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In short, I was a mess.

I had almost no hope of fixing things with Sam. I say almost because the poet in me wanted to believe that love always wins out.

Yep, you heard right. Love. I had fallen in love with Princetongirl.

But, she was right as always. I was a coward. So instead of running out of the locker room afterwards and doing something so romantic she would have to forgive (what I would do I didn't know), I ran out onto the field. And it was eating me alive.

During warmups, the tension was still radiating off of me. I threw the ball with a little too much force. Stared at one spot for a little too long. Somewhere in the back of my mind, I hoped my dad would chalk it up to nerves because of the scouts but I really didn't care.

When the game started I was able to step into my persona pretty easily and push my personal turmoil to the back of my mind. The game was going smoothly, even though it was against a tough team.

In the last seconds we were down. One touchdown would win it. We were all in the huddle and I just happened to be looking over taking my cues from the coach. Trying to ignore my dad who wanted me to run it in myself. Ridiculous, the defense would stop me before I got 3 yards never mind 7 (authors note: I don't really know what they were saying I'm just making that up) Just as I was about to look away I say her. She was leaving. I hadn't even known she was there. Why would she come?!

In that second my mind was made up. I couldn't let her get away. I looked back at my team. Sorry boys. I ran to the sideline hoping I was going fast enough to get by my dad, I didn't. He quickly stopped me.

Where are you going?!

I'm getting out of here.

What? You are throwing away your dream!

No dad, I'm throwing away yours. I had one thing to do before going to get my Cinderella. I had to instill some confidence in Ryan. Out of everyone, my judgement said that he would have my back in the coming weeks.

It's your game now. Go get em!

With that I was off. Ignoring my dad's frantic cries, the announcer's voice and Shelby's protests I ran into the bleachers. Just as I reached the stairs, she was free of the crowd. She looked so startled to see me there. I just smiled and ascended the stair by two as quickly as possible.

Austin, what are you doing?

In my head I was kinda freaking out but out loud I said Something I should have done a long time ago. With that I leaned in. She looked worried at first but quickly caught on.

In that moment, all I could think was, yep this is definitely the best kiss ever. Then I felt something wet on my face that wasn't sweat. I had to laugh at the irony.

I'm sorry I waited for the rain. It really was a writers dream right now.

All she said was It's ok. With that we resumed kissing. We vaguely felt the rain increase in strength and heard the sound of the sound going wild from our team winning.

I couldn't have cared less in that perfect moment.

Though I do distinctly remember thinking that we were all going to get sick.

Alright, everyone. There is definitely going to be at least one more, short chapter. After that we shall see! I hope you enjoyed it!