Tales from Camelot

Chapter 1

The Librarians spread out on the House of Refuge's back porch, enjoying a moment of peace in the beautiful garden that seemed to be attached to the magical house. Baird, Cassandra and Flynn had tall glasses of iced tea beside them. Stone and Jones each had a tall, icy bottle of beer with assorted sandwiches on plates between them.

"This is the life" Baird said with a sigh. "Peace, quiet and not a ninja or killer mummy in site."

"The House is really being hospitable" Stone replied, holding the bottle with two fingers.

"We could always wish for more beer" Ezekiel commented, helping himself to another sandwich.

"You've had enough" Baird warned a smile on her face.

"Remember the last time we were here" Cassandra said, dreamily. "We had just finished that case with the demons."

"More like Arthur and Rowan finished that case." Stone set the bottle back on the table and stretched his legs over the top steps.

Baird shrugged, unconcerned. "True. But you have to admit it was fun hearing Arthur tell tales on Jenkins and vice versa. Those two were funny when they got started."

"Arthur told funny stories. I had never thought about Jenkins as a young man." Cassandra nibbled on another sandwich, her eyes closed blissfully.

"I think he hadn't thought of himself that young in a while" Flynn commented, taking Baird's hand and interlocking their fingers.

"Nice of Arthur to arrange for the House to be available to us when we need a rest." Stone looked out across the garden, relaxing a little more.

"I think that was more Rowan than Arthur" Baird admitted.

"Wonder what they are doing right now" Ezekiel said, sitting down at Baird's feet.

"Probably hunting something. I got the feeling they both are big hunters." Baird stared off into the distance, remembering that last encounter.

Weeks before in the House of Refuge

Rowan curled up beside her brother on the couch with Jenkins seated on the other side of Arthur. "So…just how old were you when you went into battle with my brother?"

"Yeah – and how come he calls you little brother?" Ezekiel asked, snatching a samosa from the plate.

"He was younger than I was when I first met him." Arthur stretched his arm around his sister's shoulders, playing affectionately with her hair. "Now that I think about it, you were much younger than I was, weren't you little brother?"

Jenkins harrumphed impatiently. "I wasn't THAT much younger."

"You were 16. I was in my mid twenties." Arthur grinned at his friend's discomfort.

"16? You went to war at 16?" Cassandra gasped, horrified.

"That shouldn't be such a surprise to you Miss Cassandra" Rowan looked at the red-head with sympathy. "Child soldiers are used even now in third world countries."

"Not quite the same thing" Arthur shrugged. "In those days young men were considered adult much sooner than they are now."

"Not that you ever acted like an adult" Jenkins commented, trying to hide his grin.

"Really? What all did he do?" Rowan asked, curiously.

"You realize your brother has no sense of modesty what so ever? He once decided he wanted to clean up and change his clothes so instead of waiting to set up a tent he decided to take off all his clothes and walk into a pond located behind a convent. Can you image the reaction of those nuns when a naked man came walking out of the water towards them?" Jenkins tapped his friend affectionately on the arm. "Lancelot laughed so hard I thought he was going to cry."

"Lancelot? You knew DuLaque when he was young?" Baird looked at Flynn with a frown.

"He wasn't always an ass" Arthur admitted. "Just most of the time. But sometimes he could be the good knight of legend."

"Like when?" Ezekiel asked, unconvinced.

"Like the time this one" Arthur lightly punched Jenkins in the shoulder "nearly drowned trying to save one of the boys that took care of our horses. It was one of the few times I ever saw Lancelot truly concerned about either of us."