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It was supposed to be a simple mission, but it had gone wrong.

It had gone wrong and now Robin was injured. It wasn't supposed to happen but now the Titans were in disarray, trying to do what they could to save their leader.

It was a bullet, to close to an artery in his heart.

Now everyone was panicking.

However much they tried to hide it, it was written clearly over their features.

Raven cradled his head in her lap, she was trying to get a reign in on her emotions, Robin, was like her brother, she couldn't lose him, the titans couldn't lose their brother.

Beast Boy decided to take charge of the disordered titans. "Starfire! Monitor his heartbeat! Raven apply pressure to the wound! Cyborg get the T-car! No one said against Beast Boy's orders, just following them for the sake of their leader.

Robin's POV

All he could feel was the cold floor and the numbness of blood loss. He was going to die, he was only human and now his wings were broken.

He was falling, falling like his family all those years ago.

How oddly ironic that he was shot again, his being shot to close to the heart was the thing that caused the titans to be formed, and now his being shot is going to be the thing to cause the titans he knew to end.

"Get a grip Robin!" Mentally scolding himself he resolved that he was going to survive this.

He knew that he was going to die, but first he had to get some things off his chest.

Looking up to Starfire and Raven, covering his chest to staunch the blood flowing out of his stomach.

Coughing up blood he rasped out, "Guys I-I'm sorry"

"Don't talk Robin, save your strength."

"Tell Batman I f-forgive him, th-hat he was a great t-tati"

Beast boy was standing next to Starfire and Raven now watching nervously.

Kneeling next to Robin he replied "Don't talk like that, you're gonna make it"

"You g-guys were a great team, I love y-you all."

Forcing the bile rising in his throat down, he continued.

"Tell, Speedy and Kid Flash that they were great older brothers."

Starfire and Raven nodded, tears were streaming down Starfire's face. They were mildly surprised over how Robin regarded the two as brothers, but now it was evident, the I-don't-care attitude, yet overwhelming concern when the other was hurt.

"T-tell R-robin, that I was proud of him, t-that he was a great robin and a g-great younger brother."

He coughed again spitting out some more blood.

"Tell Red-X that I love him n-no matter what, and w-who e-ever he will be I-I a-am proud of m-my l-little w-wing."

Gasping for breath, he vaguely noted that Cyborg was back with the T-car.

"Tell young j-justice that I-I'm sorry that I n-never told 'em w-where there l-little brother went."

"Tell a-arty 'mis t-that I'm sorry w-we never are g-gonna l-laugh about it some day"

"Tell M'gan-n that she was a great o-older sister."

He realized he was using civilian names. He didn't care, he was going to see his Mami and Tati again.

"Tell t-the l-leauge that they were g-great a-aunts and un-ncles."

He saw tears on Beast Boy's face.

"T-tell B-babs I l-love her."

"Tell Alfie h-he was a great g-grandpa."

Starfire was crying now, tears streaking down her face, something exploded behind him, from Raven's emotions, which were getting out of check. Beast Boy was crying too. "No Dude, you're gonna make it, your gonna beat me and Cyborg in video games and are gonna help Raven with her spell, and are gonna teach starfire how to drive and are gonna help me transform into animals and- and-" Beast Boy was cut off by Robin.

"Just i-in case I don't m-make it p-please tell them a-all that I-I l-loved them."

It was getting harder to breathe. He wanted to say more, have them know everything, all that he hid, all that he ever wants to say to them, but his vision was getting fuzzy and he was welcomed by the open arms of sleep.

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