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Wally's POV


| December 17, 22:43 EST

I pick up my girlfriend and zoom towards the zeta located in the cave.

Back when Dick was Robin he hacked the zetas so I was authorized to go to the Batcave and bring another person. That other person was supposed to be for emergencies and now seem like as good emergency as ever.

I really, really, really hope Alfred's still cooking cause if he isn't then we won't be able to find Dick. And if we don't find Dick then Jason might kill him– Oh god Bruce is going to kill me if that happens.

Recognized. Kid Flash. B-0-3. Artemis. B-0-7.

We entered the Batcave and Artemis' eyes widened as she realized where we were. I walked to the bat computer and opened a link between me and Alfred, I made sure it didn't show his face and was just an audio chat.

"Who is this?" Alfred spoke; before he could do anything that might give away people IDs I told him it was me.

"Ah, Master Wallace what an unexpected surprise." Artemis snickered.

"Does everyone know your ID?" I ignored the remark.

"Agent A, is Nightwing there?" I hope he understood that I was hinting at the fact that he can't say Dick's name.

"Yes, he just went to wash up before you got here." I sigh in relief

"Could you tell him–"

"Tell me what Wally." Dicks looked me dead in the eyes then turned toward Artemis, "what are both of you doing here?"

I carefully spoke each of my words "Artemis showed me the letter, and I understand that he told you he wanted to talk–" he cut me off before I could finish.

"You don't get it Wally. He– he's hurting and alone out there– I have to be there for him."

"Listen man, I know you look for the best in people but he's a loose cannon." I was practically pleading with him at this point.

At this moment Alfred walked into the cave holding a bag neatly labeled "Cookies". Dick took them thanking his grandfather figure quietly and walked to his cycle without a word.

"At least let us go with you..." I looked at Artemis as I continued speaking, "I knew him before it happened..."

"That's exactly why you guys can't come with me."

Artemis who had been oddly quite this whole time Finley spoke. "We're going whether you like it or not." It's times like these when you remember why you love someone.

Dick stopped and sighed heavily. "Then we should take the Batmobile."


The ride in the Batmobile was filled with an awkward silence. At least it was before Artemis asked who we were up against. This caused Dick to release a light sigh out of knowing how this conversation would turn out.

He then began, "Remember the Red Hood who popped up Gotham a few months ago and then vanished?" He paused to think of how to phrase what he was about to say. "He's the one we're going to see. Knowing him, he'll be in a place to make me edgy."

"Why?" Artemis questioned, "What's his reason for contacting you?"

Nightwing seemed unsettled by the question but decided he'd have to tell her sooner and in this cause, if he didn't tell her, Jason would use it against him. "It's a long story– but to give you the abridged form, I guess it would start with the Joker. He killed Robin..." Nightwing trailed off for a second while Artemis and Wally remember the second Robin. "And keeping the abridged form, Ras al Gull used his own fountain of youth named the Lazarus Pit to bring him back to life. The thing is though, he was different when he came back. Fueled by blinding anger he wanted revenge on the clown. That's how he became the Red Hood. In the end, Batman stopped him from killing Joker and we haven't seen him since."

"So where are we going? You said that he'd go somewhere where you'd be on edge?" Almost simultaneously to Artemis asking the car came to a halt. The doors opened and when they got out Artemis realized they were at the old circus grounds.

They began walking away from the Batmobile, Nightwing leading the trio. They had only gone 20 paces before a a bullet implanted itself into the ground below Nightwing's feet. "Well lookie' here, Golden Boy actually accepted my invite." Out of the shadows a lean figure wearing a leather jacket and a red motorcycle helmet appeared. "And you brought guests? So much for it being just you and me."

Red hood stood on a raised platform looking down at us.

"Hood, I'm sorry," Dick said, "I wasn't as close to you as I should have been– maybe I could have– I shouldn't have let my anger at Batman for treating me like a kid and then being replaced stop me from being there for you." Dick tossed the bag of cookies to Jason who easily caught it.

"I've always respected you, idolized you at one point. You were first Robin, the first hero protégé, and the team leader." Pausing, Red Hood continued, "I understand why you were at odds with Bats, and now I know why you kept your distance from me. Having some punk replace is fucked up."

Red hood then looked away from Nightwing and to Wally and Artemis, "Speaking of the bastard, how's my replacement doing?"

"He's been doing well," Artemis replied.

"That's a pity. I gotta run, and 'wing, next time I tell you to come alone, come alone. I have important information and out of the people it effects, you're the only one who I won't threaten with a gun when I see them." On that note he started walking backwards dropping smoke pellets and when the smoke cleared he was gone.

Nightwing sighed, "Let's get out of here."

As they drove off in the Batmobile Wally looked at Dick, "I know you think you can trust him, but don't let your guard down." Grayson nodded keeping his eyes on the road.

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