I can't be the only one who wants to know what happened to Ford in the portal, so I'm writing about what I think happened!

This is a fan-made Gravity Falls spin-off/prequel, so it will be organized like Gravity Falls. In other words, there will important episodes, filler episodes, and everything in between. It will also probably be darkly-themed in some episodes. Enjoy!


Everything had started out great. Stanford Pines had discovered some amazing creatures and learned a lot about the mysterious happenings in the "sleepy town" of Gravity Falls, Oregon. He had been recorded it all in a series of journals and was about halfway through his third one.

That was when things started going south.

In his investigations, he had stumbled upon an incantation on the wall of a cave and read it (despite the warning not to). Later, a demon named Bill Cipher appeared to him in a dream. Bill said that he could complete his research by creating a gateway between Earth and the dimension where all the anomalies were coming from. Little did he know that Bill wanted the portal for something much more sinister. What that something was, Ford wasn't entirely certain, but one thing was clear: the portal had to be shut down.

Ford also hid his journals, fearing what would happen if Bill got his hands on them. One was buried in the forest. One had been given to Ford's friend and research partner, Fiddleford McGucket, for safe-keeping. The other was going to be entrusted to Ford's twin brother, Stanley. Well...was

Ford tried to explain how dire the situation was, but Stan just wouldn't listen! Sure, Stan may been through a few rough patches - and he may have had a mullet - but at least he hadn't been tricked into building a portal that could spell disaster!

Somehow, the brothers had ended up in a fight. Not an argument, but a physical fight. Stanley seemed to think that burning the journal would be the solution to Ford's problem. Ford thought differently. No, that's not it. Ford didn't know what he was thinking. He knew what the journals were capable of, but all he could focus on was saving his precious research.

Oh, what a fool he had been!

In their quarrel, they had accidentally reactivated the portal. Ford soon found himself floating, and panic crashed into him, as he realized what was happening. As he drew dangerously close to the harsh white light, he subconsciously threw the journal to his brother, hoping Stan would have the sense to hide it as far away as possible.

She liked this dimension. It was so quiet, so peaceful; the locals said there hadn't been any war here in over three hundred years. Everyone was friendly, and - aside from the occasional robbery or animal attack - the emphasis they put on law enforcement seemed like a waste of resources. The police force was made up of volunteers, for Hades' sake! She wished she could stay here forever. Despite all of the people and animals having a distinct lacking in faces, which was unnerving, she wished that she could stay here forever.

Maybe, she could?

She lay down in the grass and stared up at the pastel clouds, trying to imagine spending the remainder of her days here. For once in her life, she would live peacefully, maybe even start a family (assuming she was capable of conceiving with the men of this dimension). She would work as an artist, painting and decorating buildings, making sculptures and pots, and selling her works for the people to enjoy. Or, perhaps she could work in the school as an art teacher, educating the youth on the wonders of creativity and imagination.

She sighed in contentment at the thought. Maybe her friends would stay too, and they would all live happily in this wonderful dimension. She raised her hand to her face, trailing her fingers over the stitches on her cheek, shivering as she recalled how she came to receive such a scar (and similar scars on the rest of her body). No one would hurt her here. Everyone was too kindly to cause such abuse.

A sudden scream jolted her into a sitting position. She looked around frantically. Someone was in trouble. She could hear fear in the voice. Her eyes caught sight of a circular white light high up in the orange sky, not far from where she and her friends had made camp. Another rift? Maybe, but natural rifts didn't have a definite shape like this one. A synthetic rift, perhaps?

Whatever the case, there was something falling near it. No, not something… It seemed to be flailing… It was alive! She bolted to her feet and sprinted toward it. She paused when she heard loud thud, then she continued running in the direction of the sound.

A sharp inhale brought air to her lungs, when she found the most likely source of the noise. There was a creature lying on the ground in beside a tree. She had never seen a creature like this one before. Its skin had a pinkish-hue, its hair was brown and messy, and it had six fingers on each hand. It was unconscious or - assuming it had fallen from such a height and smacked into the tree - possibly dead. Its glasses were broken, and bits of glass from them opened wounds all over its face. Red liquid - that she could only assume was the color of this creature's blood - drenched its face, and it appeared to be leaking from the back of its head too, probably from hitting the tree so hard. Its side also seemed to be bleeding, as its white shirt was torn and had a spreading red stain on it. One of its arms was bent at an angle that didn't look natural for any species. The rest of its body wasn't much better.

Poor thing must have rolled down the hill when it fell… she concluded, shuddering as she glanced up at the large hill nearby. I hope it at least lost consciousness before it was in any real pain.

Panicked at the thought of the creature dying in such a terrible way, she knelt down beside it, pushed her tangled hair out of the way, and leaned her ear toward its mouth. She nearly fainted in relief, when she heard it breathing. Shallowly, but breathing. There was still hope!

Not caring what her friends would say about her helping an unknown creature (again), she pressed her hands against the back of its head, knowing that head injuries were often more fatal than others, and let her power do the rest.

Well, there's my prologue! Also, I've posted some episode ideas for this on my profile, if you're interested. If a name doesn't sound familiar, it's most likely an OC that'll be introduced in the first chapter. Until next time, review!