig lose his cool, but he was still a child and let his emotions get to him. His Big Brother had to restrain him, as he tried to launch himself at Kiku. "No! Bruder, let me go! Kiku, if only you didn't bump my shoulder- If your STUPID KEYCHAIN didn't fall to the ground, FELI WOULD STILL BE ALIVE!"

Kiku weakly said, "L-Ludwig... please calm down-"

"Calm down?! CALM DOWN?! Feliciano's dead, Kiku. DEA-"

"SHUT UP!" Ludwig was cut off by an angry voice. Lovino had stood up, tears flowing down his eyes. His brother- his very own brother, who had been with him since the two of them were born, was dead, and these bastards decide to rage and break the spirit in his very own funeral.

Lovino was having none of it. "J-Just shut up. You- you two have done enough. You may have been his best friends, but I will not let you ruin my twin's funeral any further. Get out. Out!" His voice cracked at the last word. Nonno Roma tried to console Lovino, even tried to convince him to let the two stay a bit longer, but he stood by his decision.

Kiku stayed silent, nodding. He kept crying silent tears, even while his cousin carried him to the car, and even after they got home.

On the other hand, Ludwig's Big Bruder apologized in behalf of Ludwig.

Nonno Roma nodded. "It's fine. Please have Ludwig calm down next time, I imagine Feliciano wouldn't be fond of his friends fighting in his funeral,"

"Yes, sir."

The faded fourth dimension then changed its colour
and uttered a newborn's cry.

Kiku stared at the gray skies. "It's raining..." The three of them often shared Ludwig's umbrella when going home, but he was…

The young boy caught sight of the German walking off with someone else, completely ignoring his existence. "Lu-" he stopped himself from calling out. Fine. If that's what he wanted, he'll give him what he wants!

Ignoring the tears running down his face, he ran.

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