Sorry for such a delay! This takes place during the episode "Three of a Kind" i.e. the episode where Scully goes to Vegas and gets drugged and we get to see fun Scully.


Chloe wakes up the next morning to find her father and Scully still asleep on the couch. Deciding to let them sleep, the teen takes a shower. Waking up to the sound of the shower running, Mulder reorients himself to his surroundings and is pleasantly relieved when he finds Scully still asleep in his arms. He watches her a moment before she stirs and opens her eyes.

"Morning," She groggily states.

"Morning," Mulder answers as Scully takes the blanket from around her shoulder, stands, and stretches. Noticing the bathroom is occupied, the red head decides to enter her kitchen and make tea. As she grabs her favorite brand of tea from its container, she smirks as her partner asks, "No coffee?"

Scully nods toward the coffee pot. She knows all too well that Mulder knows where she keeps the coffee. As they continue their morning with a few hand brushes and small smiles, Mulder comments, "Imagine if all our mornings were like this."

Thinking he is merely teasing her again, Scully shakes her head. The pair quietly goes about their tasks until Mulder asks, "Well?"

Confused, Scully turns to find Mulder trying to not look overly hopeful.

"Mulder, are you asking me to date you?" Scully questions with a small smirk and secretly enjoying his awkwardness.

"Yes," He finally admits not wanting to explain his reasons. Nodding, Scully answers, "And you're not worried if this will affect Chloe?"

His face falls as he considers the consequences. After a moment, he asks, "What if it were just us? We'll see how it goes and then tell Chloe."

Scully mulls over the desicion for a moment before nodding her consent. Her partner smiles at her just as Chloe opens the bathroom door.

"Morning!" Chloe chirps causing the adults to glance at each other in confusion. Their daughter is not one to be a morning person as of late. Unknown to them, she relishes in the conversation she happens to overhear from the hallway.

"Morning, Chlo. How'd you sleep?" Scully asks sipping a little more of her tea.

An hour later, the small family is eating breakfast when Chloe asks, "Dad, are we still going out of town for Spring Break?"

"Yep! First we're seeing your grandmother, though," Mulder replies before looking over at his partner. "Do you want to come?"

Shaking her head, Scully replies, "Have fun without me. I actually have an autopsy scheduled then."

"Who's the lucky stiff?"

Both adults stare at the teenager in front of them before laughing.

"That's a good one, Chlo," Mulder remarks silently enjoying his daughter's humor. Scully merely rolls her eyes before explaining it is for a medical course who is coming to observe. Chloe nods in appreciation before taking her plate to the sink, washing it off, and putting it in the dish washer.

"You should do that at home," Mulder comments as his daughter grins sheepishly before leaving the room. A few minutes later, the phone rings causing the teen to call out that she will answer. The adults merely shake their heads hoping that they do not have another case. Always cautionary, Scully takes her and her partner's plates and begins to do the dishes. Noticing what she is doing, Mulder remarks that he is going to take a quick shower.

"Alright, but save me some hot water," The red head remarks. Just as she cleans off the kitchen table, Scully finds Chloe staring at her. Looking at the teen, the red head asks, "Yes?"

"Anna, Amanda, and Kyle are going to the girl's basketball game this afternoon. Can I go?" The teen hurriedly questions. After answering the plethora of parental questions Scully releases on her, Chloe sighs once her guardian answers, "I don't see why not, but ask your Dad."

"Ask Dad what?" Mulder asks from the hallway having just left the bathroom only half dressed. With a sigh, Chloe repeats her earlier question adding, "Mom already gave me the third degree."

"Homework?" Her father asks. Chloe nods answering, "Homework, room, everything. Can I go? It starts at two!"

"Yeah, but that means we need to leave in the next ten minutes," Mulder replies knowing he has paperwork to finish before taking a week off from work.

"Hey!" Kyle calls as he waves his hand to gain Chloe's attention when he sees her enter the gym. Thankfully he and his friends are sitting near the door.

"Hi!" She calls back before kissing her father good-bye and heading up the bleachers.

"Can I tell you two something?" Chloe asks once Amanda leaves and the three friends sit outside the gym. Wondering what she will say, Kyle and Anna look expectantly at their friend. Softly, the teen states, "Mom had a miscarriage."

Anna gasps while Kyle waits for her to continue. Somehow he is now in the brunette's inner circle and wants to keep it that way.

"How?" Anna finally asks. Taking a breath, Chloe answers, "Mom found out she had a possibility for IVF, but it didn't take. I just needed to tell someone, and I trust you two."

The teens are quiet for a moment until Chloe adds, "On the bright side, Mom and Dad are officially together!"

"They are!" Anna squeals excitedly. Kyle merely rolls his eyes at his friends' excitement before asking, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I heard them talking about it," Chloe states with a huge smile until she is picked up.

With Chloe's spring break a couple weeks later, Mulder tries once again to ask his now girlfriend to go with him, but she declines.

"Mulder, I have an autopsy," She states as she sits in the chair across from him at his desk. "I want to go, but apparantly no other medical examiners work in the FBI."

"They can't just call anyone in for this class?" Mulder wonders aloud. His girlfriend and work partner shakes her head reiterating, "I am the only medical examiner, Mulder. Besides, you spent all weekend with me the other week while Chloe went to Anna's sleepover. Now spend a week with your daughter."

Twirling the pencil he currently holds in his hand between his fingers, Mulder realizes Scully is right in her thinking. He and Chloe alone is not something that happens as much anymore, but he quickly adds, "Fine, but I won't tell you where we're going."

Rolling her eyes, Scully answers, "Chloe will tell me anyway when you get back."

