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Quips and Quotes 4

Harry found he couldn't help himself as he found himself staring at Ginny as she helped her mother prepare dinner.

He sighed, wishing he could work up the nerve to speak to the petite redhead. He also wished that Ron wasn't such a git and wouldn't blow up if he did speak to Ginny and asked her out.

He just hoped that no one noticed how taken he was with the youngest Weasley.

His eyes suddenly were drawn to the Weasley matriarch and they widened when he noticed her giving him a knowing smirk and he found himself blushing a very Weasley red.

Harry and Ginny

Harry awoke with a start, his eyes darting around in a near panic. It took several moments for him to take in his surroundings. He blew out a breath, trying to get his racing heart to slow down.

He jumped slightly when he felt a soft, small hand caress his cheek. "Relax, love, everything is okay and I'm right here," he heard Ginny whisper.

He relaxed into her hand, relishing the love and comfort that he was experiencing from her gentle touch.

"The war is over, Riddle's dead," he said to himself.

Calming down as he snuggled tighter into the side of the one he loved, he slowly drifted back off to sleep. He knew it would take a while but he was sure that eventually that the nightmares and worry would fade and it was all due to the warm, wonderful, loving young woman by his side,

Harry and Ginny

Harry looked up and he couldn't help but smile as he heard Ginny's distinctive laugh. It was a couple of moments before he was able to see her as she entered through the portrait hole.

His smile widened as his eyes met Ginny's and he sighed contentedly as she smiled back at him.

They had been slowly getting to know one another the past couple of weeks. The only thing they had to be careful of was being seen by her prat of a brother, Ron.

To do so they had been spending time together in the Library, choosing a table tucked way back in a secluded corner. Though Madam Pince had glared at them because they spent an inordinate amount of time whispering to one another, she hadn't said anything because they weren't really bothering anyone else.

Ron and his other friend, Hermione were sitting on a nearby couch and were otherwise occupied as they were slowly edging into another one of their infamous arguments.

Harry was glad Ron wasn't paying attention as Ginny gave him a sly wink and then as she passed behind him, she lightly ran her fingers across the back of his shoulders and neck, making him shiver slightly.

He noticed Ron glance his way, a scowl on his face, but then he turned his attention back to Hermione, gesturing wildly as he strived to make some point.

Harry sighed and shook his head minutely, knowing that if things continued to progress and he asked Ginny to be his girlfriend, he knew Ron was going to go completely barmy and blow up at him.

Not that he particularly cared, Ginny was worth it as far as he was concerned.

Harry and Ginny

Harry pumped his fist high into the air, showing off the Snitch that he had caught, ending the game.

He couldn't hide his smirking smile as he saw his arch rival, Draco Malfoy scowling at him.

Not that Harry could blame him, he had caught the Snitch that was hovering just behind the blonde's left ear. On top of that the Slytherin had let out a rather girly scream as Harry had charged past him in his bid to catch the Snitch.

His attention was torn away from the pouting boy as the rest of the Gryffindor Quidditch team came crashing into him as they congratulated him for his catch.

They slowly spiralled down to the ground, everyone either pounding him on his back or giving him a hug in the case of the female chasers. The last to do so was none other than one Ginny Weasley.

If anyone would have cared to notice, hers lasted a bit longer than any of the others, fortunately no one did.

Harry was taken completely by surprise when she added a quick kiss to his cheek before she let go of him, her eyes shining brightly with mischief.

It took all of Harry's willpower to keep from grabbing her and kissing her soundly. As of that moment they were keeping their relationship a secret.

Not that either was ashamed, no, it was just that they wanted to avoid the scrutiny and all the gossip that was so prevalent throughout Hogwarts.

Ginny gave him a smile and a sly wink, letting Harry know that they'd have a private and much more intimate celebration later when they could slip away during the chaos of the party in the Gryffindor common room, and he couldn't hardly wait.

Harry and Ginny

Harry sat at the table in the kitchen of the Burrow, watching Molly Weasley making his breakfast. They were both habitual early risers, the only two other than Arthur who needed to get up early to get to the Ministry on time.

He smiled as he watched, remembering the first time he had come down before any of the other kids. He had offered to help cook, something that he was rather proficient at having to make most of the meals for his relatives since he was quite young.

Molly had let him know in no uncertain terms that she was the Mistress of her kitchen and didn't need any help, though she was very nice about it.

He did set the table, something she somewhat reluctantly allowed, though now she just smiled and nodded at him whenever he did so.

He sipped his juice while he contemplated a pressing situation. Since it was the start of the summer, he wanted to let the Weasley's, especially Molly, know that he was dating their only daughter, Ginny.

