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The Arrival

"It's expanding," Kakashi warned as he backed away slowly, he clenched his right eye shut but he could still feel the throbbing pain in the back of his head.

Naruto wiped a small trickle of blood from the corner of his bottom lip, "Can you close it?" He turned his head to face his former teacher but once he removed his hand from his eye, the answer to his question was clear. The long strokes of blood running down his cheek spoke for itself.

"I've over used the Kamui as it is, I'll die before it closes and then it would just start expanding again."

"Any ideas Sasuke?" Naruto asked.

He contemplated; Sasuke figured perhaps if he and Naruto used the last of their chakra to transfer to Kakashi he could hypothetically close it himself but, he would still die regardless and so, he kept that idea to himself as the warp in space only grew larger and larger in front of them, the clock was ticking.

Sasuke sighed and opened his right eye before glaring up at the vortex in front of them, "Beats me, but who knows what'll happen if it keeps growing like that," this possibility of this Jutsu was going to expand and consume the Kamui dimension, killing all three of them due to the machinations of a mad-man hell bent on turning the world into an illusion.

All three heads turned at the sound of slight chuckling from behind them, the laugh was strained and barely audible, however; they were in a separate dimension so there was only one person that could be laughing at a time like this, and this man was lucky to even be alive, "You are… all… fools," the fallen villain proclaimed as every breath he took was viable to be his last, crimson trickled down the corner of his lips as he spoke, "It won't stop… it'll keep growing… until it warps through... to your world and consumes it all… and then… everything you fought for… will be gone," the man paused, choking on blood as it spattered across the ground, every few seconds trying to catch his breath which is understandable as he had a long black pole piercing his left lung, three in his abdomen, two in each arm, and one through the right leg. Each one pinning him to the ground.

"Even when you're dying, you're still annoying," Naruto mumbled folding his arms as he turned away from him.

Sasuke gave an exasperated sigh as he had an idea but, it wasn't one he was fond of and yet, he was prepared to follow through with it anyways, "We can close it."

They all looked at him in surprise, what plan could Sasuke have devised in the minutes they'd been standing there? Sasuke turned and looked at both his comrades in arms.

Naruto smiled, "Really? How?" He was excited at firs but, his mood would soon change.

"We'll seal it, but it has to be done from either side, like Kaguya," he insisted.

Naruto blinked, "But if we seal it how will I get back?"

"Don't be ridiculous," Sasuke poked Naruto in the chest once lightly, pushing him back a step or two, "I'm going."

"I can't let you do that-" Naruto was about to start but, he was interrupted.

"Save it, moron, I think its time I paid for my sins, this portal could take me home or it could kill me or I could land somewhere safe and help seal this thing with you..." He looked back at the growing catastrophe, "It needs to be me."

Naruto sighed and held his arm out, "Well, I know there's no changing your mind about it..." Sasuke looked at it for a moment and figured if it was the last he'd see of his comrade, he might as well send off happily, grabbing Naruto's forearm in a brotherly shake, "We sure had our differences but, to be honest now that everything's said and done, I dont think i would have done anything different."

Sasuke looked to the ground, a very faint smile flickering across his face, "Other than the jumping to my death scenario, I think I agree."

They seperated as Kakashi watched Naruto undo his leaf headband strap, folding it neatly and handing it to Sasuke, "I can't take that from you…" he said motionlessly, looking back and forth from Naruto and the metallic headband.

Naruto chuckled, tears welled ever so slightly in his eyes as he interrupted, "Save it moron," his left eye shed a single tear, "It was an honor being your friend too."

Sasuke turned to Kakashi for a quicker goodbye, with both of his intensely powerful eyes, could see his smile appearing from behind his mask, something he'd actually never seen before as he'd been allusive about his mask for years, "We'll meet again, someday," Kakashi said meeting glances with his former pupil who'd truly grown into a fine man.

"That would be nice," Sasuke said as he turned his attention to the choking adversary taking his last breaths, one last look at the evil soul who caused all of this before he stepped through the vortex; the last thing he saw was the beaten face of Madara Uchiha smiling back at him, grinning like a child covered in blood and bruises.

Everything was dark and pressurized, even with Sasuke's vision and strength, he could feel his bones being crushed; he could see nothing but darkness for several seconds as he felt like he was on the edge of life and death, or at least that's all he could make of the experience. This was slightly frightening to even Sasuke, suddenly his head began spinning as his mind throbbed uncontrollably along with the rest of his body. The pain was excruciating but, brief as his eyes found light at last. It was dim and uninviting but it was more or less the only sign around that he wasn't dead so naturally Sasuke reached for it. He gasped for air as his chest hit the concrete of some unknown alleyway, the end of the alley strobbed with neon lights from some sort of village as he his vision blurred pulling himself from a dirty puddle.

