Chrono Corruption

Act 4: New World Order

Chapter 24: Ghostly Revelations

*Eston's Hideaway, Middle Ages*

"Incredible...," Eston gasped. "He certainly is a resilient fellow," he said, referring to Ty. Ty was laid out on a bed where he was being examined and treated. Eston administered the Hydra Humor cure every so often to alleviate his unconscious descendant's symptoms. Ty's breathing normalized as Lucca placed a cool wet rag on his forehead. Glenn used his healing spell to restore Ty whenever the venom sapped too much of his strength.

"Here's an Ether, Glenn," Crono said passing the med.

Glenn took the med and consumed it, "Ah, many thanks, I was starting to get weary."

"By the way," Eston began. "I did not know you could use Magic, Sir Glenn."

Glenn stammered, "I-I picked it up on my travels. It was immensely helpful!"

"I can only imagine," Eston replied.

Lucca drew close to Ty, "Hey... if you can hear me, squeeze my hand," she said worriedly.

Ty did more than this, however. His head turned to the sound of her voice, "...Just... give me a... little while... longer," he mumbled weakly.

Crono chuckled, "It's a good thing I used my 'Raise' spell on him back in the swamp. He might not have made it if I didn't!"

"He did receive an overdose of Hydra Venom. I do not believe any other person has ever done such a thing and survived!" Eston claimed with astonishment.

"Well, he is your descend-! I-I mean he does study the same field of knowledge as you!" Glenn said nearly slipping up.

Eston blinked for a moment, "Well, his work bears fruit then! It is truly inspiring!"

Then, Ty urged his ancestor over to him. Eston caught on and approached. Ty mumbled, "Did you take any... blood samples... from the Hydra... I mean?"

"Oh, yes!" Eston said surely. "I took many samples of different fluids and placed them in fine glass jars. I then placed the jars into an icebox to keep them cool and preserved!"

"Cool...," Ty said as he laid his head back.

"I certainly hope they stay that way!' Eston retorted.

Glenn faced the party, "I know this is a tad sudden but is there not a way for us to return to Guardia with Ty even in this condition?"

"I believe so, but why the rush?" Eston asked.

"The Frog King has attacked Guardia and transformed everyone into frog monsters. The King has tasked me with solving this catastrophe. Ty here may be able to help me solve this dilemma."

"The Frog King? You and Cyrus did not end him before?" Eston asked in surprise. "Well, that explains things. The Frog King used to live in this swamp, but he must have left do to the Hydra becoming a permanent resident."

"Then... this is our fault!" Glenn said in horror. "If Cyrus and I would not have let the Frog King go, we would not be suffering under his wrath!"

"Sir Glenn, if the Frog King used a poison then I may be able to help as well!" Eston claimed. "I will tend to Ty's well being for the time. If you return to Guardia and make haste back here with a sample, I could study it for you!"

"That sounds like a great idea!" Crono stated. "We just need to take a boat ride back to Guardia then."

Ty turned his head and mumbled, "...You guys go ahead... I'll be... back up and go... as soon as... you get back..."

"Shh, don't talk now. Save your strength," Lucca said as she placed a newly damped cloth on his forehead.

Glenn got to his feet, "Ty, you rest easy. Let us make haste! To Guardia!"

With a cheer, Crono's party did just that. The party regrouped and then left the swamp and Ty in his ancestor's care. They made their way to Chorus and boarded a small cargo vessel that was headed back to Guardia to deliver goods.

*Aboard the Cargo Vessel*

Crono and his party gazed out into the ocean during the evening. Crono turned to Lucca, who was admiring the full moon's light sparkling on the ocean surface. "Hey Lucca, didn't you say you were going to tell us about what you learned from the Aura Surge?" Crono asked curiously.

"The Aura Surge?" Glenn asked, also curious.

Lucca blinked a few times as she adjusted her glasses, "Oh yeah, I nearly forgot about that. I didn't want to talk about it in front of Ty's ancestor, but here are my findings!" she began. "We confirmed that the Aura Surge is triggered by an enormous amount of stress mixed with a powerful need. I believe it originates from Lavos, or more specifically when we got hit by that pulse from the Frozen Flame. That means that you came into contact with the Flame too, right Glenn?"

"Indeed, Tata and I encountered it and that scoundrel Dalton beneath Guardia in the catacombs! I was then sent to a strange world of darkness. I managed to escape only to end up in the age of Antiquity," Glenn explained.