Ginny had been somewhat reluctant to say anything, not so much as what her parents would think but she dreaded the teasing that her brothers would heap on her and Harry.

Harry thought that this early time that he spent with the Weasley matriarch was the perfect time to bring the topic up.

"Um, Molly," Harry said hesitantly.

"What is it, dear?" Molly asked without turning around, keeping her attention on the frying pan on the stove.

"I want to tell you something," Harry stated a little more loudly.

"You know you can tell me anything," the older red-head remarked, her voice tinged with a small amount of concern.

"Well, the thing is, I ah," he stammered.

He chanced a look at the Weasley matriarch and saw she was desperately trying to keep from laughing.

He shook his head and chuckled to himself, he knew he had to look rather comical.

"I'm a Gryffindor," he whispered to himself. He took a deep calming breath and let it out slowly. It had the desired effect of calming him most of the way.

Clearing his throat, he began again. "What I'm trying to say and bollocks it up is that Ginny and I have started dating."

He closed his eyes and shook his head when he realized what he had actually said and he thoroughly expected to get a dressing down for his language.

"Oh, is that all," Molly replied with a smirk. "I suspected as much and was just waiting for you or Ginny to confirm it,"

Harry just stared at her gobsmacked, his eyes wide and mouth hanging open.

Molly came over and gently patted his hand. "I know you haven't had a real parent growing up so I don't expect you to understand just how perceptive a mother can be," she stated with a warm smile.

Then the smile morphed into a smirk. "I'll let your language go this time as you were just so darn cute but now that you're officially dating my daughter, don't expect me to be so lenient in the future," she teased.

"Thanks, Mrs. Weasley," Harry breathed in relief.

"Now that you're dating Ginny, I think it's time you started calling me Mum," Molly laughed.

"Okay, Mum," Harry replied as an unexpected feeling of warmth filled him.

Unable to help himself, he rose and took Molly by surprise when he went over to her and for the first time ever, initiated a hug with her.

Molly felt her eyes mist as she relished the warm, loving hug that Harry gave her. She'd always thought of Harry as one of her own and it looked like he was finally accepting being considered a member of the family.

Her one silent wish was that his and Ginny's relationship would continue to grow and that one day she could really welcome him into the family when they got married.

Harry and Ginny

Harry and Ginny sat in the stands watching the Ravenclaw versus Slytherin Quidditch game.

While the two team's Chasers were fairly evenly matched as were the Keepers, this years Ravenclaw Beaters were obviously superior to Slytherin's.

The other obvious difference was in their Seekers. Draco Malfoy was no match against Cho Chang.

It was patently obvious to anyone with half a brain that the only reason Malfoy was on the team was because of his father's influence and willingness to spread around his Galleons. He had purchased the whole Slytherin team brand need Nimbus Brooms.

The problem for the Slytherins was that like all sports, skill was even more important that raw speed. Speed could only do so much to offset inferior talent.

With their superior Beaters the Ravenclaws were slowly extending their lead over the Slytherin Team.

Of course as that happened the Slytherin team began to play much dirtier and with the ensuing penalties, the Ravenclaws only extended their lead.

After a fairly short game of only 85 minutes Cho ended the Slytherin's misery by grabbing the Snitch, virtually right under Malfoy's nose. The final score was 310 to 50.

Malfoy was his usual pleasant self as he insulted Cho and the rest of the Ravenclaw team, totally ignoring the fact that Slytherin had lost.

Harry and Ginny were gleefully happy at the humiliation that Malfoy had suffered at the hands of the pretty oriental girl.

It only got better when Professor Flitwick heard Malfoy insulting Cho and gave him a weeks detention while also deducting 50 points from Slytherin.

The spoiled ponce really was the worst Seeker at Hogwarts.

Harry and Ginny

For the fifth time in three months, Witch Weekly ran an article featuring who they called Britain's Most eligible Bachelor, Harry Potter, much to his annoyance.

Of course they included numerous interviews with a plethora of witches all stating why they were the perfect match for the Saviour of the Wizarding World.

This had the unfortunate effect of causing all of Ginny's old insecurities to resurface, something that irritated Harry more than the attention the articles brought upon him.

Finally Harry cornered Ginny one evening and wrapped his arms around her tightly, refusing to let the fiery redhead loose.

"I only love you," he whispered fervently into her ear.

He smiled when he felt her relax and lean into his embrace and he couldn't wait until the next off season of the Quidditch League when he planned on surprising her when he proposed, hoping to end forever her doubts that she was the only one for him.