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A/N: There's a few heartrate drabbles I've written from tumblr, and I thought of posting it here, for the heck of it ya know since I notice this pairing is growing beautifully and I REALLY hope it becomes canon

"I dare you."

The flush on her face was quite different from her way she stubbornly crossed her arms over her chest. "No way."

Nino cupped his ear with a hand, leaning slightly towards Alix. "I'm sorry, what's that? The Great Alix turning down a dare?" He clicked his tongue, shaking his head as he did so. "How disappointing."

She shoved at him, causing him and Alya to laugh as they took a step back from Alix, where she let out a huff of irritation. "That dare was absurd."

Alya raised an eyebrow, propping her hands on her hips. "I thought no dare is absurd when it came with you and Kim."

"But not like that."

"Exactly like that," Nino gave her a grin. "Because basically, it's includes the words 'Alix', 'Kim', and 'Dare', so it doesn't make much difference than the usual dares you two did before this."

Alix spluttered indignantly, still red in the face. "No."

"Come on, Alix," Alya droned. "We'll promise to buy that new sketchers you wanted for a while."

Alix raised an eyebrow. "Really?"

"If you do the dare," Nino cut in. "If you don't, well," He shared a look with Alya, and Alix had a sinking feeling in her gut when she saw the obvious smirk on their faces. "Consequences would be made."

"What consequences?" Alix demanded. "Name your price."

"Nope, can't tell you, you gotta do the dare."

"What?" She screeched. "No, no, the dare wasn't complete, you have to-"

"By midnight on the first of January, we would want to see you, ah, surprising Kim," Alya winked, dragging Nino away as she threw the last of her words behind her shoulder. "We'll be there, so don't try to run!"


Damn Alya and Nino.

Damn the stupid dare.

Damn Kim.

Damn New Year's Eve.

Alix stood at the clearing huddled among other civilians as she waited for Kim, her large scarf covering her nose as she braced herself against the cool air, stuffing her glove covered hands into her pockets.

She took out her phone and checked the time.


Where the heck was he?

Glancing to the side, she saw Alya and Nino just a few feet away, where they gave her a thumbs-up when she met their eyes, with a few of their classmates behind them waved at her, all of them had a cheeky grin on their faces.

Mon dieu.

They didn't say there would an audience.

Alix was tempted to give them the bird, but settled for rolling her eyes as she trailed them to the Eiffel Tower in front of her.

Until she felt a hand on her shoulder, causing her to jerk around to its owner, where Kim was looking at her with an amused smile. "Woah there, Tinkerbell," He joked, shoving his hands inside his coat pockets. "It's just me."

She huffed, hopping the little light and her scarf would cover the blush she felt spreading across her cheeks. "Took you long enough, Hercules."

He wiggled his eyebrows. "What's the matter, you missed me?"

Scoffing, she punched him in the arm gently. "As if, it's cold out here, and I'd rather go home fast and not freeze here to death."


"Wear another beanie, it'll make you warmer." He snickered.

"Har har."

"What? It's true," He laughed, narrowly avoiding the slap she was about to give him. "Beanie twinie."



"Or," He drawled, tugging on her scarf. "A longer scarf to wrap yourself up more."

She rolled her eyes. "I like this scarf, my mum bought it for me."

"But is it cold proof?"

"It's a scarf, Hercules, what do you expect?"

"But it's so thin."


"No it's not, are your senses whacked or something?"

"No, but you are, wearing a thin scarf on a day like this."

"Oh, please."

"Even I had to wear something extra today."

"That's because you're a baby."

"Oh, hey, they're starting the count down."

Alix blinked at him, where he was joining the crowd.




She bit her lower lip.



She shouldn't do this, this was Kim for goodness sake.



You know what?


Screw it.


"Hey, Kim."

He looked down.


She grabbed his collar and pulled him to her level, smashing their lips together.

"Happy New Year!"

She smiled when she felt his hands resting hesitantly on her waist, the fireworks blasting to the sky above them.

And she could feel their friends flabbergasted expressions from where the both of them stood.

Oh yeah.

Check and mate.