For a eleven year old girl, Rice though that nothing could be scarier than watching your father die at the hands of an anthropomorphic mutant cockroach, and she might be over exaggerating when she said that puberty was definitely a close second. No one could have predicted the effects of the growth spurs a young female half saiyan, half human would experience. Well only one person could, but Vegeta was the last person anyone would go to for child rasing tips. But when a thirteen year old girl suddenly develops breasts of a grown woman, grows to a high of one and a half meters in less than a month, her mother decided that trusting the last full blooded survivor of her husband's race and the only person who might know what the fuck is going on, isn't such a terrible idea. So the first chance she got, she called her long time friend Bulma Briefs and scheduled a meeting with the so called prince of all saiyans.

"All right Vegeta you know I don't like you and it pains me to resort to asking you of all people for help. So if possible with as little sas as you can manage explain what the hell is happening to my daughter. "

Chi-chi was a busy woman. She had two children to take care of and both could eat a dinosaur each. That's a lot of dishes to clean and considering her youngest, Goten was not yet potty trained, a lot of

diapers to change.

Vegeta, in somewhat of a good mood, decided that he wasn't feeling like a royal asshole. And therefore gave a proper answer.

"Seems to me like she's just going through puberty."

"Well it's obviously not normal puberty! Humans don't suddenly grow this high and they certainly don't develop tits like these in a month. It must be a saiyan thing."

"Mother! Language. "

Embarrassed by Chi-chi's use of the word 'tits' Rice had turned a light shade of infrared. She didn't really feel like being part of the conversation, not to mention she had developed a slight case of anemia since she had begun growing.

"One month? Well that is unusual, even by saiyan standards. 'Hmm' I'd suppose the only possibility is that she's becoming a as you humans call it 'milk maid'."


Both Rice and Vegeta had to cover their ears after that abominable screech.

"I am not allowing my daughter to become someone's idea of a fetish! How do we stop it? What caused it?"

"Will you calm down? She's been someone's idea of a fetish since fetishes existed. I don't know how to stop it and I don't see a reason you should. As for what caused it it's common for the daughters of third class warriors to , Kakarot as strong as he was before he died was still half as strong as Raditz when the brat was conceived. Genetics began their work long before you two even began to fuck. "

"Lalala... I'm not hearing this. I'm going outside! "

As Rice ran out of the room, ears covered and singing random words, until she felt something pressed against her breasts. Upon inspection she discovered a child which looked barely a year old.

It had lavender hair and levitated about two meters from the ground.

A little stunned from the impact the kid looked around confused before laying his eyes on Rice.



Little Trunks yelped before flying right between Rice's breasts. In her confusion Rice hugged Trunks before cradling him.

"When did you learn to fly? And why aren't you with your mother?"

Trunks however had fallen fast asleep in the girl's arms and refused to wake up.

'You big baby, let's get you to Bulma before you wet yourself. '

Sensing around for Bulma's life energy, Rice found her frantically running around on the upper floor.

Gently, in order to avoid waking up the baby in her arms, she flew up the stairs towards Vegeta's wife.

Back with Vegeta and Chi-chi.

"So now that you explained the customs of your people and the social standing of the milk maids,

tell me what's going to happen to my daughter. "

"Hard to say. Breeding outside our species is incredibly rare. There have never been any documentations of this ever happening. If she's anything like the maids on planet Vegeta it's highly probable the she will continue to grow until the age of twenty. She'll get another two cup sizes in the least, and well… there's the lactation.

"Oh my gosh. Please tell me that's the worst of it. "

"Let me check. Strong maternal instincts, lowered inhibition, big lactating tits… Yea that should be all of them. "

After a quick lecture on the difference in genetics and evolutionary traits between different classes of the saiyan population, Chi-chi had developed a minor migraine.

"Is there any benefit from this, this mutation?"

"Of course there is. If not for the M'er Planet Vegeta wouldn't have survived nearly as long as it had.

The solders from Freeza's army would often visit.

Hell if not for the milk Beereus would have destroyed the planet forty years ago. "

"I have no idea who this Beerus is. But I'm talking practical benefits. How will Rice becoming this M'herr or however you call it, help her here on Earth. "

"Well they make for great baby sitters for instance.

Whenever a child with acceptable power is born one milk maid be appointed to care for it. We saiyans eat a lot in case you haven't noticed. Isn't that enough for you. For someone so insistent on keeping her brat from fighting you've been surprisingly against Rice becoming quite literally the only example of our species not suited for it."

The realisation hit Chi-chi like a ton of bricks.

