Chapter 1

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She could not describe the feelings her heart and mind were experiencing this very moment. From excitement to fear, from joy to horror, from curious to questioning, and happiness to depression. As her hands grasped the steering wheel of her car gently and keeping her attentive eyes on the road ahead, the small and young redhead looked at the upcoming hill and could only imagine what lied beyond it.

The redhead, who went by the name of Flaky due to the unwanted quantities of white dandruff in long hair that seemed to never go away, was eager and scared to see what her new home would look like. Being at an age of maturity and feeling ready to take on her own challenges, she decided it was long due to go out and spread her wings, to enter the adult world she both longed and feared for.

She already felt the terrible sting of being homesick, missing the comforts her lovely mother and father bestowed her, and fear of what lied in her future, but thankfully, the town she found had a small yet nice and affordable home conveniently placed next to an old friend from the past. At least with that thought in mind, she would not be so alone in this new and strange town.

Flaky's heart was beating rapidly as she now found herself atop the small hill before the town ahead, and stared in awe at her new home.

It wasn't an enormous city like the others in the north east, but still a populated one. She saw many structures, from small homes to even large business towers. She could see a significant amount of activity in the streets near the center of the town, and was quickly searching for where her own home lied.

Before she drove any further, she looked to her left to see a wooden sign, decorated and crafted elegantly, with the words 'Welcome to Happy Tree Town' carved in front of it. She giggled at the odd name, looking out to indeed notice the abundance of trees surrounding the town, and wondered if the citizens were indeed happy.

Flaky took a deep breath in, nodded her head, and looked forward down the road once more, driving carefully to make sure she didn't face an accident before reaching her home.

"Alright, Flaky, you're almost to your new home. You can do this, Flaky. You're a strong woman and can do this now. Just stay calm, follow each step one at a time, and be confident. This is your new home now, and you'll make the best of it."

Trying to keep herself calm by constantly speaking to herself in the car, Flaky failed to realize she had almost drove right pass her own home. Looking up with her eyes widened, Flaky came to a sudden stop, her tires almost making a screeching sound on the asphalt.

Once at a complete stop, Flaky brought her car window down and peered out of it, to have a clear view of her new home. She let her white teeth show as she smiled widely, admiring the small little home of hers. It was not the most elegant as the ones down the street, but it would serve its purpose for the time being. Besides, a little touches here and there can come a long way and turn this small home into the best place she could live in.

Excitement feeling her mind, Flaky pulled up to the driveway and parked her car, swiftly but carefully exiting her car and closing the car door behind her. She leaned back on her car as she looked at the entrance and the exterior of the front side of her house, sighing happily as she admired every inch of it.

"My God, Flaky?! Is that you?!"

Flaky jolted as she spun around to see a lovely sight she was hoping to see upon her arrival to her new home. It was a young woman, around the same age as Flaky, only a tad shorter, and featured long pink hair. She had the widest smile on her face as she came running over to meet with Flaky.

Flaky, excited to see a long-time friend, ran around her car and met up with her friend, reaching her arms out and giving her a tight and warm welcoming hug.

"Oh Giggles, it's so great to see you again!"

Giggles made a tiny giggle, something she always did, as she returned the hug with one of her own. "I knew you were coming, I just didn't expect you to come here so soon!"

Flaky let go of Giggles, keeping a shy looking smile as she brought her hands to meet together in front of her. "Well… I was just excited to see my new home that I just had to leave early and see it for myself."

Giggles nodded her head as she looked at Flaky's new home. "And you picked out a nice one, Flaky. With just a few added touches, it'll be perfect in no time." She faced Flaky again, keeping her wide smile as she prevented herself from hopping with joy. "And it's right next to mine! Oh, isn't this great?! We got so much to catch up on!"

Flaky looked down for a bit, her face showing a touch of sadness in her eyes. "Yeah… we do…"

Giggles dropped her smile as she tilted her head, a confused expression showing on her face. "Flaky, what's wrong?"

