It wasn't always this bad. Before, the Pike System was the gold standard for how an intergalactic democracies should work. It was the only system that all of its planets did not have a king or queen, it trusted its citizens to know the right course of action. None of whom were as educated as the planet Vexer. Housing numerous regional alliances, Vexer was the cog that kept the Pike System going; it traded goods with other planets and was the only place that did not alienate the galaxy with their superior attitude. See, the Pike System really despised monarchies, even the much revered queen, now senator Padme Amidala. When people of the Pike System heard of "revolutions" taking place on Naboo, Dantooine, Alderaan they laughed. Vexer won its freedom thousands of years ago, overthrowing the Siths that ruled them despite having no help from the Jedi. That trickled down to other planets in the Pike System ousting the Sith monarch.

A chauvinistic nature the people of the Pike System, feeling superior in every way, soon became a growing power in the galaxy. Growing crops at a much faster rate than other Star Systems do to the geographical layout, now, bolstering a powerful army the Pike System is the only system that isn't involved in the Clone Wars in any capacity. They are an independent Star System and don't intend to change that. They don't have any representation in the senate and they never gripped about it. As the late regional governor of Vexer, Henry Riker once said "If they want to make new laws that affect us, then they best send their men here to enforce it."

Jedi Temple

Surrounded by Jedi during a council meeting always made Anakin Skywalker uncomfortable. He felt like the members were trying to get a good look at his soul, he fidgeted, not wanting to stand here awkwardly in the middle of the circle for too long. "Anxious, you are, Skywalker." Master Yoda observed, holding his cane, looking deeper into Anakin's eyes. He blinked allot to combat this. "I just am not a fan of meetings, Master, no disrespect intended." Anakin tried to play it off. Yoda stopped trying to looking into Anakin's heart, seeing all he needed too, no need to pry to far into his personal life. "Taken, none, young Padawan." Master Yoda mused.

"I don't mean to be impatient, but why have I been summoned her, Masters?" Anakin asked. He kept his hands intertwined in black robes to hide him picking his finger nails. There was a silence overtook the room, it was broken by his mentor Obi-Wan Kenobi. "Padawan, you are here because the council has granted you status as Jedi Knight. From this moment on, you are no longer a student of the force." Obi-Wan congratulated his friend silently, with a smile. Master Windu took his turn. "We still have doubt in your ability to keep the peace, but we trust you are ready to take up most of the responsibilities in being a Jedi Knight." Windu said. Anakin was a little hurt by this, he almost threw a tantrum, but resisted the urge. "Congratulations, young Skywalker." Windu said in a dull, boardroom meeting tone of voice.

Upon the doors sliding shut, newly crowned Jedi Knight, Anakin Skywalker took breathes that matched a diver who's been under water for so long their lungs had no air left in them. He sweated profusely, wiping it off his brow with his Jedi robes. "Anakin, are you okay?" Obi-Wan touched his shoulder to check up on his former student. Anakin almost jumped, his never been so agitated before in his life. "Sorry, Master, I-" Obi-Wan halted his sentence. "What's wrong with you, you're sweating buckets." He saw the shine of the lights in the temple illuminating his face. Taking out a cloth, Obi-Wan handed it to Anakin, who proceeded to ruin it. "Listen, only a dozen of other Jedi's have been promoted to Knight status, this is a big deal." Anakin, knew this. Ever since he came to the temple as a teenager, he knew only so few students don't fall into the Jedi Corps. "I know, Master, I just..." He couldn't finish his sentence, just looked down as if in shame. "You could get a Padawan and teach the next generation." Obi-Wan seemed to have this thought in his back pocket. "I've always wanted to see you exceed me in the Jedi Order." Anakin laughed. "Master, I do not believe a Padawan is someone I wouldn't like to take anytime soon, shame there isn't many other options for them."

Obi-Wan and Anakin walked through the Jedi Temple hallways, Anakin looked down to the bottom of his robes collecting dust bunnies and lint. His robes were longer than others, which he kinda resented. "Something is troubling you?" Obi-Wan asks. Anakin stops at the museum dedicated to the fallen Jedi's. Anakin looks at the plaque dedicated to the fallen Master Qui-Gon Jinn. Yoda was Obi-Wan's Master, but Qui-Gon oversaw his development in the field. Anakin knew him for a short while, when he was very young, too young to understand how important he really was. "Did you train me, because you wanted too, or was it simply cause Master Qui-Gon told you too?" Obi-Wan seemed hurt by the question, but seen the look of uncertainty on Anakin's face. He placed a hand on his former students shoulder and looks at him square in the eyes. "Anakin, from the moment I found you in the junkyards of Tatooine, I knew you were destined for something greater if given the right tutelage. The better question is, have I done right by you?" Obi-Wan held back a tear. Anakin doesn't hesitate to hug his Master tightly, thanking him for all he's done for him. "Thank you, Master, it was an honor to be your Padawan." He pats Obi-Wan's back a couple more times before letting go. "And it was an honor being your teacher." Obi-Wan said right back.