Sasuke opened his eyes but immediately realized there was the vortex behind him, it was much smaller than the one he entered through, It looked brand new as it was still a small human sized hole floating in the air, he must have been the one to puncture through to whatever reality or area he ended up in. He didnt waste any time that he could spare as it began expanding in front of him. Sasuke poured chakra into his eye and focused his energy on sealing through the Rinnegan. He reached his hand out along with the crescent-moon symbol seemingly tattooed on his palm and forced the portal to close. It shrunk into none-existence leaving Sasuke to fall to his knees and gasp loudly; a drops of blood dripped from his left eye and fell slowly to the ground, he looked in the reflection of a small puddle beneath him and noticed how much blood he was actually covered in. The battle was taxing but, the portal must have literally put him through the wringer as he could barely stand, he felt like his bones were fractured and his chest was caved in, but he forced himself back to his feet as his powerful eyes reverted to their natural onyx color aside from the Rinnegan which lost its tomoe design signifying his lack of energy.

He stumbled out into lights at the end of the alleyway finding a massive village with tall buildings, even taller than the ones in Konoha; people were dressed strangely and as he walked he noticed various pieces of garbage, rotting food, plastic bags and even articles of clothing on the ground lining the sidewalk. He stepped out into a dimly lit asphalt road with very odd yellow markings all over it, he limped his way out into the road trying to cross to the other side when a light startled him from his right side. A large metal contraption sped towards him at pretty slow speeds, most shinobi were much faster than it.

He wished he had the energy to react in time but after fighting with Gods and being crushed by an inter-dimensional portal, he was simply too exhausted to dodge it in time, instead he held his hand out and stopped it. Simply put, he used the last of his chakra to stick himself to the ground and strengthen his arm slightly, only enough to simply stop the oncoming object which crumbled like tin foil around his body as a plume of smoke erupted from the front. Now that Sasuke had a closer look, even with his vision flashing in and out, the object was some sort of advanced vehicle, strange looking and exotic, colored bright red. He looked for a driver and found a man in his late forties unconscious in the driver seat; Sasuke backed away slowly as an abrupt honking noise caused his head to start spinning again, he held his forehead as another strange vehicle had stopped right in front of him.

The man opened the door and yelled something to him in a foreign language, screaming to get his attention but, Sasuke didn't know what he was saying it just sounded angry; he didnt look the driver in the eyes as he stepped back on the sidewalk. Feeling cornered and unprepared, he took a breath and leaped into the air landing on the building that had juxtaposed the ally way he arrived in. He tumbled into a puddle, landing on his back and looking up at the night sky littered with clouds covering the stars; he tried to comprehend what was happening but simply couldn't. He was hoping that the portal lead to another Kamui dimension where he would be alone until he starved or perhaps simply jumping in would kill him, he did do horrible unspeakable things to friends and allies in his life so, it wasnt unnatural to be a bit suicidal. This was much worse as now he was an alien, in a world he didn't understand, with a broken body and a stunned mind, he figured if he saved his world, this was as good a place as any to die as a light mist sprinkled down from the sky.

Sasuke was brought back from his thoughts as he heard someone arriving behind him and his instincts kicked in, rolling to his hands and knees as blood trickled from his chin, splattering into the gravel rooftop as he forced himself to a standing position, he spun around and pulled his short sword from its sheath and pointed it in the direction of the intruder but, he wasn't expecting his hand to be shaking as much as it was, barely keeping the blade in his grip. Whoever it was, he was shrouded in darkness from the shadows of the night and some sort of suit he was wearing, he said nothing and stared, scanning him.

The figure stepped forwards as clouds above them began to release their contents; small drops of rain spread across the city for miles until it slowly picked up, pouring with a single flash of lightning illuminating the sky as well as the man staring down Sasuke. The thunder was ominous and quick as it shook the buildings, Sasuke tried to figure out what he'd seen as his vision blurred again, it was pitch black and he had no chakra left for using his Sharingan, even opening his left eye could be a detriment to his health at this point.

Sasuke stepped back, "Who... are you?" He managed to get out in his native tongue.

The figure seemed slightly confused at the language he used, obviously the man that screamed at him earlier wasn't just insane but speaking another language; Sasuke put those pieces together but, was surprised when the man spoke anyways.

"You're in my city; I ask the questions and you answer them," The figure had a deep, growling voice that sounded like he was using some sort of voice alteration technology, like nothing he'd ever considered before, even Orochimaru wasn't that smart.