Flaky didn't look up to Giggles, though she did shake her head as she sighed sadly. "I-I am just a little scared… and homesick, I guess."

Giggles made a quiet giggle to herself as she hugged Flaky lightly. "Oh, don't worry Flaky. Stay here a few days and you'll get used to it real soon. Besides, you have me here, and I'll be happy to show you around town and everything. I'll make sure you will feel right at home here."

Flaky looked up to Giggles and gave her a shy smile. "Thank you, Giggles."

Giggles broke the hug and nodded her head. "No problem, Flaky."

Feeling a little better thanks to her friend's reassuring hug, Flaky looked around from where she stood and observed the other nearby houses one by one. "So, besides you, who else lives around here?"

Giggles brought her right hand to her chin and looked out down the street, looking at each house and remembering who the owner of them was. When her mind finally remembered the names of the occupants, she pointed her right index finger out to each one and named the person individually.

"Well, let's see. Right across from my house is Petunia. She's very nice and everything… just be sure to stay nice and clean when you meet her. Then there's Handy, the head of construction here. Doesn't really build anymore since the accident he had, though he knows how to fix everything. Then there's Sniffles; just your usual nerd guy. Lumpy, Nutty, and Mole live further down the road, each having their own little… things that make them unique."

Flaky crossed her arms as she looked at Giggles with a concerned look. "Are… those their real names?"

Giggles shook her head with a smile. "Of course not, though everyone in this town loves to give each other names based on a trait that makes them special, you know, nicknames. People kind of like it here, so we just call each other by it. Kind of like how we call each other by little names. You'll get used to it."

"I guess… "

Giggles looked back down the street again and pointed out her right index finger. "Okay, just down further the road is possibly the greatest guy I have ever met. People like to call him Cuddles, and he's… he is just amazing."

Flaky could see Giggles blushing lightly and smiled at her. "You two… getting along together?"

Giggles shrugged her shoulders with a shy look. "We're taking it slow, but yeah, I think we're doing great with each other."

"You know why he's called Cuddles?"

Giggles only looked at Flaky with her eyebrows rising up and down as she gave a slow nod to her. Flaky's face turn red as she looked forward down the road again. "Alright, forget I asked that."

Giggles let out a small laugh as she looked back down the road. "And… and that should do it for here. I honestly think every one of them is very nice, and you get to know them long enough, will become really great friends. Everyone here is so nice and helpful, and I'm so glad you came here."

She nudged Flaky's shoulder as she brought her nodded her head. "And maybe, just maybe, you might find someone… very interesting here just for you."

Flaky blushed again as she shyly looked away from Giggles. "Oh come on, don't be like that. You know I'm not interested yet. I just got here and I'd like to settle down for a bit before meeting up with someone."

Giggles shrugged her shoulders. "Fair enough. But seriously, Flaky, there are plenty of guys here I think would be very interested in you. You should try to get out there and find someone nice, especially here."

"I'll think about it."

As the two went silent, Flaky looked across from her own home and noticed something that caught her attention. Though the longer she stared at it, she could not help but get a sense of fear striking her heart, feeling a terrible aura of horror surrounding her.

Across from her own home was another one, small like hers, but far from as good in quality. It was dark looking on the outside, obviously old in appearance and in heavily need of repairs. The grass on the lawn out front did not look as green as the other homes, and the look of it just gave a frightening feeling to those who happened to stumble upon it.

Flaky pointed her right index finger at it while getting Giggles' attention. "Giggles… who lives in that?"

Giggles looked across the other side of the road to notice the same house Flaky was looking at. She stared at it with a blank look and spoke calmly. "Oh, that house? It's just some lonely man that doesn't go out much."

Flaky looked at Giggles curiously. "Why? Who is he?"

"Don't really know that much… no one does, actually. He is some retired Army veteran that fought for about a year or two before suddenly showing up, and now he just secludes himself in that home, only coming out when he absolutely needs to."

"What's his name?"

"People like to call him Flippy."