"Then a month later, we came to find you," Crono finished.

"Okay, well that mystery is solved!" Lucca said proudly. "Anyway, as I continued my research, I figured out I could hold onto the Aura Surge for an extended period as long as I didn't expel the energy in some way. The transformation also seems to purify the body, that's why the Hydra Venom didn't take me out. It was pushed from my body as I transformed. I have reason to believe that it may do this for other such ailments as well. So basically, the Aura Surge turns oneself into a 'Super Self' for a short time in case of emergencies. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't simply activate it by will alone. For now, though, this is all I could deduce. More study is needed."

"Hmm, it would sure be handy if we could turn it on and off as we needed, but it probably just doesn't work that way," Crono said, bummed out.

Glenn sighed, "That is unfortunate. It would be much more useful if we could-," he said as he was interrupted by something in the ocean. Glenn squinted his eye, trying to make out the object he saw. "Is that a ship? Crono, Lucca, do you see a ship out there in the distance?"

Crono and Lucca also took notice, "Yeah, just barely though. It's starting to get a little foggy out," said Crono.

"Is it glowing...?" Lucca asked with wonder.

Then the Captain of the vessel rung a bell alerting everyone aboard, "All right mateys, time to turn in for the night! The fog is thick up ahead so we'll be moving slowly!"

With that, Crono and his party decided to ignore what they saw and go to their cabin for the night. "Come, maybe we are just tired. Let us retire for the evening," Glenn urged with a yawn.

Lucca also yawned, "Yep, I'm beat!" she said as she slowly followed Glenn with Crono tailing behind. As Glenn and Lucca went below deck, Crono took one last look out into the ocean, but this time, the mysterious glowing ship was nowhere to be seen. He shrugged, yawned, and then followed his friends.

*Guardia, Truce Village Harbor, Safe Zone*

As Crono and his party disembarked they realized how much damage the Frog King had brought to Guardia. The villagers of Truce occupied the harbor like a refugee camp. Ships came in and out to help people escape to safety while others brought warriors from afar. Glenn clenched his fist trying to contain his anger, "Oh, my dear Kingdom! What a terrible fate that has befallen you! It appears even worse since I was here last!"

"It's all right Glenn," started Crono. "We've been through worse and we'll get through this too! We have a lot of ground to cover, so let's get to the King as fast as we can!"

"Right, it'll take us a while to get there!" Lucca said seriously.

*Several Days Later*

Crono and his party eventually found themselves at a camp that was stationed at north Zenan Bridge. They hurried to the King who greeted Glenn with great relief. "Glenn! It is you! I heard from Tata that you had vanished into thin air whilst down in the catacombs!" said the King.

"I did for a time, your Majesty," Glenn replied with the utmost respect. "But I have returned with Sir Crono and many others!"

The King gazed to the heavens above and sighed with relief, "Oh, thank heavens! Perhaps now we can turn the tide of this battle!" said the King as he clasped his hands together.

"Sire, I must know, is there any samples left of the soup that did this to our people?" Glenn asked hurriedly.

The King stammered for a second, "Um, I-I do believe so. Some of the frog-turned knights tend to carry some with them as rations. What do you need it for?"

"Might you recall a one, Eston Drayguard, sire?" Glenn asked.

The King's eyes darted around as he recalled the name, "Yes, I do believe so, the young thief that was sentenced to the prison in Chorus?" he asked for confirmation.

"Yes, I met with him and he is living in the abandoned prison. He studies the toxins of the swamp and its wildlife. He asked me to bring him a sample of the soup for study. He may be able to find a cure!" Glenn explained.

"That's great news, but, what is he doing living there?" the King asked curiously.

"Eston took up living in the swamp after his release as he wanted to study a beast called a Hydra there. When we met him we were able to determine that it was invasive, foreign to the habitat. We found that pirates had it aboard their ship and it began to run wild across the land. Fortunately, thanks to us we were able to slay the beast and restore order to Chorus. That Hydra is the reason the Frog King is here! It was driven out of the swamp by the Hydra!" Glenn informed without missing a detail.

The King was horrified, "...So you say, Eston Drayguard may be able to cure our people?"

"That is our theory, your majesty!" Glenn said with conviction.

"Well then, you have my blessing, Sir Glenn," the King said.

"So, where do I pick up a sample?" Glenn asked hoping for a quick and easy mission.