"You can speak my language?"

"I speak many languages, a combination of Japanese and Korean dialects is what I'm using now," The figure was illuminated by another flash of light and this time, Sasuke caught every detail; The figure was a man, about six feet tall or taller and dressed in some sort of black body armor with a symbol resembling a bat on his chest, his helmeted cowl was pointed at the ears to also resemble a bat, "But, yes I can speak your language, now what are you doing in my city?"

"I arrived here... not by choice but, by necessity..." Sasuke responded before clenching his abdomen tighter and dropping his sword to the ground, the man watched as the sword clattered to the ground in the rain, falling to his knees, "I...I need medical attention."

"So does that man in the car below us, why should you come before him?" this man was still scanning this new person when he choked up a good amount of blood.

"Because... if you don't... help me, I'll die," With that last sentence his eye slipped back into his head and closed as his body collapsed to the ground pulled only by gravity as he landed on his back, Sasuke couldn't see anything but he could feel the water pouring onto his face and then he felt an odd sensation that he simply couldn't describe, and then? His heart stopped.

The Batman stared at the fallen stranger for a few seconds as he scanned the body with a multitude of devices in the eyes of his cowl, x-raying the heart with a simple glare, he quickly realized it had truly stopped beating.

Batman rushed to Sasuke's side and ripped apart his shirt and began chest compressions, "Come on, come on..."

His scanner suddenly released a rhythmic beeping again as his heart started back up, Batman gave a sigh of relief as he grabbed Sasuke by the neck and back, checking his pulse, "Sir, are you alright? Your heart monitor had flat lined and I certainly hope it wasn't yours," a voice filtered through his cowl in a thick English accent that spewed wisdom in waves.

"Not mine, some kid's; I'm taking him back with me," with a press of a button, he summoned a vehicle that floated up from behind the building, a massive jet that responded to his gauntlets remote commands.

"Shall I prep him a room?"

"No," Batman narrowed his eyes, "a cot… in the cave, and prep yourself for surgery."

"Of course, sir."

Sasuke woke with a gasp, his vision from his one eye was still blurred as he stared up at a cave ceiling littered with stalagmites, he kept his left eye clutched shut to avoid causing anymore damage while he recovered; he suddenly regained his composure, feeling much better now, he sprung up quickly preparing for battle but, was hit with the immense pain coming from his abdomen.

It took a few seconds but, he adjusted his position to look at his surroundings which was oddly highly advanced; the computers were floating as if made of light or some form of hologram, in front was a large chair where he recognized the pointed cowl even from behind, he spoke with his voice still modified, "You had five broken ribs, your right-lung was crushed, you needed forty-seven stitches across your body not including the ones needed for your surgery," he spun around with his fingers touching and elbows propped on the chair, "That is, until you started to heal all on your own, are you a super-human?"

Sasuke just stared at the man as he over looked his own body and gripped his forearm, the costumed man continued, "Your eye seems to have some sort of super-natural attributes, it certainly doesn't look of this world."

"From what I'm gathering, I'm not from this world..." He glanced back at the billion dollar floating holographic super-computer with several screens, "Or maybe I've been sent into the future," he slipped his legs over the edge of the cot as his bare-feet touched the cold metal plating structured over the cave grounds, "Thanks for the hospitality but, I'll get going."

"Wait," Batman announced as he stood slowly, "You aren't fully healed just yet; why don't you tell me where you came from and I'll make sure you get home?" Spite not usually showing it, the man beneath the cowl always did have a soft heart for young wayward boys lost in life, the least he could do was take the kid home.

Sasuke was stupefied though by the man's presence, it reminded him much of Kakashi only less light hearted; his demeanor and attitude all screamed 'prepared for everything' which brought back his last memories in his world, saying goodbye to Naruto and Kakashi.

"So what exactly did you do to get yourself in that condition?"

Sasuke sighed taking a second look at his arm where his skin actively sealed itself over the course of the minutes they talked, "I fought a god, I guess," he said it casually as if he wasn't screaming on the inside, Madara had nearly won and it was mere luck and his other half's intervention, without Naruto they never would have sealed Kaguya or the portal.

He was brought out of his thoughts suddenly, "Didn't go well?" the Batman looked him up and down before turning back towards the screens, amazingly interacting with them by just touching the floating images; he looked through news reports in Japanese, Korean, and Chinese frequencies to see if any major battles took place, attempting to pin point where the boy came from.

"I won," Sasuke muttered stoically and stood to his feet clenching his abdomen, "Not without consequences..." he leaned against the railing of the cot for a moment, "At the end of the battle, I had to jump through some sort of portal or something, it did most of the damage to my body just jumping through it."