The name, Flippy, somehow brought chills down Flaky's spine. Her body shook a little as she kept her eyes on the dark house across hers. "W-Why do people call him Flippy?"

Giggles shrugged her shoulders. "Beats me. The man was here before I got here, and whenever I asked people who he was, they just said his name was Flippy and I should stay away from him as far as I can."

Flaky's eyes widened in horror as she heard Giggles make that statement. A strange man, whom everyone told to stay away from, was living right next to her own home. She couldn't live any closer to a feared man then she could now, and was feeling that she may have brought herself into a terrible situation.

Giggles shook her head as she noticed her friend having a panic attack. "Oh don't worry about it, Flaky. I'm sure people are just joking. He can't be THAT scary or anything. Nah, I think he's just a lonely man that prefers to stay by himself. Feel kind of sorry for him, actually. Though really, don't worry about it. You're safe, Flaky."

Flaky nodded her head as she kept her eyes on the house, her mind still running through multiple scenarios that only made her feel complete terror in her hearts. "A-Alright…"

Giggles smile and nodded her head. "Well, I'll let you get back to settling in to your new home. I'm sure the moving truck will be here any moment, so that should keep your mind off any troubling thoughts. Remember, I'm right next door, so just come by if you need something. Oh, and tomorrow, if you're not doing anything, come meet me and I'll show you around town, get you settled in!"

Giggles waved with a smile on her face. Flaky returned the gesture by waving her hand slowly, placing a fake smile on her face as she still could feel horrified of the house next door. She sighed and shook her head, reaching into her pocket and pulling out her new house keys.

"Keep it together, Flaky. I'm sure he is a nice man that just prefers to be quiet. Everything is fine. Everything will be fine, you'll see."

She made it up to her front door and carefully unlocked it, opening slowly and revealing the interior of her two-floor home. The sight of it brought a smile back to Flaky's face, feeling relaxed and happy once more. Flaky placed the keys back into her pocket and proceeded to enter her home, excited to explore and see how she will be spending the many years ahead of her.

As she attempted to bring the door to a close, something inside her made her stop. She looked down curiously at the floor, having the odd feeling clouding her brain. Without second thought, Flaky peered at the opening of her front door to see what was outside.

Her eyes widened in horror as she slammed the door shut, locking it instantly and placing her hand to her chest, preventing her heart from beating out of her chest. The sight she saw scared to the point of near death, and was starting to wonder if leaving her original home was the biggest mistake she ever made.

And perhaps the last one she will ever make. For what she saw across from her made her want to leave and never turn back.

Just across the street, peaking out of the dark window of the old house, were a pair of two yellow eyes, staring straight at her.

"Oh dear God, please protect me…"

While still feeling uneasy after yesterday's rather frightening welcome, Giggles was indeed right that moving in all of her belongings kept Flaky's mind clear of the dreadful sight of two murderous looking yellow eyes peering out of a window and looking at her. The moment the truck came by made Flaky forget the whole ordeal and feel nice and safe in her new home.

Today would be an even better way to distract herself from any unwanted thoughts as, promised by Giggles, she will be seeing the many sights that make her new home a place worth talking about. She could feel that same rush of excitement and fear she had just coming to her own home. Now she will see the world that surrounds it for the first time.

Though a bit picky today on what to wear on this cool spring morning, rummaging through her clothes and making herself look as nice as possible to give a good presentation to the new people she will call friends, Flaky ended up going with her well-tailored red dress that matched perfectly with her red hair that was brushed nicely. She sadly couldn't remove all the flakes from a warm morning shower, but still more presentable than yesterday.

Flaky took one last look at herself in the mirror in her bedroom and nodded her head with an eager smile, feeling confident and ready to go outside. She grabbed her purse and headed outside in an instant, though reacting quickly to turn around and lock the door on her way out. After making sure the door was shut tight, she placed the house key in her purse and turned around to see a friendly face looking out of a car window.

"Hey, Flaky! All ready to go and meet the town?"

