***This is a plot bunny I've been cuddling for quite a while now. First SpongeBob story, so be kind! All rights go to Stephen Hillenburg.

Chapter One: The Best Day Ever...Um, No

It was a day before the Krusty Krab's Eleventy-Seventh Anniversary party which meant a certain fry cook was working his square butt off. Who is the fry cook? Why, it's SpongeBob SquarePants. He had been assigned nearly all of the ground work for the party. "SpongeBob, me boy! Have ya gone out and bought those decorations I asked ye to?" Mr. Krabs asked, suddenly coming into the kitchen. He was only interested in one thing: the money made off of Krabby Patties. "I'm going to, sir, just let me finish cleaning the kitchen." Okay, so the excuse was sounding pretty fake. SpongeBob decided it would be best to give the real reason behind his procrastination. "I also think that more than a quarter will be needed to buy everything. I might need some more money." Krabs's eyes widened at the thought. "More money?! You're not becoming some sort of freeloader, are ye?! Go out and make do with what ya have!" he forced. Then he left the kitchen. SpongeBob sighed as he put away his cleaning supplies. Oh, well. Such treatment was usual nowadays. Then in through the door came Patrick. He skipped inside with an idiotic grin on his face before noticing the tired sponge behind the grill. Patrick's expression hardened as he slammed SpongeBob against the wall! "Ow!" the fry cook yelped in pain. "The big red sweaty guy you work for put me in charge of security. Now I'm on the lookout for any suspicious figures," the tubby starfish explained. He seemed pretty happy despite having slammed his best friend into a solid wall. "That's great, now can you let me go? I'm very busy today," SpongeBob managed to say. Patrick released his grip and started to leave before requesting a Krabby Patty. His request was granted and he sat out front. SpongeBob was ready to go home despite it barely being two-thirty. The day had just been that rough. So rough that a normally-relaxing Texan-accented voice didn't calm his nerves. It was his girlfriend Sandy. "Hey, Sponge. Why're y'all so depressed?" she asked. "It's just been a long day of preparations. It seems like everybody's trying to drive me crazy," SpongeBob sighed. Instead of hearing a word of comfort, he got the exact opposite. "Maybe you shouldn't have volunteered to help with everything for the party," Sandy said. She found herself on the receiving end of an annoyed glare. "I'm in charge of organizing this thing. I had no choice but to volunteer. And it would be nice if someone gave me a hand instead of giving me everything else!" SpongeBob ranted. He wasn't aware that people were watching the scene unfold. "If y'all would just get off your whole 'woe is me' trail, then maybe you'd see that we're trying to!" Sandy retorted. "Y'know, trying to help doesn't cut it any more! It would be nice if someone decided to help for once! But no, let's just let the fry cook juggle every responsibility with no help from his boss, best friend, or even his own girlfriend!" With that, SpongeBob stormed out of the restaurant. Everyone watching froze in shock at this sudden outburst. The sponge wandered off to Jellyfish Fields, found a big rock. and plonked down behind it. "There are some days I wish that I never even came here." The he looked up at the sky. "Ya hear that?! I wish that I never came to Bikini Bottom!" "You sure?" The voice made SpongeBob jump. He recognized the visitor. It was Princess Mindy. She was older now than when she "helped" the boys get to Shell City. "Someone who won't drive me up a wall," SpongeBob grumbled under his breath before speaking up. "Yes, I would." His tone made his wish sound serious now. Princess Mindy sighed but listened. "Alright. Close your eyes, turn around three times, and say your wish again," she instructed. SpongeBob did just that. When he opened his eyes, he was shocked beyond measure.

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