A/N: Just a short little thing. I plan on making a longer one in the future though, I just don't when I suppose but it'll be nice to do it

"Kim, can I borrow some money?"

He eyed his best friend warily from where she propped herself against the side of his desk, zipping his bag closed before slinging it on his shoulder. "Why?"

"Well, I need to buy something that requires my attention immediately," Alix stated in a matter of fact. "And currently, I'm a little short of substance to buy said things."

He crossed his arms, arching an eyebrow at her. "Aren't you already rich? Why do you need money from me for?"

She rolled her eyes. "Just because I'm rich doesn't necessarily mean I carry wads of cash with me all the time, Hercules. I could get robbed, you know."

"Not that I want to burst your bubble or anything," he snorted as he slid past her and made his way towards the door. "But you're a student, people don't usually rob scrawny pink haired girls like you, Tinkerbell, they'll probably thought you're too easy for that."

"What, just because I'm a girl?" She scoffed, trying to catch up with him. "Even though I don't want to be robbed, that still sounded sexist. Anyway, I'll just beat them up for trying."

He rolled his eyes as he pushed the door open. "Sure, you will."

"But we're going out of topic here. Kim," she tugged on his arm, causing him to stop as he looked down at her furrowed brows. "I really need to borrow your money."

"Alix," he mimicked, letting a smirk flitted pass. "You still owe me a twenty from last week."

"And I'll promise I'll pay back to you with the ten I'm about to borrow," she squeezed his arm briefly. "Come on, Hercules, help a girl out here."

"I may be a man, but that doesn't necessarily mean I am a gentleman," he chirped, prying her fingers off his limb. "Sorry, Tinkerbell, I need this money for my lunch and that's only enough for today." He started making his way towards the stairs. "I'll see you later."

He didn't manage another step forward when suddenly he felt her small hands wrapped around his wrist, giving a mighty heave that he toppled back with a yelp at her ferocious grip, his arms flaying around slightly as he whirled around to face her.

He was about to retort at her sudden rude gesture when she quickly pulled him down and crashed his lips with hers, where he took a moment to stare at her in surprise, watching the way her eyes screwed shut before he let his hands rest on her hips, his own eyelids fluttering close.

He felt her hands roam from his chest to his arms, trailing down his skin that he felt goosebumps rising under her touch before she made her journey down to his waist. The kiss only deepened under his command, pulling her closer to him that she hooped an arm around his neck.

She broke it off first, leaving them both breathing heavily as they stared into each other's eyes. He licked his lips, and was about to remark on how that was completely unexpected and a little warning would probably be nice when she held out something brown in between them, causing him to screw his eyes on it to have a look at the object properly.

It took a moment for him to realise what it was. But when he did, she was already flipping it open and fingered through the bills that she snorted at the amount of them.

"You liar," she accused, slipping out a ten before slapping the leather wallet shut that he couldn't do anything but stare at her with his mouth slightly agape. "You said you only had enough for lunch today, this could last you lunches for a week," she clicked her tongue, sliding it back into the right cheek pocket of his pants, where she gave a single pat there. "I'll promise I'll pay you back later, I swear on my little heart."

He didn't stop her when she pushed him gently out of her embrace, giving him a grin and a two finger salute before bounding down the stairs, her pink hair bouncing behind her.

Blinking out of his shock, he flung himself towards the railing. "That's cheating!" He shouted at her, where she only met his scowl with the same cheeky grin.

"You're just slow, Hercules!" She laughed, waving the bill in the air. "You gotta keep up."

He huffed, slumping on the railing with his arms crossed above it.

He couldn't believe she fooled him again.