This kid could possibly have been through a black hole or even an inter-dimensional rift, "Sit down or you'll pull your stitches," Batman stopped searching and turned around, "Do you recognize a country named America or China? Japan?"

Sasuke looked away, "No."

He had lie detection and heart rate monitors in his cowl so he could see the boy was telling the truth, "Do you come from planet Earth?"

"Yes, I do, at least one word you've said so far that isn't nonsense..."

"Well, at least we've narrowed that down," he said with a bit of frustration showing even through his voice modifier.

Batman stood and pulled up a screen displaying his own x-ray in a dialect and language he Sasuke could actually read, "This was your body when I found you," he flipped screens to a less critically damaged image of Sasuke's body, "This is your body forty-five minutes ago, your cells are reproducing at an astonishing rate..."


"You heal fast," Batman stated bluntly, "the point is your stitches can be removed in a few hours or less."

"Do you have a name?" Sasuke asked as he turned his attention to the much taller suited man; the closer he got the more advanced the suit appeared like literal armor, made of some sort of light-weight metallic plating, he couldn't help but, be at least slightly impressed.

"They call me Batman, I protect this city from those who threaten its peace," Sasuke was already making the comparisons to the Kage of the largest villages, "And you?"

"Uchiha Sasuke," he muttered avoiding eye contact, "I guess should be thanking you for the hospitality or whatever but, I should really be finding my way back."

Batman walked passed him and folded the bloody sheets from the cot he was lying on, "Be my guest but, at least let my friend take a look at your wounds before you go."

Sasuke slid his right foot across the ground, slipping into a fighting stance out of simple habit but, when he faced the entry way he only saw an old man wearing a black and white suit with a white lab-coat over it, "He spent a few years studying medicine so once he clears you, you can go," watched as Alfred looked over the scans of his x-rays, "Where exactly do you plan to go?"

This stopped him in his tracks, Sasuke hadn't really considered where he would go beyond healing his physical wounds but, he knew he couldn't go home either, he was starting to wish the portal had killed him again, "My word!" Alfred spoke up, "From the looks of this your body is healing at a factor of ten or more times the rate a normal person, you must be another one of his super-friends."

"I wouldn't say that," Batman responded, "Thank you, Alfred."

Alfred nodded and took off the bloody lab-coat, dusting off his suit and walking back up the stone stairs leading up to an unknown building, "An attendant? A slave? Or does he just take care of all the bloody teens you drag off the street?"

"He's a friend," The Batman walked back to his computer chair and sat down looking at Sasuke up and down, "So, you never said, what do you plan on doing now?"

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "I'm not sure, I came here alone and I have no way of getting back."

"I have connections, I can drop you off where ever or when ever you need," Batman stood and walked closer to Sasuke, "I could try contacting your parents? You still look pretty young."

"I'm sixteen," Sasuke looked down at his feet for the first time, "but, I don't have any family, not anymore. Besides, like I said I don't know where I am relative to where I came from, it could be another dimension or time travel or any number of messed up stuff I don't understand."

There was a long pause before Batman spoke up, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your parents?"

Sasuke sighed loudly, "They were killed, all of them, leave it at that."

The man's eyes widened for a moment he saw a young boy, sitting in a police station in the middle of the night with a blanket over his shoulders, what a cold night that was so long ago; he was blessed with a vast fortune then, but this boy has nothing but, the clothes on his back, "I'm sorry, I know better than most how hard it is to lose family, If you wan't to stay warm and keep those wounds sealed I suggest you stay here, with me," The man trailed off before reaching upwards and unlatching his cowl removing the helmet, "You can stay with me; I know I've got plenty of room."

"Thanks but, I'll be fine on my own," Sasuke pushed himself off the cot railing and headed for the stairs to exit but was stopped by the man speaking to him.

He ran his fingers through his own jet-black hair as he chuckled now that he had information confirmed to him that this boy was being truthful, "I can't let a minor with no family or understanding of this world just walk out of there to fend for himself, not in your condition." Sasuke turned around and stared with his onyx eye, still keeping the other closed, "Let me help you."

"So, what should I call you?" Sasuke scoffed as he leaned his back against the stone wall, the cool, moist temperatures felt relieving against his bruised back.