True she didn't want her daughter to fight anymore, but was this the only way? Was becoming a milk maid, which according to what Vegeta said were only used for child care and prostitution, really a better alternative than endangering her life fighting aliens, mutants and other murderous entities?

Yes. Yes it was, for the few disadvantages which the effects of puberty provides the alternatives were much worse. Plus just because some alien customs dictated her role on their planet didn't mean she couldn't become something different, like a president, or an astronaut, or a fighter. Back to square one then.

"You wouldn't understand. Ever since Raditz came to Earth both Goku and Rice entered into a place I could never go to. They kept fighting and Goku even died twice. Now for the first time since then I felt like I could be a mother to Rice and she begins to experience something I have no idea how to help her with. When something I don't understand happens to her who will be there to help. It's scary knowing that my daughter and I barely share anything in common, that I might not be there for her when she needs help. "

"Your whining sounds like gibberish to me. If she is stronger me then she is stronger than anything this world can throw at her. For now just let her grow up, feed her well, preferably something high in fat and calcium, maybe keep a few senzu beans for good measure. If you still have problems with anything else go ask Bulma, she feels like she owes that girl a liver or something. "

"You are probably right. Surprisingly enough you weren't an ass, Bulma's influence must have gotten to you. "

"Yea right, I'm just in a good mood since I learned that Vegeta Jr. is on his way."

"Oh my. Congratulations, but is Bulma really allowing you to name your son Vegeta Jr.?"

"Firs of it's a girl, secondly I'm allowed to name my child whatever I wish. And Bulma did say I can name her after me if she looks like me. Also she will not be named after me, she'll be named after my father king Vegeta. That's how I managed to slip past her conditions. "

Vegeta looked pretty pleased with himself for the idea. He wasn't there for Trunks's birth and unlike before Cell he seemed to look forward to being a father. Maybe it was the fact that he was going to have a daughter, or maybe it was the influence future Trunks left him.

"Well congratulations either way. Now I should get Rice and return home, my father is probably going crazy caring for Goten. "

"When she begins lactating be sure to bring her here, it's much healthier to feed my daughter rather than using those machines. "

"That's revol... you know what? I don't understand this. I'll ask her if she wants to. But you have to tell your wife about it."

"Deal. "

With that final exchange Chi-chi said her goodbyes and with a quick question of where Rice was she went out to pick her up.

"And then Trunks just flew into me. I didn't even know he could fly."

"Me neither, he can barely walk. Maybe he learned how to it by watching Vegeta. Now I have to make him an inescapable cradle. "

Somewhere in the middle of their conversation

Chi-chi entered into the room.

"Rice. We have to get going. "

"Oh, ok mom. It's been very nice talking to you Bulma, I hope we can do it again. "

"If you ever need anything, don't be afraid to ask me for help. You too Chi-chi. "

"I'll be sure to, Oh and Bulma, congratulations. "

"Vegeta told you about it did he, no surprise there, he's been bragging about it to everyone he met. "

After saying their goodbyes Rice and Chi-chi left Capsule Corp. Via nimbus. The cloud could take them back home in ten minutes, much faster than any jet copter on the planet.

During the flight the two women had a short conversation.

"So mom, how did your conversation with Vegeta go?"

"Surprisingly nice. What did you and Bulma talk about? "

"Well Trunks can fly. That's a thing. We talked a little about Bra and other things. "

"Oh, that's nice what cup size is she?"

"No, not types of bras, Bulma's daughter. I thought Vegeta told you."

"He actually referred to her as 'Vegeta Junior " apparently if she looks like him he's allowed to name her."

"Ah yes, there was something like that. But it's probably not going to happen. Bulma made a genetic study on her. She practically has baby pictures for the next three years already. "

"Oh Vegeta is going to be passed. He was so confident that he'd out smart her. It's kind of funny now that I think about it. "

"It is isn't it. Hey mom. When I was talking to Bulma about myself, she kind of asked me weather I was willing to un… well... breast feed Bra."

"Oh. Vegeta brought up that same topic. "

"He wants you to breast feed her to?"

"Don't get smart with me young lady. If you want to do it I won't stop you. If you think it's too much don't be afraid to say. There are a lot of things happening to you that I don't understand, so I'm going to go with Vegeta's advice. Just do what feels natural. "

"Thanks mom. I'll consider it."

"You're welcome. Now what do you want to eat I'm thinking of dinosaur eggs and stake."

"Can I eat the eggshells? I'm going to need the calcium. "

"Clever girl. "