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Is His Life Worth the Fight – Chapter One

"Is it worth it... my life... is it worth losing him? If I fight, he will be hurt but if I don't... I will cease to exist... I'll fade away into the background until I am no longer there at all. But then... would anyone even care..." These thoughts were all screaming through Romano's head before the conference even started.

"Living isn't worth it if I lose him... if I am the cause of my own brothers demise. Why won't he fight me, does he want to die... or is it... that he doesn't want to hurt me. But if he dies because of me I wont be able to live with myself, If he dies...!" Feliciano's thought were interrupted by the start of the conference.

Todays conference was being held in South Italy so Romano had been the first one to enter in the room. In a last minute idea he had rigged a bucket of mashed potatoes to fall on Germany's head.

"Stupid potato bast..." his thought were interrupted by the sound of yelling in a thick german accent.

"Three, two, one..." Romano counted with amusement.

"Romano, you little prick!" Germany yelled storming into the room with mashed potatoes all in his hair and falling off his shoulders, "You're gonna regret that!" he yelled picking Romano up off the ground by his shirt collar.

Germany was surprised at how light Romano was and how frail he looked, his clothes looked at least a size too big, his eyes were dark like he hadn't slept in weeks and he was pale.

No sooner that these thought had entered Germany's mind two swords were at his throat and a gun at the back of his head.

'Since when does Romano have body guards?' Germany thought as he stared at the four people who had appeared out of thin air.

"Put him down." a strong female voice, obviously the one in charge, commanded.

After he let Romano go the weapons were removed and everyone in the room who had stopped to watch quickly looked away.

Everyone sat down except for Romano's body guards who stood behind him. "If we are all here we will begin." Romano said with an emotionless tone.

Just then another bomb hit in South Italy close enough to shake the conference hall, but far enough away not to damage it.

Everyone looked to Romano but his face had not betrayed him, he still showed no emotion.

It went on like this for the next hour with bombs hitting periodically but other than that it was a normal conference.

The female guard had not stopped fidgeting since the beginning of the meeting. Now, she seemed to be trying to keep from yelling as another bomb dropped and Romano winced.

The man to the left of Romano who had stepped to the side to take a phone call had a very grim look on his face as he began to walk back. He shot a glance at the girl to Romano's right and nodded. She tapped two fingers to Romano's shoulder and he nodded suddenly standing up. "This meeting is over." he said casually.

Everyone stood up and started to leave when out of nowhere the female bodyguard had a gun to Feliciano's head. Feliciano was startled and began to shake as the girl started laughing hysterically.

"Hey what do you think you're doing?" Germany asked but even he was a little worried.

"SHUT UP!" the girl yelled. "Veneziano Feliciano Vargas, if I kill you here and know the war will end... PREPARE TO DIE!" she yelled as she pulled the trigger.

After the shot stopped ringing and everyone had opened their eyes expecting to see a dead Feliciano there was a collective gasp.

Feliciano was still standing but the wall aside from him had a new whole in it. Before she had pulled the trigger her co-workers had surrounded her and knocked her aim out of range.

She found herself in the same position as Germany was in just hours earlier. "Miss Sela, we have orders to refrain you from taking actions such as the ones you just attempted, we are authorized to use force if necessary." spoke one of the males with a firm voice but a worried look on his face.

"Marcus...! Why would you stop me... you do know what will happen if he is allowed to live don't you?" she asked sounding slightly like a mad woman. The other guards began to look confused and sad.

"Sela stop, thats an order." Romano said.

"If we kill him the war will end... don't you know what that will mean... if he dies then Romano...!" she had begun to move again after the others had dropped their guard and managed to knock one down. She began to pull a knife from her belt but was stopped by Romano's firm voice.

"Sela I gave you direct orders and yet you still disobey, I will not have a disobedient subordinate! Stand down now, you are wasting my time and patience." After looking from Romano back to Feliciano she dropped all her defenses and weapons turning to face the door.

She and Marcus left the room followed by Romano and the other two guards. Everyone left in the room just stared at their backs as they left the building and got into one of Romano's private cars.

Before exiting the room, the last guard had turned on the TV to the war updates and the announcers voice rang through.

"Finally stands in ruins as another series of bombs is being dropped on the capitol of South Italy as we speak, civilians are frantically looking for some way to escape the chaos... There is till no word from the government on any methods of rebuttal, the country is at a standstill with everyone holding their breath."

The screen then skipped to live video feed from the capitol, and sure enough, it was in ruins.

Many nations looked away as bodies were seen on the streets and people running to hastily built bomb shelters.

A scorched child's doll was shown a few feet away from the bloody body of a little girl and the video stopped.

Feliciano began to cry and left the building with Germany close behind him. The other nations left as well with a heavy cloud of sadness and discomfort filling the air.

The nation of South Italy was falling, and they all knew, soon Romano would fall too.

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