"Well, as I said, some of the Frog Knights carry some in their wineskins. We have taken many prisoners. I am sure you will find a sample among them," the King said assuredly.

"Thank you, your Highness!" Glenn said in thanks.

With that new knowledge, Crono's party went to the section of the camp that housed those transformed by the Frog King.

The party searched through piles of belongings as Lucca spoke up, "Ugh, it smells nasty out here. Let's make sure to grab a couple of samples. Some of these canteens smell like their contents have spoiled a bit."

"Good idea, I hope that doesn't hurt our chances of finding a cure," Crono said with worry.

Glenn gathered four wineskin canteens, "Well, these seem adequate. Most are empty, but these still have varying amounts left in them. I hope the Drayguards will find these useful!"

"All right then, let's get back to the harbor we have a ship to catch," Crono urged.

With their cargo stowed safely away, Crono's party bid farewell to the King, who wished them well. After a long trek back through Guardia Fields, the party came to the harbor and found their ship just before it began heading back to Chorus. "Ah, thank goodness! All we need now is to simply make it back!" Glenn said happily.

"I hope Ty has had enough time to walk off the Hydra Venom," Lucca said worriedly.

"He's pretty tough, I wouldn't be surprised if he already got his appetite back!" Crono reassured with a lighthearted chuckle. Lucca and Glenn joined in the levity as they boarded the ship.

*One Evening, During the Trip*

Restless, Crono wandered the decks of the ship. He could not fall asleep as he was too anxious. Eventually, after some time, Lucca and Glenn came looking for him. "Are you all right Crono? You seem troubled," Glenn noted.

"Yeah, it doesn't even look like you've attempted to sleep," Lucca followed as she adjusted her glasses.

Crono shrugged, showing his discomfort, "I dunno, something just feels... wrong to me tonight. I can't quite put my finger on it..." he said as a thick fog rolled in.

Then suddenly, in the fog, strange figures could be seen out of the corners of one's eye. Crono's senses flared up and he became very alert. "I feel something evil approaching. Everyone, get ready. I think we got something coming our way," Crono said as he urged the party to return to their cabin for their equipment.

As the party readied themselves, a scream could be heard above decks. "That's our Que!" Crono said as he and his party left their room. Crewman began pouring into the halls of the ship, screaming about ghosts. Walking Skeletons with swords and ancient fur clothing emerged to follow them.

A Skeleton approached a crewman who stumbled onto the floor and rose its sword over his head. The man screamed as Crono and Glenn intercepted with a blinding X-Strike. Thankful, the man rose to his feet, still shaking in his boots. "What's going on here?!" Crono asked the shivering man.

"It is the fabled Ghost Ship! It has come for us! Wraiths and Skeletons from the distant past!" he said, quivering in fear. "Someone must see if the Captain is safe!"

"I am Sir Glenn, Knight of Guardia, I shall see to this!" Glenn said strongly.

The Crewman gave his thanks and sauntered off to find a hiding place. "Great, just what we need, an ethereal nightmare...," Lucca sighed.

"I wonder if this Ghost Ship has anything to do with the Fiend's current state in our era. Or if this ship could be the cause," Crono pondered as he placed his hand under his chin.

"Save it, for now, we can ask the Captain once we find him!" Lucca said as she shot a Wraith that materialized from thin air.

The party fought their way to the upper decks, plowing through the old shambling skeletons and rescuing members of the ship. Some members, however, were able to match swords with the dead and allowed Crono and his party to move forward.

Finally, they arrived on deck and the thick fog covered the ship almost entirely. However, they saw something that came as a surprise. A very old ship was docked on the port side. The ancient ship was highlighted by ominous blue orbs of flame. "That ship is very old..., like something from the Dawn of Guardia," Lucca said in awe.

More Wraiths appeared in the sky above the ships, "No time to think about that now! We got company!" Crono said strongly.

The party fought off the oncoming ghouls with their magic and made their way to the steering wheel in the back of the ship. The Captain could be heard struggling as the sounds of swords clashing mixed with attempts to steer the ship. "Argh! Get yer hands off me ya dead buffoons!" he said with a shout and a slash of his sword. He cut down all the ghouls as Crono and his party came to his side.

"Are you all right, Captain?" asked Glenn.

"Nothin' to it, just give me a moment," he said with a grunt. As he got to his feet, he managed to grip the steering wheel and noticed that it no longer moved. "Uh, oh..."

