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The demand went unheard, the music far too loud and the dancers far too lost in it to hear or care.

I said, "Take it easy, baby

I worked all day and my feet feel just like lead

You got my shirt tails flyin' all over the place

And the sweat poppin' out of my head"

His mother didn't think much of Elvis; his dancing isn't appropriate for your age, she constantly told him. He's going to get into trouble someday.

But frankly, he couldn't bring himself to care.

She said, "Hey, bossa nova baby

Keep on workin' for this ain't no time to quit"

She said, "Go, bossa nova baby keep on dancin'

I'm about to have myself a fit"

Bossa nova, bossa nova

He didn't understand a lot of what was said, but it was fun to dance to, the song peppy and the beat quick. Hobbes seemed to enjoy it, so it obviously wasn't as bad as his mom said.

Susie hated it, which was an added bonus.

I said, "Hey little mama, let's sit down

Have a drink and dig the band"

She said, "Drink, drink, drink oh, fiddle-de-dink

I can dance with a drink in my hand"

In fact, the only thing that worried him about this song was that his dad didn't mind. It both relieved him and frightened him; maybe he and his dad had something in common, but what was it that made his dad like it? It was never a good sign when dad liked something; Dad usually liked bad things, like camping and shovelling snow and homework.

She said, "Hey bossa nova baby

Keep on workin' for this ain't no time to drink"

She said, "Go bossa nova baby

Keep on dancin', 'cause I ain't got time to think"

Bossa nova, bossa nova

He almost didn't ask his dad why he liked that song; if it was something bad, he would be bound by vow to hate it and never listen to it again: If Dad likes it, and he likes it for horribles reasons, I'll never do that/listen to it/play it ever again, and if I ever do, I will complain loudly. But he was actually pleasantly surprised.

"Calvin, despite what your mother says, Elvis is actually a pretty good guy. Sure, his dancing could be a bit more appropriate, but he loves what he does. If you don't love your job, then why do it? Elvis does his fair share of work, and he doesn't let his fame get to his head; instead, he uses the money he earns to take care of his parents. I'll encourage your listening to his records, simply so you can learn you can have fun while working. Now go play, I'm working."

I said, "Come on baby, it's hot in here

And it's oh so cool outside

If you lend me a dollar, I can buy some gas

And we can go for a little ride"

And he did, for once. He grabbed Hobbes, went to the living room, and put the record on. They shimmied, they jumped up and down, they danced the jitterbug, Hobbes swung Calvin around, and they had fun.

And they danced the night away.

She said, "Hey bossa nova baby

Keep on workin' for I ain't got time for that"

She said, "Go bossa nova baby

Keep on dancin' or I'll find myself another cat"

Bossa nova, bossa nova

Bossa nova, bossa nova

Bossa nova, bossa nova


The song is "Bossa Nova Baby" by Elvis Presley.

Eighty-one years ago today, a star was born. In honor of Elvis, I wrote a Calvin & Hobbes fic. He is, to put it simply, my hero and muse. He didn't deserve the ending he got.

~ Tie-Dyed Broadway.