Hello Everyone!

In light of recent tragedy striking some dear friends who are like another set of parents along with 2-3 other unexpected deaths in less than a single month, I figured I better show that I'm still here!

I will not bore you dear readers… if any still follow any of my stories (I certainly do NOT blame any of you for moving onward) of any excuses on my end! Essentially started as "writer's block" and then a seasonal job on top of my regular one which involves 98% entirely of outside manual labor, plus the Summer heat and sun! Then ended up requiring half of my bottom teeth pulled out due to an infection… still recouping from the nearly 2 months of antibiotics and JUST NOW had the stitches removed from my "cratered gums!" Now having to get used to a partial denture… guess that makes me a mid 30s old lady now?!

Then tragic loss of my pastor's youngest son- mid 30s who sought a permanent solution for his problems… which NONE of us knew due to his fun loving personality and ever-present bright smile. Never seen so many burly men- (worked in the oil field) weep and hug each other before! I've known my pastor's wife longer than they've been married and before he even joined our particular faith. Susan loves her two stepsons as if they were her own and I view them as brothers!

But I have NOT forgotten these stories! Nor have I abandoned them! The paper notebooks where I write my story chapters in go with me EVERYWHERE and I'm still struggling to "break through" this wall of writer's block! I cannot be certain when any chapter(s) will be forthcoming… but I'm trying!

To anyone still following my stories, THANK-YOU for remaining and being patient in this unanticipated hiatus! Certainly thankful this Thanksgiving for people who are willing to read what I write! You all are essentially what gives my stories their life because what point is writing if there are no readers? So, should any of you doubt your worth, message me and I'll do my best to ensure YOU ARE IMPORTANT!

Hopefully see you all soon with another chapter… just wish I could say when!