"Just call me Bruce," He smiled and turned revealing his face for the first time, a chiseled face with handsome features, his dark blue eyes scanned the teenager for the first time without an electronic filter, he saw an entirely natural circulatory system of veins pumping energy through his body with that filter which told him Sasuke was being genuine. Bruce always had the uncanny ability to tell when someone had ill intent, he would feel this and immediately prepare for any situation he could think of, if his suspicion was wrong, which it rarely was, he would simply file away the contingency for a rainy day. In this case, he felt nothing; the boy was too prideful and unwilling to admit he was in pain but, the feelings of sorrow and loneliness consumed him and as proud as he is, he would never admit how scared of this situation he truly was.

"You have two spies peaking in from your clock... thing," Sasuke didnt turn around to see them, he just announced the presence of one young boy around thirteen and a girl, fifteen; they were popping their heads in and out of the entrance hoping not to be spotted, "They're scared of me," He said to Bruce who looked over at them and smiled.

"They're just curious, we tend to be afraid of the unknown around here," He waved them down and they took that invitation to immediately scuttled down the steps nervously.

Bruce turned and addressed them in English, which still sounded so foreign to him, before switching to use Sasuke's own language, "This is Sasuke, he's stuck far from home and could use a place to stay, he doesn't speak any English only a this unique language," He looked away from them out of slight awkwardness but, he hardly cared to begin with, opting to say nothing.

The girl was the first to speak, "Uh, hello, my name is Barbara; It's nice to see you and Bruce get along, that rarely happens," She put out a hand but, Sasuke didn't even address it, he simply looked her up and down, her curves, her long red hair that fell just passed her shoulders, her crystal blue eyes and pink lips, she wasn't unattractive both in her looks or her mannerisms but, he just looked away again as she let her hand drop.

Barbara raised an eyebrow and glanced over at Bruce, "My Japanese is fine, right? I haven't studied In a while," she turned immediately when she felt a cold hand grasp her own.

"Hi," Sasuke shook her hand and they stared at each other for several seconds causing Bruce to raise an eyebrow, "Sorry, I'm not good with... people."

She smiled, "That's... okay?" almost giggling but, holding it back.

"I don't speak many Japanese! My name is Richard! Do you understand?!" the younger boy shouted as if he were blind, deaf, and dumb but, realizing the language gap he just shrugged and gave a regular greeting.

"You both speak my language, how coincidental…"

"I don't often studies," Dick admitted rubbing the back of his neck, obviously butchering the dialect they were trying to mimick.

"And I took AP International History in tenth grade; I had to brush up on Japanese and Korean relations and cultural differences, it was tedious but learning Japanese was pretty fun without even leaving America," Barbra smiled as Sasuke raised an eyebrow.

"What's an America?" Sasuke asked sitting back on the cot he had awoken from, "Second time I've heard that name."

Barbra and Dick immediately raised an eyebrow in concern, looking over to Bruce who sighed, "He's kidding right?"

"Sasuke isn't from this Earth; he's from a parallel universe with a lot of significant differences, one being the name and formation of the countries," Bruce walked over to the holographic computer displaying his x-rays, continuing to type without looking back, "He was pulled to this universe and has no way of returning home."

Barbra looked back at Sasuke who had his head turned away, "I'm sorry, I had no idea-" she stopped when she saw his statistics appearing next to his scans that Bruce was pulling up, "Holy crap... his muscle and bone density is like nothing I've ever seen," taking a few steps towards the screen, "With this type of strength your body may as well be made of osmium," turning back to Sasuke, "Stronger than the densest metal on Earth," she took a glance over his shirtless and scarred body once more as a blush crept up her cheeks.

"Barb," Dick pointed to her lips where she quickly wiped away the faintest hint of drool.

"Sorry, I'm really sorry about your situation, if there's anythi-"

"Save it," Sasuke said stoically as he stumbled off the cot, "By coming here I saved my, uh, reality from being consumed; If I had to do it again, I probably would."

Bruce smiled hearing this but, didnt take his eyes off the screen, "That's very noble of you but, don't you want to go back?"

"I did a lot of awful things, made a lot of mistakes that I'm not totally sure I can ever make up for, I think it's better off that my story in that world ends the way it did," Sasuke rubbed his shoulders in pain as he felt his aching muscles, the large bruising he was carrying showed.

"Well, if you're going to stay here, you might need an education; you would benefit from going to school with Barbra and Dick for a year or two, learn our history, our languages," Bruce mentioned.

Sasuke looked up, "Is that like an Academy?"

"Yea, you show up, learn some stuff about some stuff and then you go home! It's pretty straight forwards," Dick commented as he walked past Barbra and sat on Bruce's desk next to his array of keyboards, "You had an academy where you came from? What types of things did you learn about?"

"Knife throwing, marksmanship, close quarters combat training, proper ways to execute opponents," Sasuke crossed his arms nonchalantly, looking back at his days before the Chunin Exams and the year immediately following during his training with Orochimaru, "Obviously, we learned basic math and calligraphy, but where I come from we were almost always at war."

