Chapter 9 – Guardians of Gotham

"This is Summer Gleeson reporting live from the Cauldron District in Gotham City where Gotham City Police just raided the headquarters of Gotham's latest street gang, the Dog Pound Boyz," the red haired news reporter said dramatically to the camera. "Gang members have been arrested for possession of illegal narcotics, illegal firearms, and animal abuse. Among the arrested was the Jack Chifford, the leader of the Dog Pound Boyz. Chifford also tried to become a member of Gotham City's list of super criminals by going by the name Hellhound. Also, evidence ties to Zackary Sun aka Sin Tzu, the crime boss of Gotham City's Chinatown. Gang members did not put up much of a fight do to previously battling the Batman as well as Batman's new ally, a young man calling himself Robin. Who is this 'Robin'? All we know at this time is that he is working with the Batman and wears a brightly covered suit. Detective Patton, you're the lead detective investigating the Dog Pound Boyz, what is your opinion on new vigilante called Robin."

"Summer, you know that the GCPD's official policy is that we do not support vigilantism," replied the detective. "I will say is that I understand that even the Batman needs help dealing with the criminal element of this city, but get help from a kid?"

"A good question Detective that only Batman can answer," commented Summer. "Unfortunately unlike Superman, Batman does not give interviews to the press. We can only wonder why a young man would enter the war on crime and why Batman would allow it. What we do know is that all members of the Dog Pound Boyz have been arrested and those who are receiving medical attention will be transferred to the GCPD holding cells until summoned. The dogs that were used in dog fights have been rounded up by Animal Control. After being looked over by veterinarians. I'm Summer Gleeson, Channel 11 News."

Bruce groaned and stretched his sore muscles as he walked out of the shower. Dick was so tired by they got back to the Batcave, Dick was ready to fall asleep on the cave floor. However, Alfred checked their wounds, made Bruce promise Dick that they would get Ace back, and sent the two upstairs for bed. As Bruce walked out of the master bath, he noticed a window that opened despite being shut before Bruce went into the shower. Bruce smiled and said, "Isn't it a bit late Selina?"

"For peopled liked us, no," purred Selina as she lounged on Bruce's bed in a silk leopard print robe. "I'm here for my… payment."

"A hundred thousand dollars will be donated to the Gotham City Humane Society tomorrow," replied Bruce as he sat on the bed. Selina straddled Bruce's lap and kissed him passionately.

"Good. Now the other part of my payment," Selina whispered huskily, pushing Bruce down on the bed.

"Jesus, Mary, and Joseph!" exclaimed Barbara when she saw Dick's face. "What the fuck happened?!"

"Got a trainer to help me get ready for wrestling season," explained Dick casually as he flipped through the latest issue of The Grey Ghost, he was fighting the Puzzler this time.

"You seriously expect me to believe that?" asked Barbara skeptically.

"Um… yeah," replied Dick, then in an attempt to change the subject pointed at the wall of the comic book shop. "Hey, check out the latest poster for the new Gemworld game." Barbara sighed and shook her head.

"Fine, if you don't want to tell me what really happened," Barbara sighed, then gently put her hand on Dick's arm. Dick turned and saw Barbara staring at him with an unusual expression. "But remember Richard, I am here when you do want to talk."

"Understood," replied Dick squeezing her hand. "Come on, let's see what else they got, before Alfred and Bruce come to pick me up for the latest Wayne Foundation event. They're trying to find new homes for the fighting dogs rescued by the GCPD."

"I'm just glad the guys who caused the death of all those dogs and Tulio Velasquez is behind bars," said Barbara then chuckled "Or in the hospital."

"Holy karma," laughed Dick making Barbara groaned, and slap her forehead

"Oh that was bad Dick, you just couldn't help yourself," Barbara said rolling her eyes. "By the way, what do you think of this Robin? Can you believe a guy about our age is helping Batman?"

"What I can't believe," replied Dick. "Is why Robin would want to spend his nights running around on rooftops when he could be hanging with his friends somewhere like here."

"Can you give a straight answer just once?" bemoaned Barbara, which Dick just laughed.

"Welcome to your officially new home Ace," announced Dick fling his arms wide open. Ace sniffed started sniffing the furniture.

"He better not get on the couch, Master Richard," said Alfred. "That's real leather and I don't want it scratched up by his claws."

"Don't worry Alfred, Ace has his own bed," reminded Bruce.

"Hey Bruce," said Dick. "We ought to talk to Fox about making a suit for the Bat-Hound." Bruce and Alfred looked at each other.

"Bat-Hound?" they groaned together as Ace collapsed on his dog bed.

"Commissioner," growled Batman in greeting as he appeared on the rooftop of the GCPD. Gordon turned his attention from the Bat-Signal to the Batman. Gordon could also see Batman's sidekick, standing behind Batman with his hood drawn up.

"There's going to be a power grab for Sin Tzu's and Hellhound's old territory now they are both behind bars," explained Gordon. As much has tried not to, every parental instinct made Gordon stare in concern for this 'Robin'. "We're going to need help to stay in front of this before it turns into chaos."

"We'll do what we can," replied Batman turning to leave. Robin nodded goodbye at Gordon as he followed his mentor. The two raced off to the edge of the rooftop and flung themselves off. Then the two glided away, a bat and a bird, the guardians of Gotham City.

The End

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