***I know this isn't my first story on this site. I deleted that one because it sucked. All rights are not mine, but I'm happy with my DVD.

It was a cold Christmas Eve in Halloween Town. The town had just had it's annual Christmas party-they still celebrated the holiday after the fiasco, but kept their celebration to themselves-and things were much more calm. Jack Skellington enjoyed the peace of the evening in his home, although he seemed a little depressed. "Jack, you've been upset all evening. Is there something wrong?" his wife Sally asked. She had been trying to get a word out of him for the past ten minutes with no success. "It's more of a personal matter. Maybe a walk will clear my skull," Jack answered, "The last time you were depressed and took walk, you almost got blown up. No more discovering new holidays, am I understood?" Sally asked with mock authority. Jack managed a laugh but nodded in agreement. He left his house and started trekking through town. Many people wished a merry Christmas only to receive a half-smile and the phrase returned. No one detected the hint of sadness in their king's voice. They were too happy to do so. A few minutes later, Jack had gone through the graveyard and down into the gorge. He soon arrived at Oogie Boogie's old lair. The whole place was a wreck, covered in bullet holes, bits and pieces of broken glass, and burnt-out lights. The place had been this way for the past two years. Jack chose his wording carefully and went into his amends. "I've been meaning to do this for a while now. I guess we both went too far on the first Halloween-ified Christmas Eve. You were every bad aspect of Halloween all in one person-no wonder you were so unhinged. It's enough to drive anyone off the deep end." He eyed the burlap in the corner of the room. We could always gather some more bugs, I could get Sally to sew a new body, give you a second chance... He silenced these thoughts and got back to the amends. "Now that I think of it, it's best that you're put out of your misery. Anyways, I'm glad I got to say this. But don't think that the hatchet is buried now. You're not exactly my favorite person in town. Maybe we can fill in this gorge with something, and you'll have something up for you in the graveyard. That's as far as I'm going; I don't have too many fond memories of you. Rest in peace, Oogie Boogie." Jack managed a faint smile after finishing his amends. With that peace said, he left the lair and didn't look back.

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