Just for anyone coming in new, Welcom! There is a prequel to this. It's called Chloe Samantha. For those who're coming to read the newest installment, Welcome Back! This takes place in the first episode of Season 4, so spoilers for that.

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As the sun shines into the car, Chloe pops her head up to see what all is happening. Not seeing her father or surrogate mother, the child nearly panics until she sees an angry Scully walking to the car. The red head slams the door shut once she gets in the driver's seat. Closing her eyes as she rests her head against the seat, she tries to block out the world until she remembers who else is in the car.

"Chloe?" She murmurs reaching her hand out for the girl to take. When the girl takes her hand and squeezes it gently, the woman has to force herself not to cry. She feels horrible for taking her daughter— partner's daughter— out to the middle of nowhere, Maryland without so much as an explanation.

"Where's Dad?" Chloe asks softly causing the agent to open her eyes. Scully shakes her head answering, "I don't know."

Oddly enough, saying the words to her surrogate daughter hurts more than saying them to an alien bounty hunter. Worse is the girl squeezing her hand again in reassurance. An eleven year should not be so understanding or forgiving. Scully wants the child to yell or scream at her. Maybe even pitch a fit. Instead, the girl leans her head on Scully's seat with her face looking out the windshield and says, "Dad's going to be okay."

Confused, Scully says, "How do you know?"

"He's always okay."

At the girl's words, Scully says, "Don't ever loose your compassion."

Chloe merely nods before yawning and curling up in the back seat to fall asleep. Left to worry, Scully keeps an eye out for anyone who could hurt them. Then, about to doze off herself a little while later, Scully nearly jumps when her left side passenger door opens and shuts and her phone rings. Accepting the call, the red head answers, "'Scully.'"

"'Scully, it's me. Where are you?'"

Fully aware of the man behind her sitting next to a still sleeping Chloe, the red head answers, "'I'm right where you left me, Mulder. I'm sitting here in my car.'"

"'Why?'" He questions. She practically rolls her eyes as she explains, "'Because you wouldn't answer your phone and because I didn't know what else to do.'"

"'Are you okay, Scully?'" He asks easily able to pick up on his friend's emotions by now.

"'Yes, I'm fine.' We're fine," She answers tensely.

Mulder notices a jab at his absence, and says, "'Listen to me, there's going to be... there's going to be people looking for me. They're going to think they can get to me through you.'"

"'Mulder...'" Scully begins very aware of the bounty hunter holding an icepick at her head.

"'No, no, no, hold on, just, just listen for a second, Scully. I need you to do something for me. I had to steal a car from an airport in Alberta. There's going to be a record of me going through Canadian customs and I need you to cover my tracks. I also need you to know that I'm okay, Scully. I'm fine. Okay?'" Mulder reassures. Scully says nothing as the bounty hunter gets out of her car and into his own. Urgently she tells her partner, "'Mulder, he's coming after you.'"

"'Who?'" Mulder questions. Inhaling, Scully tries to stay calm before answering, "'The man you left for dead. He's alive.'"

Hanging up, the woman throws her phone into her glove compartment and cries silently overwhelmed by the night's events. Letting herself cry for only a moment, the red head dries her eyes and starts the car.

Half an hour into leaving Maryland, Scully notices Chloe wake up and asks, "Are you hungry?"

Nodding, the woman offers to stop at a diner on the way back. Finally finding a place that is not similar to a truck stop, Scully parks the car.

As they eat their food, the red head asks, "Chloe, I'm going back to have to go into work when we get back. Do you want to stay with me or go somewhere else?"

Finishing a bite of her eggs, the girl asks, "Can I go to see The Boys?"

"You want to see them?" Scully asks skeptically having never left the girl with them before.

"Yeah! They could take me bowling, or something," The eleven year old replies. Knowing both her mother and Rachel need a break, Scully replies, "Let me call them first."

An hour and a half later, Scully stands outside of the Lone Gunmen's hideout with Chloe beside her.

"Hey, short stuff! You've grown!" Langly says once the woman and child enter the building.

"You'll be almost as tall as this beautiful woman right here," Frohike says winking at Scully. He merely gets an eyebrow raise in response.

"Oh, Byers made waffles. You want one?" Langly asks conspiratorially. Nodding, Chloe leaves the room eager for the food.

"Thanks for watching her," Scully replies.

"No problemo. We love that kid! Glad you brought her by," Frohike replies before bidding his leave after his name is called. Scully merely shakes her head before leaving for the Bureau

Having been fully entertained for most of the day, Chloe nearly forgets about her grandmother. However, a comment from one of the men leads her to ask, "Did Dad ever talk to you about my grandma?"