Then suddenly, the sound of heavy footsteps came from the fog. What came into view was a horrifying sight. A massive skeleton, dressed in old darkly colored furs and Godwood armor came limping forward, it had glowing yellow eyes, and a red beard still plastered its face. It growled as it brandished a big bronze sword.

Crono and his party intercepted the large monster, "Woah there big fella, not so fast!" Crono said with a comical tone.

"You shall not take another step forward!" Glenn followed.

"Let's take him down! We have things to do!" Lucca stated as she readied her aim.

The large ghoul raised its blade above Crono and he sidestepped it as it was brought down. Crono then jumped up and slashed at the beast's chest. It reeled back with a roar. Glenn followed with a Shield Bash to knock the monster on its back. Lucca then bathed the ghoul in her flames with a Fire Blast. However, the undead rose once more still afire. It used Magic of its own with a sickly moan. The spell bathed the deck in oily shadows and Crono's party felt weakened immediately.

Crono steadied himself, "Shit, it diminished our magical powers!"

"It does not matter for we shall still be victorious! Crono, we must not keep everyone waiting! Follow my lead!" Glenn said as he leaped higher than any normal human could do.

"All right I hear you loud and clear!" Crono said as he summoned lightning.

As the beast gazed skyward for Glenn, Glenn came flying downward through Crono's lightning bolts until he stuck his landing. Glenn planted his sword into the monster's forehead and just as he leaped away several lightning bolts converged at the metal blade. With a bright thunderous blast, the skeleton was obliterated. Crono and his party cheered as the fog began to lift and the Ghost Ship began to fade away into the darkness of the night. Once again the moon's light could be seen across the ocean.

The Captain sighed with relief, "Aye, thank ya mates for the light show and the rescue there. I don't see too many human folks using magic, so that was a sight to see!'

"We're just glad you're okay Captain," Crono stated with relief.

"Aye, why don't you join me for a drink in my cabin for a bit?" the Captain offered gratefully.

"We will take you up on your offer Captain," Glenn said politely.

*Captain's Cabin*

Everyone relaxed as the Captain sighed with relief over the night's events. "Pardon me, Captain," Glenn began. "Has that Ghost Ship been around here long?"

The Captain seemed confused by Glenn's Question, "Of course, it's been around for centuries. How have ye not heard of it? Oh, and by the way, my name is Jonathan."

"Um, well, I just don't travel by ship often," Glenn stammered.

"Well, legend has it that it was an old vessel from when Guardia was young," began Captain Jonathan. "The ship was one of many to be exact. Human ships do not dare go near the Medinian continent. Those that do vanish and are never heard from again. Around the time of the new millennium, word has it that the Fiends took to a new Fiendlord. The entire nation was torn in half by this political upheaval. Since then, they have been warring with themselves and no outsiders are allowed near Medina."

"Wait, so what of the war with the Fiendlord Magus, and Guardia's victory?" Glenn asked surprised.

Jonathan did not know what Glenn spoke of, "What war lad? We humans haven't seen the shores of Medina since Guardia's founding!" he said with a chuckle.

With those words, Crono and his party grew paler than the ghosts they just fended off. Glenn stepped backward, a tad faint, "Uh, pardon us for the night, Captain Jonathan. I have private matters to discuss with my party here. I think it is time for us to retire for a while."

"Ah, as you wish. I understand after all that fightin' ya did!" he chuckled as he got to his feet. I'll be at the helm if ya be needin' me!" he said as both he and Crono's party left the cabin.

Crono's party quietly pondered the events thus far whilst in their cabin. Crono was the first to say something as only he saw the ruined Present, "This has Dalton written all over it!" he said angrily. "I wonder what happened after we were cast out of Lex and Irma's era?"

"I don't know, but if there was no war with Magus in this timeline what happened to Janus and Cyrus?" Glenn asked curiously. "Cyrus was still buried in Chorus, is he not?"

"If Magus never rose to power in this time, then did something or someone else kill Cyrus?" Lucca asked.

"Or maybe, that grave in Chorus is someone else's now," Crono said. "And something else happened to Cyrus."

"Crono, when we get back to Chorus we must check that grave again!" Glenn pleaded.

"You're right Glenn, we'll pick up Ty and see to it before we leave Chorus. Once we head back with the cure, we can go slay the Frog King and then deal with what comes after!" Crono said planning things out.