Bruce raised his brow and ceased typing for a moment, "So you went to an academy to learn how to fight?"

"I've been fighting since I was five or six... if you don't learn early, you die early," he looked back down at his feet once again without softening his expression. "I grew up during times of great political tension, the five nations constantly bickering and fighting, we were trained as efficient killers ready to protect the homeland. Only the strategists and the gifted focused on academics rather than how to properly utilize their chakra."

"We have wars here too, but I guess your wars were little more high stakes considering your society completely adapted to producing efficient soldiers," Barbara mentioned as Bruce continued to type away, Dick couldn't follow everything they said but, he understood them mostly, he could only nod in response.

"We were more like ninjas then soldiers," Barbra analyzed his features, he was handsome for sure but, his eye told a different story, a sad one at that. It was then that she realized what had bothered her about his face.

She broke the silence by walking closer to him, "Why is your left eye closed, did you injure it?"

He placed a hand over his closed eye, feeling the skin around his eye-lid, he could feel himself containing the pressure that he could unleash from the Rinnegan at any given moment, no wonder it took so long for Nagato and Madara to master its abilities, "I keep it closed for a reason; we should leave it at that."

The conversation was interrupted by Bruce clearing his throat, "I just finished enrolling you in Gotham City Academy, you start in two days."

"I didn't ask you to do that for me," he scoffed and turned around, only wincing slightly at his bodies recovering wounds, "How am I even supposed to talk to anyone if they can't understand me?"

"I have a feeling that English won't be too difficult for you to comprehend, until then Barbara will help you learn and show you around," Bruce turned back to the computer continuing to hack into the school system and inputting Sasuke's information.

"Then I suppose I could benefit from this school thing," Sasuke sighed.

Bruce smiled, "I've come up with a basic backstory, your family was killed in a car accident when you were ten years old, you were at an orphanage until I adopted you recently; you were raised in Japan but, moved to America just before the accident."

Sasuke froze for half a minute as he recalled the illusionary torture he suffered at his brothers hands, reliving the death of his parents on a loop for days all in the span of a few minutes, as his brothers cut down his kin right in front of him; he closed his eyes and rubbed the back of his neck, looking away, "I suppose that's not too far off," He pulled the purple rope that was tied around his waist until it came undone allowing him to remove his small bag of knives and throwing stars placing it on the cot, "I could use some clothes, to better blend in and I didn't exactly have time to pack a bag before I left."

Bruce spoke up, "I have some sweat pants that'll probably fit you, tomorrow Dick and Barbra will take you to the mall to find something to wear."

"I don't have any money either; I can't pay for any of that," Sasuke scoffed, "Assuming this world uses money."

"One thing you wont have to worry about while staying here, is money," Bruce pulled on the straps to his armor and peeled off the chest plate, revealing a spandex suit beneath the carbon-fiber plating.

"Why are you helping me like this? We just met a few hours ago and your treating me like we're old friends! What's the deal, no one is this nice for no reason?" Sasuke looked up at Bruce who simply sighed and closed his eyes, Dick and Barbra looked away, knowing the answer to his question the moment they heard Sasuke's back story.

Bruce placed his armor on the desk next to Dick and looked over at Sasuke, "I was like you, I lost my family and I had no one to really look after me other than the man you saw earlier. I was troubled and alone but, I had this." Bruce motioned to the ceiling referring to his vast wealth and classy mansion sitting atop the cave, "I had what my parents left for me but, you have nothing, in a world you don't understand, with no one to help you. I just want to help someone who needs it. I helped Dick the same way, he lost his parents and I helped him bring the man responsible to justice as well as giving him a place to stay and someone to look after him, I'd like to extend that offer to you too."

They looked to Sasuke waiting for a response but he gave none, he simply sighed once again, looking up, Barbra could see his one onyx eye, it was barely noticeable but, she could see darkness behind them, one of many years of misguided trust and selfish goals.

"I appreciate that, really, but I don't deserve it. I have blood on my ledger and it's not so easily forgiven." Sasuke looked back to the horrible atrocities he performed under Orochimaru's tutelage, the selfish actions he took in his search for vengeance, the things he said and did were inexcusable, and he couldn't allow people who didn't know the circumstances to throw their money and kindness at him when he was the last person who deserved it.

"We all have blood on our ledger," Sasuke looked up at the three in front of him, they looked away, slightly ashamed, mostly trying not to relive harsh memories, "It's how we move past it that makes us who we are." Bruce looked back to Sasuke and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Let us help you." Sasuke looked down and sighed.

