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Author's Note: This is not my first story.

Artemis' POV


| December 17, 21:19 EST

My piece of the plan is simple; the mission is for Nightwing, Aqualad, Roy, and me to prevent a supply of drugs from being shipped out of Gotham while collecting information on a new drug lord in Gotham city, so as usual we decided to thin the guards out to make life easier for ourselves. I can see Nightwing's already off to a quick start putting his hands over two walking by patrol men's mouths then staging them into the shadows.

Not even fifteen seconds after I noticed some of the gangsters posted on the edge of the docks were missing, must be Aqualad work. I can't let them out do my so I targeted three men away from the others and shot simple knock out gas arrow there way. They collapsed silently leaving an angry Red Arrow whom just had his targets taken from him. I snorted as I watched him look furiously around for where I was perched. He's league now so I can't let him get to full of himself.

There were only a few men left on the dock but there were still plenty on the boat. Actually the only men on the docks were the man operating the crane and two gangsters above the cargo box being moved by the crane. They seemed to only now notice how they were alone and uneasily held up their guns looking around for the batman. Little did they know batman was off world, but who am I kidding, even if he was on world he'd have more important thugs to stop than these idiots.

Nightwing gave the signal to everyone to prepare to move in, and as soon as he did that two missiles flew in out of nowhere, one hit the crane and the other flew at the cargo box destroying the shipment and evidence along with killing the people who we could have interrogated before we could even react.

I was the first to break radio silence. "What the hell just happened!?" Nightwing was already following the smoke trail of the missile.

"Isn't it obvious," Roy began sarcastically, "someone shot a missile at those guys."

"No duh Sherlock!" I shot back. Now all of us were following Nightwing who was now on the top of a roof.

Aqualad was the first one there after Nightwing then Roy then me. As soon as I got up there I heard Roy give a low catcall whistle at what was I front of us.

"It's a short range five shot missile launcher with remote activation... Whoever this was knew someone was coming..." Nightwing stated, then he picked up a note left on the weapon, he scanned the note, his eyes widened immediately and he dropped it. His gaze went slowly up to us and told us he's meet us back at the mountain walking quickly into the shadows. God I hate how much he does that, always so dramatic. I picked up the note and had a look for myself to see what it had written on it.

To the Dick you call your team leader; you need to step up your game if you want to keep up. To be honest I've been wanting to catch up with you but I've haven't found the time since our last encounter. Luckily though batman isn't here this time so that means it'll just be you and me. And make sure the newest robin replacement doesn't come, I may not kill you but I sure as hell will kill him. And bring agent A's food.

Why would Nightwing react so strongly to this person calling him a dick... Maybe I'm looking at this wrong. I'll bring it to the cave and have Robin look at it. No that's probably a bad idea since the guy will kill Robin... who the heck else might know about... Wait– Baywatch!


| December 17, 22:37 EST

Recognized. Artemis. B-0-7.

Walking into the cave is so different than it used to be. It used to be so empty but more and more teen heroes are coming it's getting harder to be by yourself. The last time I tried to talk privately with Wally beast boy literally came out of the vent above us, made a quick plead with us to say nothing about it and ran– we didn't even have enough time to know what he meant until Batgirl came out of the same vent with a look that said it all– and the fact that she told us if we didn't tell her where beast boy was she'd kill us. KF wet his pants and gave in pretty much immediately, why does he find the bat family so scary?

Why am I thinking about this again? Oh yeah I got to find KF. I took out my phone and called him.

"Hey babe." He sounded exhausted but I really needed to talk to him about this.

"Hey, Wally where are you?"

"Well I'm about to call it a night, Uncle Barry said that I should get some sleep." Just like I thought.

"Look Wally, I need to talk to you so could you–"

"On my way."

Recognized. Kid Flash. B-0-3

Well that was fast. "Hey Baywatch, I thought you were about to call it a night."

"I was," He said sounding much more awake now than on the phone.

"So you're not tired? You sounded awful on the phone."

"Well I've been having a lousy day, first, I was late to school so I had to serve a detention. Then, later today Captain Cold managed to escape Uncle Barry and I and it took until 15 minutes ago to finally catch him. That made me late to the movie theater that di–NIGTHWing and I had bought tickets for Star Wars at but then it turned out he never even showed up! He had the tickets so I couldn't get in!"

"Actually I need to ask you some questions about where Nightwing might have gone."

"What do you mean babe?" I handed Wally the note which he scanned over. Wally then had a very similar reaction to Nightwing's. "I know two things looking at this, who it is and where we might be able to find Nightwing if Alf–Agent A isn't done cooking yet..."

Author's Note: Reveiw or Wally has no chance of living and him ceasing means he dies!