This is a few shot, based off the song "Take Your Time" by Sam Hunt. I've been wanting to write something Auslly related for it for a WHILE, and I didn't want to base it off the music video, which deals with abuse. I thought this was a little bit more... interesting. Anyway, as of write now, I'm aiming for three or so chapters, but that could change as I write it. I hope you all enjoy this. Dedicating this one to Kathy because she loves Sam Hunt, and loves this song as much as I do. Thanks for the constant inspiration, girl. I hope you love this. :)

Let me know what you think. Enjoy!

Austin is bartending the first night she comes in. It's a relatively slow night for their usually swamped bar, but even if he had a string of people begging for drinks, a bar fight happening in front of him, and some wasted, annoying girl babbling in his ear, he would've noticed her. It wasn't because of that, either. The girl just had a way.

He nearly drops the bottle of expensive vodka he's holding, then contains himself and picks his jaw off the ground. He loves the simple dress she wears, hates how she seems freaked out of her own skin. The bubbly Latina girl she came in with is already leaning against his work-partner Dez, giggling in his ear. He knows her name somewhere in the back of his head, but can't be bothered to worry about that now. He must get back to—

She's gone.

In the matter of seconds, the short and curvy beauty has disappeared in the crowd.

He attempts to get back to work, but he feels as if he's been in some kind of dream and maybe he imagined her. He knows better, he knows she exists. He's seen the papers. But that doesn't mean that she's really there.

Shut up, Austin. You need sleep.

He shrugs. Maybe he does. They probably both do. After all, he was the one first on the scene that night.

Take Your Time

The next weekend, he and Dez are off and are frequenting the own bar they work in. Kind of dumb, especially when the same loose girls also frequent it and he can't refuse a drink because he isn't working. He takes one shot with the blonde who always tips him well and then excuses himself. He doesn't want to be rude, but he just isn't interested. She's nice, but not his type.

Dez is with the Latina girl again, and they're definitely making some fast moves in the corner. He ponders if he should even go back to their apartment that night, or if he should try and crash with Dallas or one of the other guys from the station. He doesn't want to walk in on any kind of sexual act. And he needs sleep tonight. He's due for his next shift at 10am tomorrow.

So, why is he at a bar when he's not bartending and has the night off? He's kind of pathetic. He knows it. But he was hoping the fiery Latina would bring the quiet girl again. She hasn't shown her face yet. He doesn't think she will. After all, who goes to a bar after going through something like that? He wouldn't. He definitely wouldn't.

At about one, he tells Dez he's heading to Dallas' and tells him the apartment is all his. His friend grins ear to ear, though pats his shoulder in sympathy and that ends that.

Take Your Time

Austin can handle stress well. After all, he works two jobs. After all, one of those jobs is an EMT. He's seen it all. More than he'd like to, honestly. But he's got hopes that one day, when he finishes med school (someday), that it'll be good on his resume, and he does like the idea of helping others. Bartending just brings in the extra money. Still, he's seen more than his fair share of horrifying things for his lifetime. But they still haven't stopped talking about that night.

She's still the town's figure piece in gossip. Some are saying she's going to lose it.

End up in the psych ward at Miami General.

He thinks it's kind of cruel, seeing some of the firefighters placing bets, but he doesn't stop them. After all, half of them went to school with her. He didn't. He only moved to Miami in the last couple of years. He can't stop grown men from talking shit.

It wouldn't matter anyway, would it?

They're called out a few minutes later anyway, when there is a pile up on the interstate. Nothing serious, just a few broken bones and bruises, but of course, they're needed. He's glad for the excuse to get his mind off everything, and throws himself into his job.

He forgets where he's headed on the ambulance until he's there, and he sees her behind the counter.

How is she back at work already? It seems too soon.

He'd probably be back right away, too. It would be too much to sit at home and dwell on all that happened. It would drive him mad. Maybe they do have a connection, or maybe he's just crazy. He signs the paperwork necessary to release the patients to the hospital and he's almost out the door when a soft voice stops him. Austin is more than surprised when he turns on his heel and she's standing there in her soft pink scrubs, hands in the pockets, looking about two feet tall.

