In this version of OOO humans are feared or in other cases they are borderline worship as gods even when they have long been dead. Stories are told to the little children all across OOO about the destructive nature of humanity on how they burnt the world in nuclear fire and that even the darkest of demons cower in fear of the mere sight of human baby. Even after well over 2000 years nobody knows for sure why humanity killed itself many believed it was a struggle of power and dominance. Others simply believed they did it because they simply could do it and some believe there was something more to it. Only one thing is proven about the human race is that they had grate magical and technological achievements that puts to shame those that came before and after them. Many of the inhabitants that dot the lands and seas of OOO search for the lost relics that had given the human race power by venturing in one of the many great cities built by the humans only to lose their life in those cursed ruins.

There are some tells of beings that have been claimed to have lived before, during and after the events of the mushroom war but those people are few and far between. Some were surviving humans, mutants and other entities of questionable origins. Those that were remembered spoke of warnings of past mistakes and past glories. Those of them that were human were said to have been hunted down by the new newer inhabitants and the old. Like the vampire and demon that hid themselves in pocket dimensions. As they were going into a frenzy over the last few remaining humans that they could get their hands on. The ones that slipped through the cracks went into hiding in the once shining citys where they alone could be safe until they presumably died off over the years.

Even with the high chance of death many still try to find the relics left behind and those that are found are horded away or are used to create some of the most powerful kingdoms in OOO like the Fire kingdoms fire golems, the Candy kingdoms data stash and Gumball guardians, the Vampire kingdoms blood ingots (made from very old human blood), the Ice kingdoms enchanted crown and magical items all of which were made by human hands but all the kingdoms keep them secret in order to maintain their power. They also do this to make sure that the other kingdoms don't find out about the artifacts they have and try to steal it and weaken their kingdom. After over 800 years of kingdoms fighting over lost relic's peace has come to the many kingdoms that doted all over OOO. A golden age if you would where love and trade flourish even with the bandits and dark wizards that seem to plague the land life could not be better.

Heroes rise and heroes fall and so the cycle continues over again and again. Even in the 200 years of peace darkness is growing slowly but surely growing ever stronger. Very few people see this problem and they do try to fix it the best way they can like Billy one of OOO's greatest champion Who slayed an Evil Ocean, cast the Lich King down!, defeated the evil Fire Count who Captured a damsel fair and let's not forget he fought a bear….. That could fly!

Others included Joshua and Margaret of Joshua and Margaret's investigations a very noir couple that solved mysteries faster than a coin flip or so Joshua claims. Along with their two young sons Jake the magical dog that can starch and shape shift and Jermaine the prodigy of the two but he is also the weakest even if Jake didn't use his powers. This two were to be the next generation of heroes but fait had other plans at work.

Not far away in the distends in one of the many mountains of Boom Boom Mt something had awoken over a few millennia that was not supposed to awaken yet from its long slumber and began to wonder into the woods early in the night, the fate of OOO would be changed forever from this day onwards.


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