While having someone else carry the weight of your chest felt amazing. Standing still with nothing to do, while everyone else was busy jerking each other off,

was becoming awkward. So Rice choose to start a conversation with the only other person not busy bringing another being to an orgasm. Plus with the way Erasa was moving her hands and pressing her boobs against Rice's back, the half human was getting very aroused. Which wasn't completely bad to be honest.

"Um Kafe. If you don't mind me asking, how did you do that with your chest? "

"Well it's more of a family trait than anything. Shape shifting isn't something anyone can do like the transformation technique. Mass appears from nowhere, minerals and vitamins that are needed by your body to allow such growth aren't saved in some storage you can just open. In short, it's magic."

"You practice magic too?"

"No. My brother is the sorcerer of the house. Are you telling me that you've dabbled in it? "

"I've been trying to get a friend of mine to teach me, but he always refused, it's too dangerous he says. All I want to do is make myself some proper clothes that actually fit properly. "

"Well forget your stubborn nerd of a friend and join the apprentice magician club. With learning materials provided by the cult of Majin. "

"That's quite a sales pitch you've got there. "

"Well when you are part of a cult, converting people to your beliefs is in the job description. Tempting people with bittersweet forbidden knowledge is just one of the many ways we seduce people into joining us."

"What other ways are there? "

"Well, in order for us to practice magic in safety, a lot of energy is required. There are a number of ways to gather such energy, but the one we use revolves around tapping into the power of emotions. More specifically lust."

"So you offer people sex in exchange for teaching them magic? How are you people not swarmed with insistent worshipers? I'm no expert, but wouldn't that kind of association have spread globally? "

"We were swarmed originally, people did almost anything to get in. But we had to place some restrictions. Otherwise nobody would do anything other than fuck and we don't want to be seen as the world's largest sex cult. "

"So how does one join that cult?"

"Interested in joining us are we. Well there are several ways. One is to take a trial period, in which after ten months, if you're still interested in joining you are allowed to become a junior member.

The other is to be scouted by our members. As such you skip directly to junior membership. And the last way to join is to offer your virginity to our god of worship. "

"So how did you and Erasa join? "

"Erasa is still in trial for another week. I on the other hand was born into the faith. So I was initiated after my birth. I could recommend you if you like. "

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to give up my innocence to a lust god I've never met. "

"Shame. They'd love you over there."

"Rice what is this bra your wearing and how do I get into it?"

"It's a spandex training bra. Capsule Corps designed them as part of their new sports set. It's probably the only one that fits properly, one size fits all. "

"How do you unhook it?"

"You don't. It clings to you like a second skin. "

"Bummer! Does C.C. develop underpants as well? "

"No. It's either only top or a full body. "

"Then I guess I'm going under. "

"Wait what. "

With a surprising display of speed, Erasa had unbuttoned the tight jeans and snaked her hand down to Rice's nether regions.

"Wait! I didn't agree to-Ah! "

"Whoa. Girl you've been holding out on some kinks.

Going commando on the first day of school. Very naughty of you. "

"D - don't. Not there. "

Erasa continued to explore the area between the half saiyan's legs. Unfamiliar with the new sensation she was experiencing, the brunette couldn't anything but silently moan.

"So your breasts are guarded by an unreachable defense, but your pussy is for anyone to enjoy? I think you've got your priorities backwards girl. "

Kafe had moved over to the two girls, now that things had gone to the fun parts. With every word she said she blew pink smoke from her cherry scented cigarette in Rice's face.

"It's. Not... like tha~t."

"Really? Seems to me like you're trying to be all prim and proper while really all you want is a good fucking. Hey Erasa. What's the weather down there?"

"It's gotten awfully wet. I wish I had more space to work with."

"Oh me oh my. You know, if you want to I can change my hand right now and give you the fu…"

"Enough! What the hell is going on here? I leave you people for less than an hour and this happens. "

Devil had just entered the room, as if by magic every one had stopped what and who they were doing.

"Erasa take your hand out of Rice's pants! Sharpener, take your dick out of Angela! Kafe stop smoking this instant. And this goes for everyone else

'Stop. Fucking! '

"Oh great. The killjoy is here. "

"Come on man! I haven't even finished yet."

"Yea you can't just leave a person this turned on and just stop."

Many such words of protest followed, but Rice thanked the gods above. Why did she let them do that to her? People she just met. Was it peer pressure? There was definitely something wrong with this town. It didn't matter how normal this was for them or how good it felt. Rice didn't do things like this. She was raised better. The half human could have done a million things to prevent that.

So why didn't she? When Devil walked in her head cleared up and everyone, despite protest, did what he said. She needed to think. Now if only that annoying itch would go away.

Much later.

Chalk had been waiting patiently for classes to end. He'd been stalking Rice ever since her gym class. Finally he would have his reward. The sun was setting and his prey was splitting up from her friends. He could smell the sexual frustration a mile away, looks like she'd been teased for a long time. Probably by Erasa and Kafe. Maybe he'd reward them for doing such a good job. Probably give them a grade higher than they deserve or exempt from homework.

'Come on little morsel. Do something foolish. '

Once she said her goodbyes, Rice began walking away from school.

'Yes. That's the way. Down the darker path. Away from the people. It's almost like your picking out the perfect place for me to grab you.'