With a sigh, Mulder jokes, "I knew I shouldn't have taught her to talk."

Scully laughs with him asking, "What was her first word?"

"Um, juice? Maybe that was her second. My? I know her first semi- sentence was 'my juice'. No idea why, but I wish I'd caught it on camera," Mulder remarks as his girlfriend watches him. She loves when he turns into a doting father.

The night of her autopsy, Scully reaches for her home phone and calls Mulder's cell. Exhausted, Scully happily listens to her boyfriend and her ward who prattle endlessly over their trip. Half an hour later, the red head lets out a yawn that signals the end of the call. Placing the phone back in its cradle, Scully gets ready for bed. Disoriented, Scully wakes up hours later to a phone call with Mulder telling her to meet him in Vegas. In her sleep induced haze, the red head packs a bag and heads to Nevada. Finding the Lone Gunmen instead, Scully cannot believe her partner is doing work while on vacation. Hours later, the red head boards a flight out of Vegas hoping the boys will not tell of her drug induced escapades. Entering her apartment hours later, the red head kicks off her shoes only to hear a yelp. Turning on the light, the woman is surprised to find Mulder and Chloe in the apartment.

"We wanted to surprise you!" Chloe explains. "Dad and I have one last thing to do on our trip and it involves you!"

Hearing the teen's words, Scully is slightly touched, but mostly annoyed. Selfishly, all she wants to do is crawl in bed or take a hot bath. Maybe both. However, seeing the excitement in the father and daughter's eyes prompts the woman to ask, "What is it?"

Gauging his girlfriend's reaction, Mulder states, "We're going to go to Quonochontaug to my old summer home."

"Mulder," Scully softly gasps knowing how precious the home is for him. She then looks at Chloe who smiles and tells her her bag is already packed.

Entering his family home mid Saturday morning, Mulder takes a moment to reminisce about his childhood. With all the memories flooding back, Mulder is unaware of his girlfriend entering the home. Scully takes the moment to watch him as well. The house holds memories for Mulder that will never be erased. Hearing Chloe come up to the door, the red head stops her ward to let Mulder have a moment to reminisce. A few minutes later, Scully lets Chloe enter the house before sidling up to her partner. Slipping her hand in his, Scully looks carefully at Mulder as she softly asks, "Are you okay?"

Startled out of his reverie, the man looks down at her with a warm smile.

"Yeah," He replies. "You know, I've never taken Chloe here either?"

Surprised, Scully looks at the man questioningly asking, "Why now?"

Mulder shrugs. He is not even sure. Scully merely squeezes Mulder's hand as they look over the home. It still has a late sixties charm about it with a few seventies pieces scattered about. With a chuckle, Mulder walks over to the coffee table.

"Mom never let this go empty," The man comments as he opens the small candy dish and pops one of the candies in his mouth. "The red ones were always my favorite."

Disregarding the idea that her partner and boyfriend's remark is a possible euphamism, Scully comments on how the man may get sick. He grins answering, "No better than swallowing a bug."

Thankfully before Scully can scientifically rant about the differences between close to thirty year old candy and insects, Chloe reenters the living room exclaiming, "Dad, can we go swimming?"

He quickly shakes his head not wanting to deal with a sick child on the last few days of her vacation. Instead he compromises, "We can sit in the sand and stick our feet in though."

Realizing she cannot persuade Scully either, the fourteen year old nods.

"Last one to the beach is a loser!" She calls out easily having a head start. Mulder and Scully glance at each other and comment on the teen's energy before following. Holding out his hand, Mulder smiles as Scully takes it and the pair walks hand in hand outside.

"Mom! Join us?" Chloe asks as she kicks her shoes off and sits down in the sand. Scully shades her eyes as she watches Mulder walk down to the water and make some sort of joke which causes his daughter to laugh. Deciding she will never get another moment like this, the red head agrees and the trio treats the rest of the weekend like a family.

Heading back home is uneventful as all three people are eager to go home to bed. Scully decides to simply stay with the Mulders knowing Chloe has school the next day. Entering the apartment hours later, Mulder yawns. Setting down his suitcase, he comments on how he will commandeer the bathroom first. Scully nods tiredly before asking Chloe if she has everything ready for school in the morning. With a sigh, the teenager says she does but will double check. Scully nods before taking her suitcase into the bedroom to dig for her pajamas. Just as she finishes getting ready for bed, the red head hears a sound coming from behind her.

"Mom?" Chloe asks from the bedroom door. "I have to have part of a project done by tomorrow afternoon and I need to interview someone."

Raising her eyebrows, Scully asks why the project is not done yet. Smiling guiltily, Chloe replies, "We were on vacation?"

Sighing, the red head replies, "It's ten at night, Chloe. Who were you even thinking to interview?"

Chloe shrugs asking, "You? It's about how we can learn from our parents or something."

A little perturbed at the teen's procrastination, Scully states, "Grab your papers and meet me in the living room."

"What's wrong?" Mulder asks as he comes out of the bathroom with only pajama pants and drying his hair. Scully rolls her eyes before explaining the situation. Mulder raises his eyebrows.

"Yeah," Scully comments. She kisses him before stating, "Don't wait up."

Chloe walks by unnoticed at the moment, but soon clears her throat. Realizing his daughter sees the kiss, Mulder comments, "We'll talk about this in the morning before school, okay?"

The teenager nods happily before she and Scully enter the living room and sit on the couch. An hour later, Scully enters the bedroom, brushes her teeth, and then crawls into bed.

"How was it?" Mulder asks his voice only marginally thick with sleep.

"Not bad, although I had to walk away to ignore her questions about us," Scully comments as she buries herself in the blankets. Mulder nods before both adults drift off to sleep.