Aoi Sangu had closed the door to the office behind her and was heading off towards the stairs when she saw a lean figure standing silently at the end of the corridor. It was Shinya Hiragi. He was looking ahead at the door, his gaze unfocused. Seemingly lost in thought. Seemingly unaware of her presence.

Since the battle at the Nagoya airport, she had noticed a slight change to his overall personality. He had become somewhat more pliant - 'demured,' she decided, might be the word. Nevertheless, she kept him at a professional distance whether or not she preferred the current him.

Almost everyday about this hour she would find him entering Kureto Hiragi's office. Sometimes, Guren Ichinose would be together with him. She could not help but notice how Guren occasionally placed his hand over Shinya's bottom, casually squeezing it in front of the other soldiers, and how Shinya stiffened visibly under the intimate touch. Sometimes, Kureto would be waiting with his arms crossed at the doorway, and Shinya would tense up further with his head bow before him, before disappearing into the office.

One would wonder what the three were discussing - what exactly was going on - behind the closed door. If she were to linger at the doorway long enough, which she did on just one occasion (and regretted), she would hear the distinct groans and moans emitting from the office.

Aoi brushed off the unnecessary memories as she walked pass the muted sniper, mindful of her place, and looked forward to enjoying a cup of hot cocoa to end her long day.