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"It's never too late to be whoever you want to be, I hope you live a life you're proud of and if you find that you're not I hope you have the strength to start over."

-F. Scott Fitzgerald.

She so beautifully alive and a hairsbreadth away from me yet I can't move forward.

'Idiot why didn't you move on. Obito you were going to be Hokage. Why...?'Rin says in tear filled voice.

'I'm sorry Rin, at the time you were my only reason for existence. And I chose to believe a man close to death, for chance to see you again.'

'You knew I chose to die. You realized and still chose to blame the world. Why? Obito, you have the chance to change the world to make it a better place.'

'Rin you mean I had the chance. I'm dead and there's no way for me to make a difference.'

'There's one last chance for you. But you have to trust me.' Her hands start to glow and she starts pushing a blue colored light through my being, I push her hands away.

'Wait Rin. What are you doing?'

' I'm giving you your second chance, use it wisely.'

'Rin why can't I stay?'

'It's not your time yet. You have too much to do. Think of Kakashi, he just got you back, you just got him back'.Rin then takes one of my hands in one of her unstained ones a lays it on my heart and says, 'this your chance so don't give it up just for me and remember I'm always watching.'She smiles as the last bursts of light leave her hands, and are pushed into my system, I descend into the black.

Fuck my can't I just die. Waking up was not the plan. What more is there to do? I didn't want to leave but, here I am in a dark, wet and musty cave that vaguely resembles the hideout. It was cleaner before I died. My head is pounding, there is the sound shifting of other bodies and pain filled groans.

"Are we dead, un?" an annoyed voice says. Why did I have to come back with out of all people, Deidara? I thought he blew himself up.

"What do you think?"I say exasperatedly.

"Listen here you one-eyed fuc-"He abruptly gets cut off.

"Children, I gathered you here for a reason. Not for you to fight."As these words are spoken, there is a release of killing intent in the air is deafening. It releases and I'm left breathless.

"What was that un?" whispers Deidara into the ear of Sasori. Where did Sasori come from? I should have sensed his presence.

"Look up brat and get off me. I don't like making people wait." Sasori says from beneath Deidara.

"Danna… don't call me that un." Deidara whines and finally gets off him and turns towards the ceiling. The Sage of Six paths floats, waiting patiently to speak again.

I try to gather chakra to be able to move and realize I can't feel my chakra right now in his presences. I release a load of expletives.

"What is that?" says Nagato.When did he get here?

"I think he's waiting for us", Konan tells him.

"Now as many of you know I am the Sage of Six Paths. Many of you chose to return to the Pure world when you were reanimations. But I have called you back to give you a second chance."

"Wait, what do you mean by second chance?" I ask. This doesn't sound good.

"All in due time Obito Uchiha."

The room then fills with a very familiar bright blue light and I black out.


Go on Kakashi. Protect her for me, promise me that. I say as the boulders rain down and crush me.

Hm..argh.. My head hurts. Ah I'm still alive, must have been a bad dream. I finally got my sharingan take that Bakashi.creak..shift.I turn around and see a blonde. I think it's a girl looking at me. "Where the hell am I un?"

I take out my kunai and activate my sharingan when I notice his/her Iwa headband.

"Alright, look let's have a truce. I mean clearly we were both taken somewhere. I know that Konoha and Iwa are at war, but we can together till we get out of here."I don't want to dirty my hands again. Maybe this kid will help me find my way back."What are you talking about un? The war was finished years ago. Konoha won hm."Blondie says.

"What do you mean it was done years ago I just got out of battle?"

"Well you must of hit your head." says another voice.

"Who's that un?"Blondie yells.

"I am Sasori Akasuna of Sunagakure. Who are you?" says the little red-headed kid a few feet away from us holding a puppet?

"I'm Obito Uchiha." I point at my headband." from Konoha."

The blonde kid stays silent looking at us weirdly. He looks a bit shaken when he see my sharingan activated, so I deactivated it. Good, I can use that to my advantage.

"Look, kid, you can either tell us your name. Or I'm going to just call you goldy locks or blondie." which I am already doing in my head.

"I'll just ignore you." says Sasori.