Giggles sat on the driver's side of her car, waving Flaky over with a wide smile on her face like always. Flaky nodded her head and proceeded to walk towards the car, excited to ride with her friend and see the town.

But she came to a sudden stop as she looked beyond Giggle's car, and her eyes were met with the sinister house across the street. She stood paralyzed, her body motionless as her eyes examined every inch of the exterior. She stared at the window, noticing the yellow eyes she found yesterday were absent. Sadly, this still did not stop her having a dreadful feeling that made her want to turn back and seclude herself in the safety of her own home.

Though was her own home even enough to protect her?

Giggles pressed the horn button on her steering wheel, making a loud beep sound and causing Flaky to jolt to attention. "Flaky, you okay, dear?"

Flaky looked at Giggles quickly and nodded her head rapidly. "Y-Y-Yes, I… thought I saw something…"

Giggles shook her head with a laugh. "Oh, Flaky, you worry too much. Come on, we got a whole town to explore today!"

Flaky smiled and walked around Giggles' car, entered the front passenger seat, and carefully placed the seatbelt over her. Once she was settled in, she nodded her head towards Giggles, and the two went off to the downtown sections of Happy Tree Town.

The trip into town was a pleasant one, and went by without any trouble of the sort. Though the usual busyness of the traffic had Giggles a little aggravated at times, the two both enjoyed the trip into town viewing every notable sight in town. Flaky got a clear look at the many stores to purchase from, some outside views of the tall towers in the center of town, see places of recreation, including the center park, ate out at one of the restaurants, got to converse with some of the friendly people, and overall had an exciting experience of seeing the town as a whole.

It was good timing as well, as the entire trip acted as a big distraction for Flaky to feel at ease in the town. Having a nice chat and group activity with Giggles was just the thing Flaky needed to enjoy this day, and hopefully a sign for more to come and feel satisfied in her choice of moving to Happy Tree Town.

Though it would be a lie if she said she never thought of this man called Flippy once. Giggles description of the man, someone to stay away from as far as they can, just wasn't the kind of description she needed as someone she will have to call her next door neighbor. Those yellow eyes she saw… was that him? And is he as bad as the people portray him to be?

With all of the time spent in town and moments thinking of the mysterious man, Flaky forgot to check the time, and noticed on the car's onboard clock that it was far into the afternoon, the Sun heading towards the horizon and emitting an evening orange glow in the sky.

Giggles could she the shock look on Flaky's face, and too realized how late it was getting. "Oh dear, it seems we've been enjoying ourselves a little too much today." She giggled as Flaky brought a smile on her face, still enjoying the time they spent together today.

As they came to a stop at one of the town's intersections, Giggles pointed to a small nearby store and gestured her head to it. "Is it okay I pick a few things up before we go back? Won't take long and you can pick something too if you want."

Flaky shrugged her shoulders while keeping a shy smile on her face. "Sure. I don't have a problem with that."

"Great! It'll only be a few minutes."

As the traffic light turned green, Giggles drove the car to the small parking lot out front of the store, and parked it carefully as close as possible to the doors as she could. Once placed in park, the two women exited the vehicle and proceeded to enter the store quickly, with the intent to purchase only the necessary items and leave to return home.

With Giggles having her own plan to buy the stuff she needed, Flaky and Giggles decided to split up to opposite directions of the store. While Giggles had a few items on mind to purchase, there was nothing in particular of interest Flaky was concerned on buying. Instead, she took the time to just observe and wait patiently walking around the store.

It was a sort of small market, or grocery store with some other purchasable goods. There was plenty of food for purchasing, including fresh produce and food that was both canned and frozen, and quite reasonable in pricing. There was even a small flora section having a small sale on a variety of flowers. Finding an interest on the sale, Flaky quickly walked over to the section and carefully examined each set of flowers.

She smiled as she smelled the sweet aroma coming from the flowers, all natural and freshly cut, and seemed to be kept nice and watered. It was perfect for the spring time setting of the year, and would be nice to have by her window with natural lighting.