"Occasionally. Not too much though. Sorry about her, by the way," The Boys answer softly. Chloe merely nods before she is challenged in a pinball tournament by Langly.

Then, at eleven that night, the men get a phone call.

"Hey, Langly. It's me. Mulder's with his mom and wants me to take Chloe up to see her," Scully says as she drives to the hideout.

"Yeah, we'll get her stuff ready," Langly answers after receiving a look from Byers that means they cannot keep her with them. Hanging up the phone, Byers and Langly inform Frohike of the change in plans before waking up the eleven year old.

"She barely knows her grandmother. Wouldn't we be doing him a favor by keep her here?" Langly asks as they head to where the girl is sleeping.

"We owe it to Mulder," Byers replies waking the girl and saying, "Scully's on her way to get you. You're gonna go up to see your grandmother."

Nodding sleepily, Chloe gets up and begins to put her shoes on. Getting in Scully's car ten minutes later, the child is confused to find Skinner in the front passenger seat.

"He's coming with us," The red head explains. Nodding wearily, the eleven year old soon falls asleep again. Scully looks in the rear view mirror at the girl before looking back at the road. She knows her boss questions her relationship with the Mulders, but is happy he doesn't say anything. Hours later, the FBI employees and the eleven year old enter the hospital. With Skinner taking charge, Scully answers her surrogate daughter who asks, "What are all these people doing here?"

"They're part of the investigation. They're here to help your dad. He's been out trying to help your grandmother."

"What's wrong with her?" Chloe asks. Nodding in the direction of Tina Mulder's hospital room, the red heads replies, "She's in a coma. She had a stroke, but that's all they know for sure."

Chloe nods silently as she enters the room. She feels a little less uncomfortable with Scully behind her, but not too much. Shifting her stance a little, the girl says, "Hi, Grandma."

Scully, seeing Skinner call for her, squeezes the girl's shoulder before leaving the room. Seeing a chair in the corner, the girl curls up in it and stares at the woman. Not sure how long she sits there, the girl is confused when her father walks in the room crying. Standing up, she sees a warning glance from Scully and stands still. The girl watches as the red head puts a blanket over Mulder and lets him cry. When the man turns to his partner's shoulder, Chloe goes up to hug him too.

An hour later, Mulder still sits in his mother's hospital room with Chloe asleep in the waiting room.

"I could have saved her, Scully'," Mulder laments. With her hand on his shoulder, Scully reassures, "'As long as she's lying here, you can't give up on her. I don't care what the doctors say.'"

Sighing, Mulder answers, "'I had one chance... and I let it slip away.'"

"'We don't know that, Mulder. You can't blame yourself for what you could only hope'," The red head answers. Changing the subject, Mulder says,"'He took me to a place with green fields. And I saw my sister. She was just a little girl. I've seen too many things not to believe.'"

"'I've seen things too. But there are answers to be found now. We have hope that there's a place to start. That's what I believe'," The woman insists. Disregarding the comment, the man says, "'You put such faith in your science, Scully. But... the things I've seen, science provides no place to start.'"

Holding on to her earlier statement, the red head replies, "'Nothing happens in contradiction to nature, only in contradiction to what we know of it. And that's a place to start. That's where the hope is.'"

The agent stares hopelessly at his mother before shaking his head.

"I feel like I came so close'," He states.

Softly, Scully admits, "'I feel it too. I know it.'"


"'I was warned'," She begins before taking a breath and explaining, "'By a man we both know... who I believe knows the truth... who can lead us to a place to start.'"

Nodding, Mulder stands from his seat.

"We should probably go. Chloe has school tomorrow and we have a long drive back."

The woman merely nods as she guides her partner out of the room with one last look at Tina Mulder before heading out. Finding the girl awake and eating a doughnut, Mulder and Scully head over to her.

"You ready to go?" The father asks his daughter. Nodding, Chloe answers, "Yeah. Are we taking Scully's car?"

"Yeah, we'll have to," Mulder answers giving Scully a sheepish look. The red head nods before fishing her keys out of her pocket.

Being dropped off at their complex hours later, the pair goes to their floor. walking down the hall, Mulder notices blood on the wall, but hopes his daughter says nothing. His hopes are dashed by his daughter's question.

"Dad, why is there blood on the wall?" The eleven year old asks. Unsure himself, Mulder answers, "I'm not sure, Chlo. Let's just go inside, okay?"