Natsu, Happy, and the newly met Lucy walked into the Mos Eisley Cantina. Their silouhettes shown in the entrance, and everyone who could look could see their faces.

They all walked up to the four-sided counter in the center. Lucy sat on a bar stool, but Natsu remained standing. "I will go look for someone suitable," Natsu said to Lucy. "This is a place of ruffians. Be careful." Lucy frowned and made a pouting face while Natsu walked elsewhere in the smoke filled cantina.

A big man serving the drinks from behind the counters pointed at Happy and said, "No pets in here!"

Happy flew up with his white wings and said, "Hey! I'm not a pet. I'm Happy!" The man's eyes grew wide.

"My apologies." Then, he asked Lucy in a gruff voice, "Do you want anything to eat or drink?" "I will have a lemon-red berry smoothie," she replied. The man look at her as if she lost a few years and inches. He made the smoothie, and set it down in front of her after she paid him.

Then, Lucy felt a cold tap on her shoulder.

She turned to behold a black-haired man who asked her quickly, "Hey, young lady, do you have any underwear I can borrow?" Lucy looked startled then glanced down, and she saw that he was indeed naked.

"You shouldn't ask something like that!" she shouted incredulously and turned back to her drink. 'Natsu was right,' she thought. 'I really need to be careful here.'