*Chorus, Eston's Hideaway*

Crono's party made it back to Chorus safely and trekked back through the swampland to get back to the Drayguards. Glenn triumphantly entered the building, "Eston, Ty, I have the samples!" he called out.

Eston leaned out of a doorway chewing on food. Not to talk with his mouth full, Eston waved them inside. Inside, Ty was up and moving around again. He seemed to have recovered substantially.

Ty broke from his work when he noticed the party, "Hey, your back," he said with a smile.

"Hey Ty, are you feeling better?" Lucca asked curiously.

"Oh yeah, still a little weak, but I'm doing a whole lot better now," Ty assured. "I trust you have the samples?"

"You bet!" Crono said as he placed the wineskins on the work table.

"Okay, that should be more than enough!" Ty said, wide-eyed.

Eston finished his meal, "Thank you, friends! We shall surely find a solution!"

*Sometime Later*

Ty and Eston finished their work on the samples and they both seemed rather glum. "Would you like to tell them, or should I," Ty asked.

"Well, they are your allies, I think you should tell them everything," Eston said as he stepped back. He went back to his work as he hummed.

"Okay so, I got good news and bad news, which do you want first?" Ty said with a slight sigh.

The party seemed apprehensive at first, "All right, what's the bad news?" Crono asked.

"The bad news is, there's no poison...," Ty said flatly.

"What?!" said the party in unison.

"...At least, not one that would cause everyone to become amphibians. There is, however, a drug that helps with mind control. It isn't super reliable though if someone hasn't consumed a lot of it," Ty explained.

"Wait, so then how did everyone become frogs?!" Glenn asked flustered.

"That's the good news, I was able to create a Hypnotic Poison that confuses the crap out of anyone it affects, but that's just on my end. The good news for you is that this recipe is good old fashioned Fiend Sorcery," Ty said assuredly. "And if I remember correctly, you guys know a guy that can help with Fiend stuff."

Glenn slumped to the ground, then began chuckling, "I do not believe this... The enemy that once nearly destroyed my kingdom is now the last bastion of hope for it!"

"Heh, strange how things work out like that sometimes, must be a weird kinda 'Fate' or something," Crono stated.

"Now we just have to find a way back to Chronopolis. Belthasar knows where Magus is!" Lucca said strongly.

"Yes, but how do we get back? The only Gate is back in Truce Canyon!" Glenn noted quietly.

"What about the one I came in through?" Ty asked with a whisper.

"What, well where is it?!" Lucca asked.

"On the cliffs overlooking the ocean, near where the first Toma's grave is in our time," Ty said.

"Eesh, that's out there isn't it?" Lucca grumbled.

"Yeah, but it should be fine if we take the Wingapede! It'll fly us right over Chorus!" Ty said with a smile.

"W-wingapede? What is that, some kind of bug?" Lucca asked with a hint of disgust.

"Sounds kinda cool really," Crono said with intrigue.

"But what about the Mausoleum? I need to check Cyrus's grave!" Glenn said desperately.

"Not to worry Glenn, I did that while you guys were away getting those samples. I needed a walk. It certainly is different, this timeline I mean," Ty said crossing his arm.

"You did? What did you discover?" Glenn asked curiously.

Over the next few moments, the party quietly discussed their time away from one another. "Yep, Cyrus isn't buried there. I don't know what happened to him in this timeline other than he tried to go to Medina and never returned," Ty explained.

"That's what the Captain of the ship we were on said," Crono explained further. "There was no war with Medina or the Fiends in this version."

"So what happened to the 'Glenn' that lived here?" Lucca asked no one in particular.

"I'm not sure, the graves never mention him leaving with Cyrus," Ty continued.

"Wait, I was talking to Tata not too long ago and he knew of everything I knew," Glenn began. "Then does that mean that everything was altered after my encounter with that slime, Dalton?"

"It must be!" Crono said conclusively.

"Then we must make haste!" Glenn said hurriedly. "Ty, summon this, Wingapede, so that we may cross Chorus!"

"You got it! Everyone get your stuff ready, I need to say my farewell to Eston," Ty said.

With that, everyone got their belongings in order as Ty approached Eston, who was lost in his work. He did not hear a thing of what the party talked about. "So, I gotta head out now. Thanks for the hospitality, Eston," Ty said gratefully.

"You are most welcome!" Eston began. "My time spent with you has been most enlightening! I learned so many new things that I am eager to do studies of my own on the swamp!"

