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Pre-Prothean Time Periods

1,000,000,000 BCE

Within the Milky Way galaxy, an unidentified, unknown race with unclassifiable technology destroys the Reapers with an unidentifiable "experimental" quantum-based nuclear weapon, utilizing extremely powerful forces capable of eradicating most anything in its path. Nicknamed "Raifu'Shi.", the weapon used semi-intelligent particle cells labeled as "God cells", a hybridization of uber-level radiation and hyper advanced abiogenesis, to destroy and consume most things. However, in this scenario, the weapon was not fully developed, and no one was capable of remoting predicting its effects. While the Reaper is successfully killed, along with about 23 others near it due to the highly corrosive radiation, with amazing ease, the quantum energies, Raifu'Shi, from the weapon remain, clutched relatively near each other to the distinct lack of gravitational pull to separate the particles, and the cells positive and negative energies to keeping the other in line. Abiogenesis helped as well.

900,000,000, BCE

Longest war with Reapers against unidentified race. Reapers win due to time and attrition. Reapers unanimously decide to wipe out powerful race, as they were deemed too dangerous to harvest, much less let live. Weapon is utterly obliterated shortly after, along with the unknown species. Zero trace is left of the civilization. The civilization promised vengece, even if all seemed doomedPlanet is left a dry, lifeless husk, the surface glassed and burned beyond recognition, and soon forgotten, but the core remains strong.

850,000,000 BCE

Worm-hole rupture pops the planet into another Galaxy.

790,000,000 BCE

The lifeless corpse of a planet begins show signs growth, life enforcers built by the now completely extinct race that called it home now in effect after the planet finally cools from the long lasting effects of the Reapers glassing. 30% of life has touched the planet's surface. Vegetations amazingly flourish despite the lack of a Sun to support it. Life enforcers are to thank for the possibility. Artificial sun created by life enhancers and orbiting planet. Gives off real light, but without gravitational pull. Sustains plant life and soon to follow animal life.

789,000,23 BCE

Raifu'Shi cells are soon drawn into the planets upper atmosphere, but stay there. UV radiation reacts with Raifu'Shi radiation. Causes plant photosynthesis to grow absurdly fast and large. 65.7% of wildlife detested as carnivorous, the remaining 34.3% being vegetative.

789,000,11 BCE

All life is proven to be extremely dangerous for most life. Many sub species of plants have adapted to eat animals. Herbivores have deadly defenses, with even deadlier omnivores after them.

788,000,45 BCE

Life flourishes. Planet's name is Korhavan. Radiation produced from both Raifu'Shi cells and the Sun create an extremely potent radiation compound. Life on planet was generally benefited by this. Increased growth rates by 12%.

Water on the planet is red due to artificial UV output.

680,000,000 BCE

The cluster of Raifu'Shi cells are pulled down to the planet via its small gravitational pull. 99% of life has been detected upon the planet's surface. Artificial sun slightly grows in UV output. Raifu'Shi cells land upon the surfaces many jungles. Life goes on. Savage and brutal, but beautiful and untamed.

37,000,000 BCE

An unknown spacefaring race fires a mass accelerator round at a Reaper near the planet Mnemosyne. The round penetrates the Reaper, disabling it, and continues moving through space, eventually striking the planet Klendagon and creating the geological feature there known as the Great Rift Valley.

298,000 BCE

The ancient race flourish in the Zelene system, living on the planet Helyme until being destroyed in an unknown event that wiped out all complex life on the planet. They also maintained a presence on other planets in the system including Epho, which bears the scars of an ancient orbital bombardment, and Gaelon, which may have been mined for helium-3.

250,000 BCE

Raifu'Shi abiogenesis causes accelerated evolution within Hyzid, powerful, large, dense ape-like creatures that live in many environments, sacrificing sight for physical survivability. Raifu'Shi cells counter blindness with unrivaled perception, as well as a sort of "sixth sense". Blindness is soon removed over the many years thanks to Raifu'Shi cells, but with lessened perception as a result. Race evolves into new species. Identified as the Kyrannazor.

The Kyrannazor, or Kyran for short, are vaguely 7 feet tall, but many can extend to 9 or even 10 feet. They are relatable to humans in terms of identifying sex, via large mammary glands and hair, but all similarities in there. Genitals are not discernable on their body. Same for erogenous zones. Reproduction methods are unclear. Their skin is a thick, dense. hardened and somewhat smooth form of protection, and their bones are denser than diamond. Skin complexion are mainly a strong, mocha or olive color, but varies from red, green, purple, brown, blue, and more. Their society is basic and primitive, but fairly successful. Civilization grows and slowly spread around the world.

220,000 BCE

Kyrannazor is a single unified civilization, after many years of altercations and brief wars between each other. Preparations for space exploration is in progress, theories are tossed around, but are vaguely inconclusive. Space flight is slow but steadily growing. Government is deemed Egalitarian Democracy, with only people "viewed" as Gan's, or leaders, to guide their society. Gan's carry considerable "influence" during major decisions, but The Guidelines of Fugana are generally accepted by all, as per the creation of a unified civilization. A society where "all actions are accountable."

48,000 BCE

The Prothean Empire collapses with the arrival of the Reapers through the Citadel. Although the Protheans had learned of the Reapers' existence from studying the ruins of previous civilizations and had begun to prepare, they were nonetheless caught off-guard. Over the next several centuries, the Protheans fight the Reapers system by system, world by world, and city by city. In the end, it is not enough. The Reapers methodically wipe out the remaining Protheans, as well as other contemporary races, and depart the galaxy to await the next cycle.

45,000 BCE

Mass relay is sucked by same wormhole, but is utterly deactivated of its mass effect fields due to the high radiation levels, and other exotic matters. Is popped out very far from Korhaven.

13,000 BCE

Turians of Palaven begin to develop civilization around this time.

6000 BCE

Alien race, seeking to escape their exploding sun, create a spaceship with a virtual world, download all their minds to it, around 1 billion minds, and flee into the depths of wild space.

1900 BCE

Tuchanka enters volatile nuclear age.

1700 BCE

The Kyrannazor explore more hospitable parts of their planet.

580 BCE

Asari develop faster-than-light spacefaring technology. Asari discover Citadel through mass relay.

520 BCE

Salarians discover Citadel. Open relations with Asari. Results are mutually beneficial.

500 BCE to 1 CE

Citadel Council is formed.

First contact is made with Volus, whom are responsible for creating galactic currency known as credit.

Turian Unification Wars starts, and soon finishes.

Volus are granted Council embassy, not Council seat.

First Contact with Hanar and Quarians. Both also join embassies later.

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