"Do you have a shower? Because I'm covered in a lot of blood."

Bruce chuckled slightly, "Barbra could you please show Sasuke to the guest room." He turned to Sasuke, "There's a bathroom in the guest room, you should be comfortable there. Breakfast is at eight in the morning, we can talk more then, now I imagine you're tired?"

Sasuke nodded slowly as Barbra motioned him to follow her up the stairs. She led him through the doorway and into a library of sorts; the walls were lined with books except one wall was the entire doorway. They left that room and found themselves walking down a hall, the hall was wide enough to fit them both walking side by side. They walked in awkward silence for several moments until they arrived at a wooden door that seemed identical to all the others that lined the hall.

"Well, this is you," Barbra opened the door allowing Sasuke to take in the scent of freshly washed sheets. "Alfred must've made the room for you; usually it's a lot dustier."

Sasuke walked in without a word as Barbra followed him in the room which was large, containing a king-sized bed up against the wall, a dresser with multiple drawers, a large TV that hung from the wall, and a door on the far end that he could only guess led to the bathroom.

"Well, if you need anything don't hesitate to ask, and try not to be late to breakfast, Alfred makes the most amazing pancakes you've ever had." Barbra smiled as Sasuke reached for the hem of his shirt and pulled it over his head and off his body causing Barbra's cheeks to heat up suddenly.

"I haven't had pancakes in four years and I haven't eaten any food in days." Sasuke said tossing his shirt lazily onto the bed.

"I'm sure Alfred will be more than happy to whip you up something if you haven't eaten in days, most people pass out from exhaustion after forty-eight hours without food, are you sure you're ok?" Barbra tried to keep her eyes from traveling down his muscular form.

"I can fight for days without food or water, I'll be fine," He stoically turned around and walked further into the room.

Barbra chuckled nervously and tried to hide her blush as she backed out of the room, "Well if you need anything," she accidentally backed into the door frame rubbing the small lump now present on the back of her head, "Uh, just ask, have a good night." She quickly stepped away and closed the door, pressing her back to the wood she sighed, why was she feeling so nervous and out of place with this boy? She had plenty of boys crush over her at her school and it never made her react this way before, she was brought out of her thoughts by the sound of a throat clearing.

"Ahem," Dick exclaimed, "Did he like the room?" he asked nonchalantly.

"Uh, yea, he uh... did, although I'm not sure I could even tell with that frown he always wears."

Dick smiled, "Your face looks like a tomato by the way, if you like him, you should talk to him." Dick chuckled as Barbra threw her hands up into the air.

"I just met the guy!"

The next morning, Sasuke's eyes snapped open in preparation for battle, it wasn't until several seconds after he awoke that he realized the fight was over. Sasuke trained his entire life to fight on instinct and after fighting a war for multiple days without rest, I suppose it's easy to forget the simple things when waking up in a stranger's house. He sat up and realized his injuries were all but healed, he felt only slightly sore around his abdomen were Madara had plunged his blade. He moved his legs to the edge of his bed and placed them on the cold tile, he could feel the Rinnegan imposing unwanted killing intent upon the surrounding area, he stared at his reflection in the tile and how his Rinnegan blazed without him putting any effort, he closed the eye and stood to his feet.

Unbeknownst to him, Barbra stood outside Sasuke's door with her back against the wall facing the room, her heart was pounding and she was attempting to feel her pulse. She had never felt such absolute terror before, just being in proximity of Sasuke caused this? Could it be something else? She was only trying to make sure he wouldn't sleep through breakfast but, now she felt uneasy as the horrible feeling faded, her heart rate returned to normal. She could hear the running water of the bathroom, it was best she just wait for him at the table now that she was sure he wasn't still sleeping. She turned around and straightened herself out, she was in a blue crop top with matching pajama pants, she wasn't sure if this was proper attire to wear around a guest but, she shook the thought without caring.

Sasuke stared at his reflection in the mirror; he had scars across his chest, some fresh and some old. He stared at his onyx eye and immediately came to a realization that caused him to snap the marble sink in two as he dashed for the exit. In mere seconds he was facing the family and their butler as a large table filled with steaming plates of breakfast foods filled his senses. Eggs, bacon, pancakes, cereal, fresh fruits, sausage, ham, and many other enticing foods were laid out in front of him but he barely noticed any of it.

"Where is it?" he asked in a rushed tone.

Bruce looked up from his plate and raised an eyebrow, "Your manners? Out the window apparently."

Sasuke scoffed, "My stuff, I came here with something, where is it?"