Following the girl in his demonic form, Chalk jumped from roof to roof, avoiding the eyes of the populace. He was creeping closer as the half saiyan became more and more isolated. He'd followed her for half an hour before she was completely alone and away from human eyes. It was almost too perfect, it made him question where was she going with such certainty. He continued stalking until she got to a dead end in a deserted alley. Now would be the time to strike, but curiosity was nagging him.

'What are you doing here? A meeting with a friend? A misjudged direction? There is nothing of notice. '

"You can come out now. I know your following me."

'Was she talking to me? Impossible. I was perfect in my stealth. But there isn't any one else around. '

"Yea you. The one on the roof. Come on, I don't have all day. "

So she had noticed him. No matter, everything was still the way he needed it to be.

With one mighty leap the demon was now only a couple of feet away from her and she now had nowhere to run.

'Fine then little whore. Here I am. Is this what you were expecting? Did you think it was just another human waiting? Are you scared now, before you stands a demon, a demon who's going to kill you, rape your corpse and then bring you back to life and do it all over again. '

"So what are you supposed to be? "

Something was wrong. There was no fear in Rice's eyes. Did she not comprehend what stood in front of her. Whatever, work comes first.

Inside his fist the demon held a small black leather choker. With remarkable accuracy he threw it at the girl's throat.

With a effortless gesture Rice intercepted the projectile with her hand. But to her surprise, the choker passed through her fingers as if it was made of air.

Homing in, it attached itself to her neck.

"What the hell is this?"

She tried to rip it of but her fingers still passed through it.

'Now it's time. Your ass is mine! '

With a grunt the masochist ran towards the girl with his arms extended.


"Graagh! "

A pierced scream escaped his throat. The beast's arms were twisted and bent in awkward directions.

'My hands! What happened to my hands? '

"Now, answer my questions, or should I brake your spine as well?"

In any other situation Chalk would have been moaning in pleasure, but the overwhelming shock from what had just transpired was what kept him in a proper state of mind. The girl was right in front of him, standing sideways with her right shoulder towards him. With a roar he launched his open maw towards her body.

"Spine it is then."

A sudden pressure formed below his ribcage. Freezing the monster in place.

Internal organs and muscles began pressing against his back. Soft tissue tore and split, search for a way to get out. The air in his lungs along with blood and spit violently gushed out from his toothy lips. Then as soon as the pressure began it stopped. With a sickening sound of skin tearing and bones breaking the organs and fluids in his stomach left the safety of his body and flew behind him. Where before was a hair covered stomach now stood empty space.

The half saiyan, with a single punch, had blown a hole in his form from the front to the back.

The sudden loss of muscle control caused the demon to fall to his knees.

He would have fallen face first into the ground if Rice hadn't placed a finger on his forehead and kept him at eye level.

"Are you still alive? Because I need some answers and I didn't think this through. "

What had happened? How did she do that? With one attack she'd done the impossible. Although his body would regenerate what good would that do. Even if he was immortal it didn't mean shit. His spine reassembled itself, new flesh crawled around it and his fluids re entered into his veins.

"Do you feel like talking yet?"


"What was that?"


"I beg your pardon. "

"I said more! Hit me harder! "

Now it was Rice's turn to be shocked. For the first time since they met the beast spoke. And it wanted her to hit him.

"Are you getting off on this?"

In response Chalk only demonstrated his pulsating dick.

"Keh... hahaha. "

That was rich. The bastard had his cock pointed right at her and was asking her to beat him up.

"That's hilarious. *KICK* Hey, did you know *STOMP* all day I've been letting people *KICK* play around with my body. *PUNCH* But you're the first one to let mess around with with your body. "

The once frightening demon now lay sprawling on the ground. His body beaten and broken, the only thing left untouched was his erect member. But the girl wasn't done yet. Placing a hand on one of the thorns on his shaft she suddenly tugged it. It came out with a pop held connected by several nerves.

"It feels so good to be me right now. What is the purpose of these anyway? "

Chalk couldn't believe his eyes. The moment she'd ripped off the spike her hair had turned to golden yellow and that power. What was she? From the very start he knew she was strong, but this. The energy she emitted was leagues above anything he'd known. The pain she'd put him through was incomparable. True the torture methods he knew put hers to shame, but for demons whose bodys were only a disposable shell, power is what mattered. And she had enough to spare.

"…k …e."

"Sorry I didn't catch that. Please repeat it once you fix your jaw."

"Kick me in the balls!"

"… Pff haha~. Oh god you're hilarious. Fine then no complaints afterwards. "

Stepping closer Rice grabbed the bloody piece of flesh that was once the demon's cock and with a mighty swing of her leg planted her foot in the swollen black testicles. The force of the kick was great enough to lift the beast in the air. When the pain became pleasure Chalk finally succumbed and unloaded his pent up frustration... All over her smiling face.

"*Cough* Gah. Rude much! Gees the hell man a little warning next time. Oh god it's soaking into my clothes. "

'Oh that's the stuff. It's been faar too long.'

"Hey where are you going? "

'Even though I failed to capture you, the information I got will more than make up for it. Enjoy the collar wench and the reek of corruption while you're at it. With it I've already won.'

As Chalk faded out of existence he could still hear Rice yelling curses, not that it mattered to him. Now it was time to sleep.

An / next chapter will focus on Rice's point of view for after the first class. I ain't skipping out on that