"But I don't wanna go!" Callie cried, clutching her mother's hand, tears streaming down her face.

Callie's mother looked sad, bending down on one knee to look the young six-year-old in the eye. The older woman brushed stray blonde strands behind the girl's ear. "I know, baby," At a loss of words, she looked desperately up at her husband who was staring dejectedly into the sky. "Howard." Her voice wasn't harsh, but strong enough to get the man's attention.

Howard looked at his wife and picked up on the pleading look in her eyes. Joining her on the ground, he gripped Callie's other hand tight enough to break the small girl's fingers. The girl's large doe hazel eyes stare at him imploringly. "Please don't make me go, daddy." Her voice was quiet. She'd stopped crying, but occasionally sniffled.

"I'm sorry, baby girl, but we don't have a choice. If there was any way that we could keep you, there's no question that we would…"Howard's eyes found his wife, asking her continue.

Callie's mother, Carmen, cupped Callie's face in her palm. "And we tried everything. You're too important to be left in the human world, you'd constantly be in danger. We're doing this… to protect you." Carmen's voice broke and Howard put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's time," A voice said behind Callie. Callie looked back to see Percy Jackson, the teenage boy her teacher, Ms. Misner, had assigned to be her reading partner.

"Percy," Callie's mom said, her voice pleading, "Just a few more minutes, please."

Percy's sea-green eyes were sad, but his expression, for once, was serious. "I'm sorry Mrs. Knightly, but Callie's vulnerable out here. I have to get her inside Camp Half-Blood's borders." Percy reached for Callie's hand, but Howard pulled Callie into his arms.

"Promise me you'll keep her safe, Percy."

Percy hesitated. "I can't-"

Mr. Knightly's gaze was hard. "Promise me."

Percy stuttered. "I- I promise…"

Howard released Callie just enough to hold her face between his hands. Callie noticed grey streaking her father's hair that hadn't been there last week. "I love you, baby girl, never forget that."

Callie put her hands over her father's. "I love you too, daddy." Howard passed his daughter off to his wife who pulled Callie into a bone crushing hug though it only lasted a couple seconds before Callie's mother let go. Wordlessly, Carmen planted a kiss on Callie's forehead and released her. Without the contact, Callie's mother seemed to fold in on herself, clutching her heart and whimpering. Howard enveloped his wife in a hug, barely holding back tears himself.

Percy grabbed Callie's hand and led her past the columns marking the border of her new home: Camp Half-Blood.