Sunlight switched to a dimly lit moonlight. Archie waited for this moment for hours, a predatory look in his eyes before slipping the black mask over his head. Taking a big breath, Archie's identity changed with the sky. Gone and not to be seen for several hours. For now, he was humoring another side of himself, a dangerous side. A loud whoosh, followed by a clank of metal sends him from skyscraper to skyscraper. Wind hitting Archie's face like a General Electric air conditioner. Feeling free... well, semi-free. He did have the mask after all.

His vigilance detects soft opera music, 50 klicks away from where he was standing. Alright, first come, first served. His blood rushed, his heart raced. Archie lived his experiences like fantasies, coming across to his people with a little bit of a bloodlust. Signs hung around the city, what Archie dealt with every night, escalated debate on his activities. Chase him, throw him in jail. -Give him the key to the city. All of the hate/needless love on his character. To the people of Blüdhaven, Archie Haven was just the son of the mayor - At night, Arch played hero.

Landing prettily inside the oil refinery, Archie saw the tape recorder spewing a melody. His leather thumb tapped the red stop button. Archie tried to put the machine in his back pocket but an invisible force kept him from doing so. Triggering a silo tipping over and drenching him in what smelled like kerosene. Disgusted, Archie spit thin spurts of the liquid out of his pink mouth. Soaked from head to toe in the stuff, Archie made a point to get away from the refinery. The doors were locked. A spotlight appeared as if to cue his line. "Hello, Mr. Nightmare." A man appeared from the shadows, dressed well for the occasion. Standing 6 foot ten, well cut, middle aged, sporting a blue three piece suit that was to die for. "Oh, you didn't have time to get spruced up I see." He teased. Archie didn't look too intimidating now, certainly not like someone that would be referred to as Nightmare.

The short height wasn't enough; his scrawny, bony body hugged by the generic black fabric. "What do you want Balbino?" Archie gritted through his teeth, swatting his arms like he was a fly, to futilely get the kerosene off him. Archie saw the water tower hovering over the main building. "Aren't we on a first name basis, kid? Call me Faust." Faust laughed. Snapping his fingers, his thugs surrounded the area, three of them approaching Archie with the intention of disarming him. Taking one hand he armed right for the left arm socket, missing by a foot. His reward for effort was an elbow to the back. Now laying face first in kerosene, some dripped down his gullet. One of the men picked up him to his feet, gave another punch to the ribs this time, then proceeded to go for the mask. "No! Keep it on." Faust smiled. "I don't care who you really are Mister Nightmare, I don't care what race, gender, age you happen to be. All I know is you have been a thorn in my side; hijacking my shipments, stealing my imports and filling this city's youngsters with the belief people like me can be stopped!" Faust loved a good mystery. Wasn't so keen on the whole resolve of them. Taking out a cigarette, lighting up the nicotine poison, Archie knew where this was going. Faust men left him to enjoy his fiery burial.

"You want me to beg?!" He asks, going through his storage only to find little item of use. Faust smiled. "No." Was all he needed to say. Turning his back before throwing the match over his shoulder into the kerosene.

With one backflip and a timed jump Archie escaped instant death, only suffering a burn in the suits fabric. But his escape options were limited. The pump jack got hotter and hotter, the fire crept up due to the leakage from Archie's boot. This was it. Not on patrol for an hour and already the end is nigh.

Focusing his sights on the water tower again. Enabling his boot knife, Archie cut the line, swinging himself across the area onto the water tower. Using his steel toed boot, Archie made a significant hole in the tower. With a swift kick the wall came down and he was drenched in sweet relief, but flung over the railing. The water killed the fire. But now Archie clung to his life. "Oh, man. I really should have thought this through!" He complained. Slowly willing his way back to the ground. Looking at the damage he's done; it was yet another failure on the job.

He set his sights on redemption, on Faust Balbino. Eyeing his classic gold sedan. He thanked his lucky stars for the mobsters indifference to blending in. He searched himself once more to make sure the thugs didn't take away all his goods. Good fortune again smiled down on him. His trusty Swiss Army knife, black handling, with a line launcher attached inside.

A thin black line sprayed from the knife, attaching itself to a billboard across the street.

Outside Balbino looked at the glorious fire. Grinning ear to ear. He wasn't interested in games. And this was a testament to that. "Sir, we have to go. Cops will be here." If anything, Faust wanted to take out his pistol and shoot his bodyguards head off for interrupting his train of thought. But he submitted that he had a point and drove off.

Grappling 80 feet from the premises, Archie eyed the gold sedan. "You're not getting away from me!" Dropping down 60 feet to land defiantly on top of the hood. Giving the windshield a swift kick with his Kevlar boot, knocking the two passengers out cold. Smoke emitted from the engine. This car wasn't going anywhere and neither was Faust.

Opening the backseat door, Archie seen nothing, just blank darkness. Thinking Faust must have gotten away, Archie did a quick take around the block to make sure that wasn't the case. Angered, a mad glint in his eyes. Archie approached one of the passengers who were busy trying to crawl away from the scene. Archie kicked the man over, searching him for any weapons he could spring on him. "Where is Faust?" He said point blank, starring into the woeful muscles eyes. "I..I don't know!" He pleaded ignorance. Archie wasn't having it. He gave another kick to the ribs this time. The muscle groaned loudly. The bigger they are, the softer they act in crisis. He asked again. "Where is Faust Balbino?" Siren sounds began to fill the night air, the red and blue colors painted the brick walls. God, he hopes this guy doesn't know he is five seconds away from sanctuary. "He moves around allot, he doesn't trust anyone. Everyone wants to off him, so he doesn't stay in one place for too long, alright!" He closed his eyes, knowing his oppressor would bat him around for information he didn't have. His eyes popped open, being treated only to police officers - to his relief.