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America paced back and forth in his office, hoping to alleviate some of the stress and anger that was building up in his head. As he paced the wind from his aggravated walking blew a few strands of shredded paper off his desk and he stooped down to retrieve them with a sigh. His eyes watered from sadness and frustration as he picked up the tattered remains of the treaty, it had been his only hope to save Romano and it had failed miserably.

"Damn it!" he shouted as he stood up and slammed the paper back onto the desk. "Why the hell won't he just let me help him?!" The angry tears he had been trying to hold back leaked out of the corners of his eyes as he shut the tightly in a last attempt to keep them in.

It wasn't fair, Romano was going to die unless he fought back but there was no way in hell he was going to lift a finger against his brother. America had thought for sure Romano would be willing to accept his help but he had been proven wrong when the feisty Italian had ripped to shreds the thing that could have saved him.

Slowly, America walked around his desk and sat down heavily into his chair. The wind from the open window blew in a gentle breeze but it sent a chill down the Americans spine. He couldn't get his mind off of how tired and sick Romano looked, almost as if a gust of wind could blow him over. Despite the condition he was in he refused to accept help and there was nothing that America could do about it.

The terrible state Romano was in wasn't even what was bothering America the worst, the most unsettling thing was the words he had spoken in response to America's last words to him. Just before the Italian had gotten into a black car with tinted windows he had looked America dead in the eyes and told him the most unsettling thing he had ever heard Romano say, his gaze and voice unwavering.

"I know you don't want to die." America had said, a sad smile on his face as he looked to the Italian in front of him. Romano stared back at him, his eyes seemed to bore into America's soul and it felt like an eternity before he spoke. His words made Americas blood run cold.

"Yes I do."

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