The usual disclaimer applies. The characters, plot and most of the dialogue belong to those who brought us A Cinderella Story. Austin's thoughts are mine.

This will be in Austin's POV. I will try to denote conversations, texting, online or in person with italics. I am not much of a writer so please reviews will help us all.

As I get up for school I prepare myself for the kitchen. I know my dad will be talking about USC football again. I don't think that he intends to be malicious or strident, as he is still under the impression that the aspirations of 9 year old me have not changed. I also don't want to disappoint him. Who wants to let their parents down? I don't know how much more of this I can take. Though, according to my chat partner I should just grow a pair and tell him. She, what I hope is a she as her screen name is Princetongirl818, is the only one that knows that under the jock persona is a sensitive writer wanting to be heard. I survive breakfast without revealing myself or dealing with too much football talk and drive off to pick up my friends. I am a little preoccupied but they don't seem to notice or at the very least keep their comments to themselves.

As we approach the school, my friends, being the kind of people that they are, encourage me to cut off a run-down mustang for a spot close to Shelby. Shelby happens to be my girlfriend, but I hope to change that soon. Well, as soon as I get Princetongirl to agree to meet me. Even in my distracted haze, I recognize Shelby's grating voice telling the owner of the car we are currently standing in front of that she needs to leave and that no losers are allowed near here. I speak up as I am tired of "my" crowds treatment of other people. People who are really like me within. I shudder to think of the scolding Princetongirl would give me if she knew of my behavior. Not only would she be disappointed at my treatment of someone else but of my inability to truly tell Shelby off. Speaking of Princetongirl I wonder what she is doing. We discovered through many chats that both of us go to the same school, which is completely awesome but terrifying at the same time. She could be a stalker, though I don't think so, or she could have a preconceived notion of me as the Austin Ames everybody at school knows. Ever since that tidbit was discovered I scan the halls and wonder if she is in the same area I am. So I decide to text her, as my morning seems to be dragging by without her words, and sit down in the friendship circle as I send Where have you been? We haven't talked in ages.

I try to be patient until she responds. When she does she sends We talked this morning. I have to laugh as this is true but still I haven't stopped thinking about her really. I always think "what would Princetongirl say right now" or " I wonder who she" so I say I can't stop thinking about you. What's on your mind right now? And in reply I got You first. As I look around there are so many people on their phones but one man stands out. I hope she likes this Well, I'm thinking that Professor Rothman's dissected one too many frogs when there is no immediate reply I send Ribet, ribet. That earns me a LOL, laugh out loud, as I look around I find the courage to bring up meeting again so I sigh and send I wanna hear your laugh When can we finally meet? As I get my text back the bell rings but I open it to find Soon! I close my phone and lean back against the bench wondering if that is all the answer I will ever get.