As we arrived back at the Bus, Coulson came down to the ramp. "Why isn't she in cuffs?"

"Tried." Was all Ward said.

"Put her in cuffs, and it won't be a happy day for anyone here." Clint, the over protective dufus.

"And why is that? She endangered the mission and is a traitor to SHIELD."


"Yes. We hired her to help get you out and she clearly flipped. Moreso, I want a report from the rest of the team on what happened so it can go in the notes."

"Well then, Skye, lets go. As you aren't needed, I suppose that ends the need for you to be here." Nat turned around ready to go, before she paused. "Coulson, consider this my formal resignation from SHIELD. And it will likely be Clint's resignation to."

"Of course." Clearly stunned, Coulson wasn't sure quite what to do. "I suppose we should call Fury first." Clint continued. I was silent at this point, not sure what the pair intended to reveal. "Will someone give him a ring? Let him know of our resignation?"

"Why don't you come onto the bus and we can figure things out. I don't know why it took so long to find you-" Coulson, was clearly trying to save the situation without understanding where it went wrong.

"No. The issue isn't how long it took you to find us." Nat started.

"The issue is that you even considered arresting Skyebear." Clint finished.

"Do you know her?" Jemma asked, finally realizing that there may be some history.

My eyes shot to them. "I was placed in the same facility as Clint." I hedged.

"Really Skye?!" Nat looked amused.

"Well, I don't know what you intend to reveal. And in the words of a former boss of mine, our relationship is beyond their clearance level."

"Relationship?" Jemma now seemed to think there was a polyamorous agreement.

"Eww...not that kind of relationship. That's gross."

"But Skyebear, think about all those long, cold lonely nights where we cuddled." I was strongly considering fratricide.

"Yeah, those nights where we cuddled after a nice dinner." Make that sororicide too.

"Both of you are horrible."

"Jemma, was it?" To this Jemma nodded, so Clint continued. "Skye is my little sister. As such, she is completely off limits. I will put down anyone who poses a threat."

"That is far too nice. I make anyone who wished harm on my little sister regret the moment the thought even came into their head."

Sometimes assassins were scary.

"But Skye betrayed SHIELD and this mission." Fitz was definitely confused. Well, really the whole team was confused. Also, there was definitely a healthy dose of terror.

"If you were listening to the creeps with guns, then you would know my siblings were apparently bait for me. An entirely unexpected occurrence. Quinn didn't know we were related. And honestly, I always thought it would be the other way around."

"Yeah. I also thought it would be the other way around, but I was prepared to make a lot of bodies to prevent it."

"It would be one of the history books."

Did I mention, assassin siblings are scary?

"I didn't betray you. When the extra guard appeared, I was no more prepared for that than you."

"And the Miles incident?" Jemma questioned.

"MILES?!" Nat exploded. "That douche nozzle has been sniffing around you again?"

"You know Miles?" Coulson questioned.

"Know him? He tried to blow our cover years ago. Skye picked up on it. She flew out, started working as a double agent (without my permission) and prevented the leak in our cover and the cover of multiple agencies. However, he had the hots for her and became less savory."

"I paid him a visit." Nat added in proudly.

"You paid him a visit? I paid him a visit."

"Maybe you should coordinate all these visits." I supplied.

"Point is. We thought that problem was cared for."

"Well, he was acting shady and I realized he had gotten info on a file that was too close to you, so I went in and played him again."

"Wait, so we accused you of betraying SHIELD and you didn't?"

"I didn't. I was trying to protect my siblings, but I couldn't explain that without revealing other things that would have put them and myself in danger. I was honest in the rest of my dealings, but I understand that a large betrayal like that is difficult. And when you called for help, I thought it would be my chance to prove I was trustworthy. But you were waiting for the other shoe to drop. I realized it pretty quickly you didn't want me here."

"You shouldn't have been here in the first place." A grumbly Clint was clearly not happy finding out I had joined SHIELD. "And you won't be returning."

"I figured. Anyway, I got peeps to take care of, better busses to drive, and a lot of art to consider. And I have to finish designing these cool new laser turrets for a nice turn of the century farmhouse. Plans."

"Laser turrets?"

"Some of us handle boredom in different ways." I paused, recalling the months of no contact. I turned and punched Clint.

"Ow...what was that for?"

"Not contacting me."

"Why doesn't Nat get hit?"

"She didn't feel the need to inflict me with minis. And I like Nat."

Nat turned and smiled gleefully at Clint. "She had good tastes."

With that, I tackled the two of them and sobbed. Clint was on me, surrounding me in a bear hug. I tried so hard not to cry. So hard. There were a few tears that seemed to escape without my permission as I inhaled his scent. Well, the smell of the prison and a lack of bathing. But I will take it. Soon Nat was hugging me and I might have cried a little more. Really it is all a blur.