Her eyes are huge, full of fear and sadness and he feels for her immediately.

"Can I talk to you for a minute?"

"Sure," he croaks out, not ready for this at all. He dreamt of seeing her, talking to her on several occasions since it happened, but none of them played out like this. He's a bit ashamed to think about where a few ended up in his head. But those are locked inside of there, and she doesn't know that.

"Thanks," she answers, simply, and nods to another nurse. The older woman fans her hand dismissively, and they walk outside into the blazing Miami sun. He's got a few minutes, since the ambulance is still releasing another patient from the accident. He notices her stare at the red vehicle, and then turn toward him so she doesn't have to see it.

This puts the sun into her eyes. She squints up at him, and he realizes he towers over her. He doesn't remember her name, because he wasn't the lead EMT on that night, and he only did the second in command stuff. He wonders what it is. Maybe an Amy. Or a Cassie. A Bree? He looks down and notices her name badge for the hospital. Allison.

"I'm sorry to bother you," she startles him quietly. "I just wanted to thank you."

"Thank me," he repeats, as if this is some sort of weird thing. Of course he knows why, but he's kind of hoping for anything that will keep her out here, because he's so curious about her. He won't admit he's been dreaming of her or anything like that. Because that's weird, and he doesn't want to freak her out. So, he remains silent until she adds to her first statement.

"You kept me calm that night," she continues, glancing toward the road when sirens go off, and another ambulance comes wailing in. He sees her tense, fold her arms over each other and tries to focus on what she is saying. It is hard for her, and he can't blame her for it. He's used to the painful sounds of an ambulance, and most of the time, from inside he cannot even hear it anymore. To her it must sound like it is a bass machine, blasting right into her ears. She struggles to keep focused, and he watches her stumble.

It is only seconds before she hits the ground that he catches her, and her eyes flutter a bit. She doesn't quite pass out, but she's definitely far from stable in her breathing.

He doesn't want to make a huge scene and scare her further, but he's already attracted a slight audience. "Allison?" he asks, tilting his head closer to hers. "Hey, can you hear me?"

"Brett?" she whispers softly. "Is that you?"

He shakes his head, not sure what that means. "My name is Austin, Allison. I'm an EMT. You wanted to speak to me." He says this slowly, because she's definitely dazed. "Can you hear me?"

"You had me so scared," she murmurs. "I thought I lost you. I thought…"

The older nurse that released Allison before comes running out, probably having kept an eye on the girl for the last few minutes. She glances at Austin, who is cradling the tiny nurse in her arms and he gives her a fleeting look of worry. "She just collapsed. I don't think she's coherent. She keeps calling me Brett."

The woman curses, "Let me get a stretcher. Are her vitals good?"

Austin hadn't checked. He puts his fingers on her neck, and this makes her turn her head toward him. Her eyes are glassed over, not from passing out, but what he realizes are tears. "Brett," she murmurs again, "It was so scary. There was so much blood…"

The older nurse returns with the stretcher, and this garners Ally's attention. Her body goes rigid in his arms, and then she wails like someone struck her with something. In seconds, she's trying to get away from him, scrambling on the filthy sidewalk toward the bushes, begging with her colleague to get away, get away, get away. Austin is more than alarmed at this point and knows that the young girl is far from being with them mentally.

He glances toward her friend. "Put that somewhere so she can't see it."

"I don't understand," the woman states. "She uses these all the time!"

Austin realizes something. Next to him, in the mess of what was happening, the sirens were still going off. People are bustling around… it resembles that night. It reminds her of what happened. She's convinced she's living it all over. "Put it away!" he shouts, giving her a dirty look. "Just get it out of here, damn it!"

The nurse doesn't argue further, pushes the stretcher back into the hospital. Austin rushes over to Allison, and alerts a bystander to give him some space. He notices she's a bit more alert now, shaking with her hands covering her knees. She's mumbling something, something he can't understand and it's heartbreaking when she glances up at him, tears streaming down her face. Austin realizes she's fully aware of what's going on.

She whispers, "I'm sorry."