Flaky placed her right hand on her chin, and smiled as her eyes met with some beautiful red flowers. There was just something about the color of red that interested her so, and thus, was an instant purchase for her. She picked up the bouquet of the red flowers, and turned around to meet up with Giggles.

She was caught off guard, though, when she collided with a man standing behind her. She dropped the bouquet of flowers and lost her footing, almost tripping backwards onto the cold hard floor. Thankfully, she was kindly caught by the man she accidentally bumped into.

Flaky rubbed her head and gave a shy laugh. "I'm sorry, sir. I… I…"

She opened her eyes and looked up, and almost felt her heart come to an instant stop.

The man, who was currently holding her right now, was tall with a muscular figure, his hair a light green color with military clothing as his choice of attire. He was looking down at her, his face expressionless as his eyes kept their attention on her. The man kept a light grip on Flaky as he stood silently watching her. It was all terrifying to her.

But what scared her the most was those ominous yellow eyes that were staring straight into her crimson eyes.

Without hesitation, Flaky quickly screamed and pushed herself away from the man, instantly getting out of his grasp and making a dash through the store to escape his presence. As she headed for the exit, Giggles, who was carrying a couple of bags with purchased goods, stood in confusion as she watched a frightened Flaky run outside.

"Flaky?! Where are you going?!"

Flaky did not bother to respond, nor care about the fact she left the flowers on the floor back at the store. The man she saw had to be the one living next to her, and those eyes were just as frightening up close then they were a far distance away.

Perhaps her paranoia was getting to her, but she just couldn't help but be afraid of this man. She felt unsafe in his presence, and being told to stay away from him only made her believe he was a dangerous man. He had to be... right?

Despite the thought, she was completely scared and all she wanted to do was hide. Flaky knew her home was not far from here, and ignored the idea of waiting for Giggles to drive her back. She had to go home now, and hide there until she felt safe again.

It felt like forever, but Flaky was able to retreat back to the safety of her home again, still safe and sound on its side of the neighborhood. She quickly reached for her keys in her purse and opened the door instantly, entering the home and closing the door behind her. She locked the door as fast as she could, and leaned her back against the door.

Flaky dropped her purse and brought her hand to her chest, still feeling her heartbeat going at an abnormal rate. Her breaths were rapid and was feeling woozy from the lack of oxygen due to the fear going through her mind.

She closed her eyes and shook her head, trying to stand up tall while attempting to keep herself calm.

"It's okay now, Flaky. You're home now, Flaky. You're safe. No one can get to you here. Everything will be-"

Flaky jumped back and landed on her posterior on the wooden floor as the doorbell rang right behind her. Her eyes opened widely as she stared at the door, crawling back a short distance until she heard a calm voice on the other side.

"Flaky? You in there? Please come out, I want to talk to you."

The sound of Giggles' voice relaxed her somewhat, and was recalling that she did leave her alone back at the store without giving her a reason. It was rather rude of her, in fact, and knew, as her friend, should explain to her what happen. Perhaps she may even help her.

Standing back up onto her feet, Flaky brushed herself off and tried to bring her hair to a smooth position again, the frantic running messing it up a bit. She walked to the door and unlocked it, placing her hand on the doorknob and opening it slowly.

"Giggles, I'm so sorry for what I did. I just…"

Flaky saw a smile on Giggles' face, which gave Flaky a brief second of hope and happiness, and even a touch of security. That sense of security, though, would be removed instantly, as she turned slightly to the right to be met with the same terrible sight she saw only a few moments ago.

Giggles gestured her hands to the person next to her, and gave Flaky a warm smile.

"Flaky, I would like you to kindly meet your neighbor, Flippy!"

Author's Note: You know, trying to mix horror and romance here isn't exactly the easiest task for someone like me. Thankfully, with a couple like Flippy and Flaky, it'll be an interesting turnout down the road, and wonder exactly what will happen between the two. There will be probably be only two more chapters, three at most, but I'll keep on writing and see where this goes!

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