"I'm Deidara of Iwagakure, and I am a boy un," He said with a glare in my direction and raised chin in defiance.

"You look like a girl, pretty enough to make into a puppet," Sasori says with a blank expression.

"Oh okay… let's figure out a way out of here."I say.

"There aren't any exists, we seem to be in a cavern of sorts, but there are no tunnels or exists. Could it be genjutsu?"Sasori says.

"No, I would have noticed with my sharingan."

"I could create an exit with my art," Deidara says when he taps Sasori on the shoulder.

"I don't see how a painting something is going to get us out of here." I say and continue looking searching the walls for indentations.

"My art isn't insignificant like a painting. I'm an explosives expert." He then makes hand signs and little clay spider moves towards the wall. "Because art is an explosion!"He screams. Rocks and part of the ceiling fall down as we dash out of the room. When were standing a good distance away? "A little more warning next time asshole, before you decide to fucking blow up the building,"I yell at Deidara since my ears are still ringing.

"Art is not an explosion, it is eternal," Sasori says.

"Who wants something that lasts forever. Art is a flash and a bang un."Deidara says with a fist raised.

"No, arts eternal, brat" Sasori says in a then they are bickering back and forth.

"It's eternal Brat!"

"I told you not call me that, your kid too, un!"Deidara screams

"Brat, I'll call you what I want until you learn what true art is,"Sasori says showing the most emotion so far.

"Fine, I think I'll give you a name too, hmm.. Danna un."

"What?"Sasori says blushing.

"That's right, isn't my Sasori Danna pretty, Obito?"Deidara says with a smirk as Sasori fumes.

"Hey, enough. Let's decide this after we get out of the creepy tunnels."I say.

"Hmph," they both say and face away from each other yet still stay within arms reach of each twos are acting like a married I hear the loudest howl imaginable it vibrates through the tunnel it shakes the ground and then there's a growl of a wolf on the prowl.

"What are you scared of a little dog, un?" Deidara snickers. I stare incredulously at him. I mean big howl means a pack or packs, or just one big ass dog. Then there are footsteps and a ten-foot, three-headed dog is headed our way. It's drool making splashes onto the ground.

"Oh shit run," says Deidara as he runs down the tunnel dragging Sasori with him. Expecting me to follow behind them.

"Little ass dog. Huh?"I say sarcastically.

"Shut up un! Damn Uchiha."Deidara says in a huff.


I didn't want to kill him. I didn't mean too, but it was for the greater good of Konoha.


"Yes, Kisame?"

"Did you find a way out with those eyes of yours?"Kisame says. This an uneasy truce but I feel for some unexplainable reason that I can trust him. Focus, there something strange going on.

"No. Not yet, but I will." Sharingan. My eyes flash crimson as I search the walls and the ceilings finally finding the lever. I pull and see a group of kids looking around, two teenagers and a little boy about my age.

"Who are you?" I ask. Kisame pulls out a kunai.

"Wow kid put away the kunai, you're scaring Nagato," says an orange haired kid. Kisame lowers his guard when he senses no killing intent.

"We are just trying to find a way out of here. And why my best friend is regressed to the age of ten."

"AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" I hear screamed as five footsteps head in our direction from the south.

"RUNNNN!" The person yells as they keep running away from something. Eventually, we escape whatever was chasing them.


"Ha ha yes take that you overgrown mutt." I laugh breathlessly. I can't believe we made it. I high five Deidara and Sasori.

"Obito-nii," says a little voice.

"Itachi, what are you doing here. And how did you get so big?"I say.

"Itachi is this guy bothering you." you say some blue kid.

"No, Kisame. This my cousin but he died five years ago."Itachi says.

"What do you mean I died? First these kids say the war ended, now you're killing me off."

"Obito, you died on your mission. Your names on the memorial stone," says Itachi as he shakes a little.

"I guess that was a misunderstanding."

"Are you guys from Konoha?" says an orange haired kid.

"Yes, we are. My cousin Itachi and I are. Deidara the blonde kid is from Iwa. The short creepy redhead holding a puppet is Sasori he's from the sand. I am Obito. Who are you?"

"I am Hidan. Why am I the only one without a shirt?"He says looking around.