"That's great to hear! Just remember to take a break once in a while and find a nice lady too! You got a big place here!" Ty said with encouragement.

Eston blushed, "Well, I do have my eyes on this wonderful herbalist that lives in town. I have been supplying her with herbs now and then. She is quite pretty. Maybe I should attempt to court her further."

"You do that, I'm sure she would be a great help with all your studies seeing as how you share common interests!" Ty said. "Anyway, my friends an I here are gonna take the Wingapede to the other side of Chorus. We got some very important things to do."

"Ah, best of luck to you my friend! The Wingapede must be called from a high place, so the roof of this building should suffice!" Eston informed.

"Thanks for the info," Ty said grabbing a nearby citrus fruit. "This is the fruit you can tame it with right?"

"Indeed, good luck my friend!" Eston said wishing him well.

"All right guys, to the roof, we got a job to do!" Ty said strongly.


At the roof, a whistle was placed nearby on a pedestal. Ty took the whistle, "This whistle calls the Wingapede. Once I give it this fruit it will know we are friendly!" he said breaking the fruit in half.

"Have you done this before?" Lucca asked.

"Only once, I never really did like heights, but what can ya do?" Ty said with a shrug.

Ty blew into the whistle and it made a strange sound. Almost immediately, a similar sound came from the swamp as a massive green-winged centipede-like creature came flying their way in a hurry. The creature hovered over them as its wings created a fierce wind. It seemed a little angry, that is until Ty handed over half of the large yellow fruit. The creature reacted with joy as its butterfly-like tongue slurped up the tasty treat. It landed and took on a friendly demeanor. "All aboard?" Crono asked.

"Yep, take it slow, you don't want to startle her!" Ty said with a chuckle.

With that, the party boarded the massive bug and with a pat from Ty, she took off into the skies. Ty was able to guide the creature with two ropes attached around its 'neck'. "Weeee! This is amazing!" Crono cried out.

*Chorus Bluffs*

The bluffs where Toma's grave will one day stand was as far as the bug would travel. It let Ty and the other's off and Ty gave the creature the remaining half of the fruit. It then swept itself into the sky and was quickly out of sight. "Ugh, that was some ride," Glenn said, feeling a tad dizzy.

"It sure was no Epoch, that's for sure," Lucca said also feeling a tad pale.

"Yeah, sorry about that, she can get a little turbulent sometimes," Ty said as he tried to hold back the urge to vomit.

"I thought it was fun!" Crono said with a great big smile. "It sure beat walking all this way!"

Just as Ty said, a Gate that was sealed by Dalton stood at the edge of the cliff. Lucca approached it with her Gate Key, "All right let's just go back to Chronopolis now," she said holding the Time Egg. Crono charged the Time Egg and Dalton's seal shattered like glass. Lucca then opened the Gate and the party jumped in. "And away we go!" said Ty as the Gate swallowed them up.


Back at Chronopolis, Ty was greeted with open arms. He became fast friends with Garet and Robo, but he was a little dismayed that Tomo was still out there, "Ah, I see you haven't found my battle buddy yet, huh?" Ty said worriedly.

"Ah, we do know her whereabouts though so do not dismay," Belthasar said.

"So you put your mind in this funny little Nu critter, huh? Is it cramped in there?" Ty asked comically.

"There's more space than you'd think...," Belthasar said flatly.

"I can only imagine...," Ty retorted. "Hey, does this place have a Toxicology Center? I got a few 'things' I want to follow up on. Not to mention a nap, I'd like to ward off this air sickness, Wingapede sickness?"

"Yes, we can accommodate you, Mister Drayguard. Your studies are valuable to our cause!" Belthasar said. "Garet, show our new friend to his study."

"Also, tell me when you go after Tomo, thanks!" Ty said as he walked off with Garet.

"All right now, 'when' too next?" Belthasar said with a chuckle.

"It looks like we need to find Magus, er Janus. He can help us with the restoration of Guardia," Crono informed.

"Well then, it's time for you to see the Future of 2012! We managed to pinpoint Janus's immense Shadow Magic signature. Off with you now! Dalton grows stronger every minute!" Belthasar said with urgency.

With that, Crono, Lucca, and Glenn made their way to the Tele-pod Room. Just like last time, they took a Time Egg and the three of them went spiraling off through time. This time to a future even they have not yet seen.

*End of Chapter*