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Chapter 4: You Can't Beat Home Sweet Home

"I wish I was back at home..." SpongeBob mumbled. Then his eyes shot open. Instead of being attacked by a mob of brainwashed fish, he was against a big rock in Jellyfish Fields. He was about to give a cheer of relief when he spotted a note by his foot. It read:


I'm glad you learned that a guy like you makes a big difference in a lot of lives. You even reversed the spell! Now, go on and enjoy the party.


"The party!" SpongeBob gasped. He picked up the note before running happily back to town. He was grateful for every bit of it; Planktopolis had been an industrial nightmare. "Yay! The Krusty Krab isn't condemned!" SpongeBob's outburst of joy earned everyone's attention. Wasn't this the same guy who'd blown up earlier today? He spotted Patrick. "And Patrick! Thank Neptune you don't work for Plankton!" The tubby seastar accepted the enthusiasm. "All right, you don't hate us any more!" he said. After shocking everyone with his newfound joy, SpongeBob knew there was still one more person he needed to see. She was sitting at a table near the window. "Sandy!" With that, SpongeBob straight-on kissed her. In front of everyone! The squirrel girl backed off. That was only so she could return the favor harder. "Kiss like you mean it, Sponge," she said. "And what in tarnation happened to you while you were gone? You hated us all not long ago." SpongeBob considered explaining his visit to Planktopolis and everything he saw, but that was a long story. Finally, he answered, "Let's just say it's a wonderful ocean."

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