Also if like older cats appear with younger cats just ignore; they are all around the same age
Except maybe professors and headmasters...

Hollyleaf's POV

It has been three moons -I mean months- since I woke up as a Twoleg. Since then we have learned how to act normally as Twolegs. We learned to move around -walk- and how to eat and even how to wash ourselves.

But we aren't just any Twolegs, we all can do magic.

If we follow the rules. I love rule following!

I looked up from my diary.

The bus was slowing to a stop. I heard a terrible screech, and I closed my diary. My brother, Lionblaze, was sitting next to me. He was talking to Foxleap across the aisle.

I still hadn't made any friends yet, but I knew I would.

Once we were off the bus we followed Bluestar, our headmaster, to a small little brick wall. All the students of Hogwarts -the school we now attend- were cluttering around her.

"Students of Hogwarts," Bluestar said quietly. "Today we are going to get wands at Olivander's."

Olivander's was the name of the best wand shop in the Wizarding World. I had checked out a book from the library -a Twoleg building with things to read- a while ago about this wand shop.

I straightened my robe as I prepared to enter the Diagon Alley. This alley had loads of secret wizarding shops for wizards and witches alike.

Bluestar said the magic words and the brick wall unfolded and opened. I followed Lionblaze and my other brother, Jayfeather, past the brick wall. Jayfeather is blind. I grasped his hand as we walked down the cobblestone path.

Jayfeather's POV

A soft hand brushed my hand. I know that it was my sister, Hollyleaf, so I let her guide me into the Wizarding World of Diagon Alley. It wasn't much of a sight for me, since I am blind, but still I could feel the magic in the air.

We walked down the cobblestone path -Hollyleaf told me it was cobblestone- until something hit me hard in the back. I fell the to the cold ground.

"Well, well, lookie here," someone was sneering. "It's blind boy and his girlfriend." I heard laughing. I got to my feet, brushing off the dirt from my robe.

"She's not my girlfriend, she's my sister," I said through clenched teeth.

"No one would ever want to be your girlfriend anyways," he sneered.

"I bet someone would," Hollyleaf was defending me again.

I can defend myself you know!

"Yeah, coming from his ugly sister," another voice sneered.

I finally made out who it was. It was Breezepelt and his gang.

"Nice one Crowfeather," Breezepelt jeered.

"What am I a mirror?" Hollyleaf snapped back. Breezepelt's gang didn't respond at first.

"Whatever losers," a girl said as their footsteps faded away.

Geez, I hope that they won't be sorted into the same house as I am!