"Your 'stuff' is in the cave, next to the computer." Dick added as he shoveled mounds of bacon into his mouth and suddenly the ninja was gone.

He dashed into the cave with incredible speeds and when he arrived he smiled, there it was, his blade was still sheathed, his bag of kunai and throwing stars and, most importantly, the headband he had received as a parting gift. At the moment it was the only thing he treasured, Naruto was the only person who never gave up on him, he never once thought that he couldn't be saved, all the others gave up at a certain point, even the rose haired kunoichi had professed false love to Naruto simply to convince him that Sasuke was a lost cause but, Naruto never wavered. He stood by him until the very end and that was more impressive than any ability the jinchūriki ever possessed; his undying will to keep his word.

Sasuke walked lazily up the stairs as he stared at the headband intently, it was all he had left and he refused to lose it.

As he approached the table once again, Barbra, Dick and Bruce all placed their eyes on him. They waited for him to say something but he didn't, he simply sat down across from Barbra and began serving himself. He bowed his head to Bruce and Alfred who exchanged a confused look, "Thank you for the meal." His heritage did resemble the Japanese as he was taught by his parents to thank a person if they were giving unwarranted kindness especially in the form of a meal.

Bruce continued to read his paper without looking up, "Here in America we don't usually give thanks before a meal; it's a preference not a necessity." Bruce stood and grabbed something from a table not too far from where they were eating; Bruce placed a book on the table in front of Sasuke and smiled.

Sasuke raised an eyebrow, "What is it?"

"Japanese to English dictionary, read it, memorize it and learn your way through our language. You said you had some sort of eye power, use it."

Sasuke activated the Sharingan in right eye; he then furthered it into some sort of pin-wheel design. He opened the book and scanned through it and after a few minutes looked up at Barbra.

"Hi, how you is?" He spoke in nearly perfect English causing Dick to look up from his food and Barbra to drop her spoon into her cereal bowl.

Bruce raised an eyebrow, "That was nearly perfect, keep at it and you should have our language down in less than a week."

Sasuke cleared his throat and switched back to his native tongue, "I was a prodigy back home, and I suppose that's the case here too."

Barbra curved a smile and looked on in amazement, "And your eye? Its red and weird looking," Sasuke frowned at this and touched his cheek just below his eye.

"My Sharingan, it allows me to memorize things and see things faster, English doesn't seem too difficult." Sasuke allowed his Sharingan to morph back into its three tomoes design, "And I can further power up the Sharingan to gain more abilities. These eyes are my birthright and the only thing left connecting me to my family."

Barbra listened as she was intrigued by the man's abilities, "And your other eye? Is it just an empty socket or is it a Sharingan too?"

Sasuke sighed, kicked his chair back, and walked towards the hall leading to his room, "Forget about it," Barbara gulped and continued eating in silence due to his response.

Bruce broke the silence by speaking up, "Well you guys have some shopping to do, I have got some League business to take care of, we're supposed to be introducing the individual sidekicks to the Hall of Justice next week."

Dick and Barbra shouted in unison, "Don't call us sidekicks!"

Bruce ignored them and walked out of the room towards the room that held the entrance to the cave.

"League? Sidekicks? What is all of that supposed to mean?" Sasuke repeated still standing by the hall facing away from them.

Dick sighed, rubbing his stomach in satisfaction, "Well, here in our world, we have guardian heroes known as the Justice League, and they have partners that are begrudgingly known as sidekicks."

"Where I come from, we had Kage who were generally the strongest in each village; they led and protected the villages from powerful threats. In the end all five Kage joined together to defeat a common enemy and formed the Allied Shinobi Forces." Sasuke said nonchalantly reminiscing on his battle with the five Kage at their summit.

"Who was the unlucky threat that had to face five different armies at once?" Barbra joked as Sasuke shrugged.

"Just a guy," he muttered.

Dick and Barbra exchanged a look of surprise before standing up simultaneously, "How about we find you a decent shirt, so we can go shopping," Barbra suggested as Alfred came in to pick up their cleared dishes.

Sasuke looked down at his tattered purple v-neck shirt he'd arrived in before scoffing.

Sasuke walked into Wayne Manor wearing the purple hoodie he had picked out in the store as men wearing suits came carrying multiple bags of clothes and other items, "Well, I guess I'm satisfied," Sasuke mumbled as he headed for his room without so much as thanking them, he barely glanced back at her before turning the corner.

Barbra had only gotten a brief look into his eye before he walked passed her but she was something, the darkness was still there, lingering as if he was just hiding it behind a mask of sadness. The look in his eye spoke of utter pain and agony but, being here with her and Dick, didn't help it at all.


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