Chapter 20: The relatively short Finnale

"Rapidash use Ember!" commanded Scarlett's friend Gary. Rapidash lit the pile of twigs on fire.

It was nighttime and the two travelers hadn't been lucky enough to find a cave to rest in, so they were on the freezing mountainside… at least they were getting closer to the top.

"Hey Gary," Scarlett said. "After we rest, we should just continue climbing."

"Probably," responded Gary.

"Rai!" cried Raichu in agreement.

"Why would he be part of Team Download!?" asked Red alarmed at what Gold had said.

"Dunno, but Alex called me from Ecruteak City telling me he'd be home, then he didn't come…"

"Do you think they're holding him hostage?" questioned Blue.

"Yes. And that's why I came up here, to tell you two that Scarlett and Gary may be in danger from Team Download."

"Why would they be in danger?" pondered Blue.

"Because, right after they left Ecruteak, my son disappeared and I'm worried they could be next."

Suddenly, crashing noises were heard and the men went to investigate.

Scarlett and Gary had continued travelling and were really close to the top of . They had to get there soon since they were out of berries to eat.

"Hey Scarlett, we've come a long way from Pallet Town."

"Yeah, I guess so," responded Scarlett as she stared down at the map.

"Remember how we're rivals? Well, I thought it'd be nice if we had a battle to see who's strongest."

"Very well, three versus three?"

"Okay. Go Ivysaur!"

"Go Raichu!" Raichu leapt off of Scarlett's shoulder and landed in a battle stance.

"Use Flame Wheel!" yelled Gary, and Rapidash sent a fiery circle flying towards Raichu.

"Raichu counter with Electro Ball!" The two attacks hit each other and caused both Pokémon to fly backwards. Raichu hit a tree and fell to the ground defeated. "Go Angel!"

Angel came out of its Pokéball and Scarlett immediately ordered it to use Bite.

This time Rapidash was badly wounded.

"Angel, finish it off with Swift!" Angel created a barrage of stars and they all hit Rapidash, which caused it to faint.

That's when it happened; Angel began to glow with the same light as Raichu had. It was evolving. When Angel was done transforming it was an Umbreon!

"Grr… Go Ivysaur!" Gary sent out his second Pokémon and commanded it to use Take Down.

Ivysaur hit Angel but it was damaged by the recoil.

"Angel, use Tackle!" Ivysaur took Angel's hit and became weaker but it didn't faint.

"Use Vine Whip, Ivysaur!" Angel fainted.

"You're on your last Pokémon Scarlett," Gary reminded her.

"I know! Go Hoppip!" Hoppip looked up at Scarlett. "Use Fairy Wind!"

"Ivysaur, use Vine Whip again!" Scarlett's last Pokémon fainted.

"I win!" cheered Gary. "Here's some revives."

"Thanks," Scarlett replied, giving her Pokémon the medicine. A realization was starting to take shape in her mind. She and Gary had become a team.

"Great battle," praised a spiky-haired man that neither of the two trainer's had noticed. There were three men standing by the entrance of a small cave.

"Dad?!" questioned an amazed Gary. Suddenly, all five people were hit by a grass type attack, and a boy that Scarlett and Gary had met before slyly stepped out from behind an evergreen tree.

"Just who Commander Digit has been looking for… isn't that right Red and Blue?" stated the person. It was Finn!



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