Leader:Brightstar, white she-cat with bright green eyes

Deputy: Cheetapelt, black-spotted golden she-cat with golden eyes

Medicine Cat: Blizzardstorm, white tom with gray flecks and green eyes


Stormfur, gray tabby tom, golden eyes

Eagleeyes, dusky brown tom with excellent eyesight, yellow eyes

Apprentice: Snowpaw

Songheart, beautiful gray she- cat with white splashes and amber eyes

Apprentice: Sparklepaw

Shadowslash, black tom with white paws and green eyes

Trackfur, Brown tabby she-cat, green eyes and excellent nose

Shimmerstream, silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes

Apprentice: Lilypaw

Embershade, thick furred gray and red tom, amber eyes

Sparkfeather, ginger she-cat with white flecks and long silky fur, golden eyes


Lilypaw, cream she-cat with ginger patches, green eyes

Sparklepaw, silver she-cat with white flecks and lively blue eyes

Snowpaw, pure white tom with blue eyes

Queens (and kits):

Cinderfur, dark gray she-cat with pale green eyes, mother of Darkkit, a big black tom, dark blue eyes, and Tinykit, a small white she-cat with amber eyes, mate of Eagleeyes

Flowertail, white she-cat with a ginger tail and blue eyes, mother of Lightningkit, bluegray she-cat with one white forepaw and blue eyes, and Thunderkit, bluegray she-cat with blue eyes, mate of Stormfur

Moonfur, light gray tabby she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Lavakit, ginger tom with green eyes , Ashkit, gray tom with lighter flecks, blue eyes, and Spottedkit, tortishell she-cat with blue eyes, mate of Shadowslash


Jaggedclaw, gray tabby tom with long messy fur,long claws and dark green eyes

Brokentooth, gray she-cat with broken teeth and blue eyes

Rosepetel, pink tinged cream she-cat with golden eyes


Leader: Barkstar, brown tom with golden eyes

Deputy: Rootwhisker, brown tabby tom with white paws, muzzle, chest, belly and tail tip, scraggly whiskers, green eyes

Medicine Cat:


Bluestone, large grayblue tom with amber eyes

Branchclaw, cream tom with brown stripes and blue eyes

Brokenwing, Siamese she cat with gray eyes and scars covering her back

Stoat-tail, short-tailed tom with lustrous brown fur and a white underbelly, grayblue eyes

Dewymoon, long furred white she-cat with amber eyes

Berrystorm, fluffy gray tom with pale underbelly and amber eyes


Cedarpaw, russet colered she-cat with deep green eyes

Burnpaw, black tom with amber eyes

Queens (and kits):

Honeysuckle, light ginger she-cat with amber eyes, mother of Sneakkit, dark gray tom with black stripes and grayblue eyes , and Pinekit, light ginger tom with amber eyes, mate of Stoat-tail


Stumptail, stocky tom with black and white patches, golden eyes


Leader: Splashstar, silver she-cat with a white splash on her chest, green eyes

Deputy: Rippletail, light gray tabby tom, blue eyes

Medicine Cat:


Iceshard, white tom with pale blue eyes

Oakfrost- brown furred tom with dark stripes on his tail and back. White ear tips and blue eyes

Alderpelt, yellow tabby tom with white paws and pale green eyes

Wasptail, brown she-cat with black tabby stripes on her tail and vibrant green eyes


Fogpaw, pale gray she-cat with pale yellow eyes

Queens (and kits):

Minnowsplash, small tortishell and white she-cat with blue eyes, mother of Waterkit, light gray tabby she-cat with green eyes, Tuftkit, thick furred ginger tom with messy fur and golden eyes, and Dartkit, quick black she-cat with green eyes and sleek fur, mate of Rippletail


Puddlefur, old gray tabby tom with amber eyes


Leader: Wishstar, white she-cat with brown tabby patches and green eyes

Deputy: Shardspots, gray tom with pale gray spots and ice blue eyes

Medicine Cat: Dropletsong, silvery gray she-cat with a white teardrop shape on her forehead and cloudy blue eyes


Spottedfern, Brown tabby she-cat with white chest and belly, amber eyes

Feathermist, white she-cat with white splotches on her ears and paws, green eyes

Bumblepetal, black and silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes


Swallowpaw, pretty brown tabby she-cat with white paws and chest, amber eyes

Queens (and kits):

Elders: Antfrost long furred silver tabby tom with copper eyes

(Under construction)


While I made up many of the characters in this story I want you all to know, it was a group effort. My brother and sister help me with it all. In fact, my sister came up with the original idea. It started out as running around with stuffed animals.

I would also like to thank BrizaMarii for, Spottedfern, Feathermist, Bluestone, Brokenwing and Oakfrost. And Foxtail of StormClan for, Alderpelt, Antfrost, Berrystorm, Wasptail, Bumblepetal and Dewymoon.

Reviews are appreciated and I will accept OCs for any clan other than Fireclan.