"I am Kakuzu." says a kid his face hidden except for his eyes and few stitches on his cheeks.

"Good then you know our sensei. I'm Yahiko."

"I am Konan." The purple headed teenager holding the little boy.

"I am Nagato Uzumaki." he whispers.

"Who's your sensei?"I say.

"Jiraiya the toad sage," Yahiko says.

"I'm not sure.."

"He's a pervy old dude with spiky white hair. Who writes books but is an amazing fighter."

"Oh, I know him. He trained Minato-sensei."Man that guy was a perv, we got caught by Kushina talking to him, he was telling us about his books. She gave us a huge lecture on the three shinobi prohibitions, she almost made my ears bleed. And that's why I shudder at the thought of ever touching any of his books. "Man that guy is a perv."

"Yup that's our sensei," Yahiko says

Then I turn quickly to the scaly blue looking kid. "You what's your name? And separate from my cousin you're a little too close."

"Obito-nii," Itachi says with a frustrated huff.

"I am Kisame Hoshigaki from the Kirigakure." says the shark kid.

Then we all head towards the light outside of the tunnel, better to just walk then to ask questions. When I left Itachi was four. The kid said the war was over years ago. Why am I here with a bunch of kids wearing similar clothing, but we are all from different villages. Aww shit seriously. We finally exist only to see large amounts of pounding rain and from the structures of the buildings, we are nowhere near Konoha.

"Wtf?" says Hidan

"Watch your mouth kid. There little kids here."I say even though I was cursing underneath my breath a few moments ago.

"We're in building is new, though, right Nagato?"Says Konan

"The place that never stops weeping," says Yahiko

"I don't know I've never been here," Nagato says nervously slowly shaking.

"Okay now that we figured out where we are. Now we have to figure out what time we are in?" says Itachi.

"What do you mean by time?"Konan says.

"Well what do you all remember from before waking up here?" asks Itachi.

"I remember my parents dying. And my eyes hurting that caused me to kill ninjas from your village," whispers Nagato nervously.

"It's … Nagato, we were at war it's ok. I remember having to kill a Mist ninja." says Konan

"I had to kill a thief that entered our village," says Yahiko

"I exploded an infiltration squad," says Deidara

"I tested my new puppets on an enemy squad from the stone," states Sasori.

"I passed my academy examination test."Kisame

"Damn I thought you were older," I say

"I'm only ten," Kisame says with a sigh.

"I activated my sharingan and killed for the first time in defense of Kakashi,"I say.

"I didn't stop a ritual that killed one of my classmates," Hidan says.

"I killed a spy for a bounty in the bingo book," Kakuzu said

"I killed a person who threatened the I was in a training mission with the Anbu."Itachi says. "Now the one thing we have in common is we came here straight out of a mission that led to someone's death. Judging by the age differences and the gaps."Itachi continues

"We are in possibly in a distant future. In which we are all gathered together but for some reason we can't remember and we were probably shrunk," says Konan

Yahiko and I huddled together, I stage whisper, "do you have any idea about what they're talking about?"

"No clue. I'm just as lost but they are probably talking about smart people stuff."Yahiko says. It's kind of sad that as the two oldest males we have no idea what a nine-year-old is talking about. And clearly we are the only ones since the others joined the conversation. All I hear is noises….

"Obito, right we should go to Konoha?"Itachi says suddenly.

"Huh?"I blink at him.I must have fallen asleep.

"Weren't you listening?"Itachi sighs.

"Of course, I was. I think we should go to Konoha. Since most of us have a connection there unless you guys have a better idea."I say as I scratch the back of my head.Oh, that was close.

"Nah I'm with you let's go to Konoha hm." says Deidara, the others just nodded their heads.

"Alright let's go," I say. Yahiko and I head North.

"Obito. You're going the wrong way."Itachi then points I just march with the others less enthusiastically than before.I'm such an idiot. At least, I'm not alone as an idiot.

"Come on Yahiko. I'll race you to the border of Ame."I say

"You're on!"Yahiko exclaims and dashes off.

"Obito!"Itachi yells at the same time as Konan yells, "Yahiko"

The others then race to catch up to us. At least, they're trying too.

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