Chapter 1

"Skye, are you listening to me?" Numbness crept through my veins. I knew what was coming. I knew the consequences of helping Miles.

"Yes." I choked out. I refused to cry. This was my own doing.

"Head back to your room. I need to think about what you have done." Coulson, could barely look at me. I did this. It kept running through my head. As much as I wanted to beg for forgiveness, I knew I didn't deserve it.

I managed to walk to the door, carefully closing it behind me. I barely could stick one foot in front of the other. As I walked through the hall, no one would look me in the eye. I did this. It kept running through my head. I collapsed on my bed, ready to break down sobbing. I knew, the brief family I had here was about to leave. Why did I always push them away?

I stared at the ceiling. My mind seemed to focus on my own stupidity, my stupid loyalty to Miles. I briefly closed my eyes, letting the noises of the plane fade away.

When I next woke, I heard a buzzing in my draw. Confused, and waiting for the grogginess to clear I saw up. Crap. I pulled the draw in a panic, almost ripping it out. Laura. The name flashed across the screen.


"Skye?" The voice was panicky on the other end. The last traces of grogginess gone.

"What's wrong? Is Clint okay?"

"Clint is on a business trip. Do you think you could come to stay for a while?"

"I can check with my supervisor. Is everything okay?"

"Yeah…I think so…I don't know."

"Talk me through everything."

"I am pregnant."

"That's great! Baby number 4 is sure to be a hit."

"Yes. But the doctor thinks there may be a complication with the pregnancy. I…I don't want to bother Clint. And you were the only one I could think of to come and help. I know this is the long term job you were talking about. And—"

"And don't you worry. I think I may have screwed up again. You know me always a screw up." A halfhearted chuckle escaped, attempting to force the tears back."

"Oh sweetie, you aren't a screw up. You may occasionally make a bad decision, but we all do."

"Yes, well I seem to specialize is the monumental mistakes. Anyway, this should give them an easy way out of letting me go."

"Maybe attempt to offer a vacation, to let heads cool down. Don't quit, last week you were so excited about it."

"Not sure if heads will cool down this time. I will talk to my supervisor and call you back as soon as I know."

"Thanks, I don't know what I would do without you."

"No problem, what is family for."

My phone snapped shut. Visiting Laura and the kids offers a neat solution to my Miles problem, but does that mean I won't be coming back. My head throbs.

A knock. "Skye, Coulson is ready to see you." Jemma. Another team member I let down.

"Thanks Jemma." No response. I don't blame her. I hate me right now.

I quickly pat on my top reveals my microchip is still there. I stand, not quite ready to admit that my time with the team is at an end.


"Skye, sit down."

"I'm sorry—"

"Stop. I don't need apologies. The team has been called on an important mission. I can't have your questionable loyalties on the ship. Melinda is stopping in the U.S. for fuel and supplies. You will be taken to the nearest town and dropped off at a gas station. Pack your things."

"So that is it?"

"What did you think would happen? That we would let you stay?"

"A girl can hope." I attempted to smile before a look at his face told me, that there was nothing funny about the situation. "So where are we stopping."


"Can't I at least arrange transportation?"

"You are lucky we aren't sticking a bracelet like your friend Miles."

"I understand"

"I really don't think you do. Let me be clear about this, right now you are really lucky that you aren't being put in a cell for a very, very long time. You are lucky that you will retain the use of technology. And that is solely because we can't formally prove that you made any attempts to actually hack SHIELD. If I so much as see your name cross my desk or get a wiff that you will attempt to hack or in any way harm this agency or any of its agents, I will bring the full weight of my justice down on you."

"Of course. I know my reassurances are meaningless, but I had no ill intentions towards SHIELD or any of her agents."

"You're right. I do find that hard to believe. Dismissed."

I walked out of the office shaky. As I walked down the hall, eyes watched me and refused to acknowledge my presence. My heart ached. I didn't regret what I did. But I do regret the hurt. I have to protect my family.